Nightmare, Or What Seems A Daydream - Part 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Nightmare, Or What Seems A Daydream - Part 1

“No, I can’t be. It’s probably all a nightmare.”, these words escape Maddy’s mouth as a whisper. Maddilyn isn’t herself anymore. Her mom barges into her room hearing her screams. Maddy’s Mom is also frightened but helps her daughter, or that’s what she thought, regain consciousness. She took her steps back while Maddy took her’s forward. Why is the mirror shattered? 

This is Maddy, a teenage girl who is in high school. Her full name, Maddilyn April but her birth name is Jung Seo-Yeon. She is a Korean and she spent her middle school is Japan. Maddy used to be a delightful and content person when she was in middle school. Soon after, unexpectedly, she had stopped showing much of her emotions. She would open up but rarely. It did have something to do in her last year of being in Japan. Let’s trace back. 

Maddy- It’s sad going back to Korea, I made so many memories here with you. 

Sakura- I did too, it would be empty here without you. By the way, I also forgot to confess something to you.

Maddy- In our last few weeks of being in Japan, let’s just enjoy and have fun. 

Sakura- But, I- 

Maddy didn’t wait for her to finish and pulled Sakura to the convenience store. Over there they bought some ice-creams and went to the market areas. She enjoyed a lot with Sakura but in a flash, her last few weeks of middle school got over and she had to leave the next evening. Sakura and Seo-Yeon were the bestest of friends and always had each other in their times of need. Maddy met Sakura when she had first joined into the school and the teacher had made them sit next to each other. They both were A+ students and always challenged each other. You could say that they did feel jealous of each other. Well, they weren’t the bestest of friends in the start as they both competed with each other to see who is more better. 나는 더 좋다, translating to ‘I’m better’, was a common phrase used by Seo-Yeon when she had accomplished something better than Sakura. Sadly, Sakura didn’t know Korean and struggled to find out that. But whilst always landing together in the same classes, the two had finally become friends. How? Well both of them, even though jealous of each other, cared for the other. For instance, Sakura once forgot her speech and so Maddy had helped her by providing a newly made one for her but did not give her directly. Sakura helped Seo-Yeon when she was starting to learn Japanese. These small helping hands made them both close to each other. Soon, they realized it and made truce. They were the closest friends and wouldn’t do anything without each other. Coming back- On the second last day of their middle school, Maddy found a note in her locker. The handwriting, similar to Sakura’s, wrote- 

“Maddilyn, it was fate we ended up together somehow. But now it feels that this fate was only for a short time like a small adventure. The times I had with you were great and I hope to share it again soon. I will cherish our the memories. I wouldn’t keep in contact anymore. I’m sorry I’m leaving at a short notice but I feel we should bring an end to our friendship and part ways. Farewell. Your former friend- Sakura.”