Nightmare, Or What Seems A Daydream - Part 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Nightmare, Or What Seems A Daydream - Part 2

Maddy realized that Sakura had wanted to say this before but couldn’t. She raced up to the class and didn’t find Sakura anywhere. She went around the whole school looking for her. It really was the end. Sakura had left to L.A the day before. Maddilyn didn’t believe this and went to Sakura’s home just to find it locked. Maddy sat near the doorstep in disbelief and sorrow. In no time, the tears came. Maddy went back home, sad, but still tried to gather her feelings together. 

The next day, Seo-Yeon left back to Korea and continued her high school. She still remained the A+ student in her class, she used to talk but not as much as she did back in her middle school. Many of her classmates tried to be her friend but she would give excuses or just refuse them. Maddy does answer a lot in classes and many teachers are fond of her. Maddilyn continues her normal life but still couldn’t get her mind off the reason why Sakura didn’t come to meet her before leaving to another country. Maddy finally realized that to get her mind off of what had happened in her past, she needed to make a few new friends. Maddilyn was walking home when she saw 2 girls sitting in the playground her age. The girls found Maddy staring at them so they went to her.

Maddilyn. Oh! Sorry, I was just reminded of somebody by looking at you.

Mia- Hmm. 

Sophie- It’s okay. Don’t mind her. I’m Sophie and she is Mia. You? 

Maddilyn- Maddy.

Mia- Cool. Who you were thinking about? 

Maddilyn- Umm. A very old friend. 

Mia- Ooh! Which one of us looks like her? 

Sophie- What type of question is that Mia. 

Maddilyn- *laughs* I meant your connection with each other. 

Mia- Ohhh. Sorry.

Sophie- She’s always like that.

Maddilyn- It’s fine, I like it. Anyways, it’s getting dark. 

Sophie- Sure is. We should head home. 

Mia- It’s was nice meeting you. 

Maddilyn- Likewise. 

Maddy for the first time had a long conversation with some people after coming from Japan. She finally forgot about Sakura and liked the feeling when talking with them. She felt that she was fitting in. Her emotions were shown after a long time. Maddilyn was on her way home, smiling, but she had forgot to ask them for contact. She had dinner but strangely couldn’t sleep that night. The next day, Maddy came early to class and thought of exploring the school because of the jolly spirit that she had gotten since last night. Even though not much of her emotions changed, she tried her best to become a better version of herself by trying to let go of the past. Whilst exploring much of what is a foreign thing to her, she came across the two girls she had met last night. It wasn’t a place where quite many students would gather but seemingly there were a lot. Maddy couldn’t help but notice the uniforms worn by Mia and Sophie. They looked quite similar to hers but at the same time quite different. The school logo on their uniform was an outdated version of the recent one. Maddilyn shrugged off the thoughts and went over to Mia and Sophie. They greeted her and Maddy asked them if they go to this school. Surprisingly they both hesitated for a moment before replying with an unsure ‘yes’. Maddy replied with an unassertive ‘okay’. They then continued to chat for a few more minutes trying to catch up on what they had left off of yesterday. Soon after it was time for their classes to start and they had parted ways. Throughout the day Maddilyn couldn’t keep her mind off the students in that hallway and her new friend’s uniform. Maddy wanted to ask them these questions after school as they had planned to got out somewhere together. 

After a long day of school, Maddy looked forward to meeting her new best friends, or what she thought were her best friends.

“Would she have noticed?”

“But how can she?”

“Is the legend actually true?”