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The Island - 1

January 28
When I'm washing the dishes I hear Door being knocked. I go to open it frustrated.

"Hello is anyone there ? Hello?"
Those kids again ugh!!
What is this ? Why is there a strange box here?I don't think I kept anything here. I pick up the box and examine it. I don't think I left anything here. I open the box. Is this a USB? I take the laptop to insert the usb. And
"Jesus Lea u scared me."
"Have some fun, Abby. It's your birthday. Guess who I brought with me?"
"who?" I see my high school friends enter the room.
"Oh my god!! Hello guys! I haven't seen u guys in years."
I look at Lea, she looks at me, holding my laptop.
"WHAT!! U bought us ticket to an island" Lea nods while smiling. I hug her with excitement and there is a melodious music playing in the background.I look around to see where it is coming from and there he is playing the guitar."how did u convince my brother to join us?"
"Long story"says Lea
"um.. Jake, hi good to see u here" I'm not sure how Alex would react to his presence.
And As the night progressed, laughter and joy filled the air as we reminisced about old memories and created new ones. The island trip was the perfect gift, and I couldn't believe how wonderfully Lea had planned such a surprise. Jake seemed surprisingly at ease, blending into the group effortlessly. It was heartwarming to see him having fun, as the wounds of the past slowly began to heal.

January 28
11:07 pm

As the melodious music continued, I found myself lost in the moment, dancing under the twinkling fairy lights. The weight of the years apart vanished as if time had stood still. Abby's old friends and her brother, Jake, seamlessly became a part of the reunion, as if fate had brought us all together to celebrate this special occasion.

As the clock struck midnight, the room erupted in cheers and hugs, knowing that this birthday celebration would forever hold a special place in our hearts. The island trip awaited us, promising adventures and bonding like never before. With a newfound sense of unity, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the unexpected turn of events that brought us all back together.
I cleaned the house and and went upstairs to tell Abby that I am leaving but when I entered her room she was talking to her brother about going to the island.
"hey birthday girl it's time for bed don't you want to go to that Island tomorrow? get some sleep I'm going to head out"
I leave as she says good night with a smile.I reach my house and went to bed but I couldn't forgive myself for doing this. I shouldn't have done that I take my phone to call Abby and tell her the truth, but when I get my phone, I see a text message "I know that you're trying to help Abby but I won't let that happen" oh no, what am I going to do I can't betray my best friend. She is like a sister to me how can I betray her but my life depends on this what am I going to do? I couldn't sleep that night the thought of me and Abby having a wonderful childhood comes in flashes not letting me to sleep.

I wake up to sound of my neighbour screaming at her kids again. Those poor kids, I can't even imagine how hard it is to lose a loved one and taking care of four kids all by herself. She doesn't like to talk to new people and make friends, she also doesn't let her kids talk to anyone, I wonder why she's so independent.
(To be continued)