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Alcatraz - 2

Franklin-It's been more than 5 years and this whole year I have been thinking how to get out of this jail.
John - So do you have a plan? So that we can get out of this cage.
Franklin - none yet
Allen' there's a way we can all get out of here.
Clarence 'So what's the plan?
Alan - We'll have to somehow get to the roof of B Block so we can get to the ventilation. First of all we have to come out of our cell and to come out of our cell we have to cut the bars of our cell door but it is not possible. Because these are made of steel we cannot cut them even with a saw and if We also cut them in any way. There is danger of guards. Who keep vigil day and night. So we have to think something else.
During this turmoil, one day he found a gallery behind his cell, where many pipes were connected, which were used to deliver water to the cells and toilets of the prisoners. So after seeing this he decided to go through this pipe to the roof of the cell. But for that he would have to go to the gallery first. And it was impossible to go there through his cell door. So the only way was to dig the wall of his cell which was eight inches wide.
So their plan was to dig through the wall and reach the ventilation hole which was behind the wall of their cell
But they found it difficult to dig because
There was an eight inch wall. But later they found a small window of size 6*9 at the bottom of the wall, so they decided that if any how they made the window wider, they could easily get out of it.
After this they started stealing knife spoon, fork and butter knife. Morris, Allen, and Anglin brothers each to dig and widen the window of their respective cell.Later they made a drill machine from a scrap vacuum cleaners but whenever they used to dig.It was very noisy. So they decided to do this work after dinner because at that time there was a music break of one to one and a half hours where the prisoners were busy singing and playing instruments.They hid the wall which they dug every day by placing something on it, so that the guards could not find it. After a few months they dug and widened the window, so that they can easily get out through them.Now They could easily get out of the cell and go to the ventilation hole, from where they could reach the roof and exit the prison. , But after this stage the biggest problem was the river. As the prison was in an Island which was covered with river from all four sides
But Frank Morris had already made plans to make a small raft and life jackets by using rubber raincoats and filling air in it with the help of his musical instrument Accordian. The idea came to his mind when he was working in the prison library.

So they stealed the raincoat from the prison. Earlier when Allen was cleaning the roof.In the monitoring of the guard there was lot of dust falling down so Allen seeked the permission from the guard to put curtains on the prisoners cell. And under the guise of this cutain they continued their work .They decided to make fake dummies
Of which looked like them so the guard should not suspect us when we get out of here.So they started to steal soap, toothpaste,toilet paper and they mixed it with mud and dust and made a fake head and as one of the prisoner was alloted barber duty he would collect hair and then they glued it to the fake head.

On 11 June 1962 Monday.They decided to escape from the Jail
After the counting of each prisoners at night when the lights were switched off.
They first kept the dummy head under their blanket and then from the window which they had dug they rached to the gallery.
But Allen who had sealed his window with cement had hardened.All other three of them helped Allen to remove the sealed window. Actually they had sealed the windows so that the guards should not suspect them. Angalin brother says times running out we three of them will go to the roof . You meet us there so this three prisoners reached to the ventilation hole removed the net and got to the roof of the prison and got eascaped from there.They stayed on the roof for a long time waiting for Allen to come. But later they decided to go from there they got down of the roof by a pipe and after this they ran over the lattice and reached near the river. Then Morris had an Accordian which he would play during the music hour's. He used to fill air into the raft and live jacket made from the rubber raincoat.After a while Allen reaches the roof. But by then it was too late. The three prisoners had fled away.When the officers heard this whole story from Ellen, everyone was stunned. The next day a search was started for all three of them. So they found a rudder, it is the same rudder that they had left for Ellen.Three months later, the captain of a ship said that we had seen a dead body in the sea a few days ago, whose clothes were like those of prisoners. We were going to deliver the goods, we should reach there on time, that's why we didn't pay much attention.So the officers ask them to take them near the place of that dead body, even after searching a lot, they do not find that dead body. So after seeing all this incident, the President enforces the rule of 1963 to close the Alcatraz prison forever.Police officers get a clue in 1965 .Some people had seen the Anglin brothers in a restaurant in Brazil. A group of them goes to search there but they find nothing.After a few days, the mother of Anglin brothers die during her funeral two mysterious women had come to the funeral and after a few years the father of Anglin brothers die, during his last rites two tall long beard mysterious men come.It is said that those two women and those two men were none other than but Angalin Brother.In 2013 The FBI finds a letter that was written byJohn ,he said that he managed to escape that night.He also writes that Frank Morris died in October 2008. And in 2011 Clarence also died.He also writes that he is eighty-three years old and he was suffering from cancer. If the police helps him in his medical treatment.And just one year of imprisonment for escaping from jail. Then He is ready to surrender. When the police got this letter, They sent it to a hand writing expert ,They searched his finger prints,DNA. It was not completely sure that it was written by John.