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The Moghal Coin

It’s the state forensic laboratory of Kerala at Thiruvanathapuram. Animesh Banerjee, a forensic officer drove his car inside the office and parked on his designated place. Once he settled on his desk, his land phone started ringing. When he picked up the call, a rustic male voice greeted him a warm good morning and said, “hello! Animesh this is AK Nair from homicide department. Today morning we got a call of mysterious murder at Bandipur and department needs your presence to explore the forensic evidence.”

In the heart of Kerala, the places known for its lush landscapes and serene beauty. Animesh thought for a while and decided to go by his own car. Through national highway 766, it will take couple of hours to reach the scene of crime. He quickly called his wife Antara and informed as he may not be able to come home on same day.

It took some time for all his preparation and finally at early afternoon Animesh embarked on a journey to Bandipur. As he drove through the winding roads leaving the city scape behind, he couldn't help but marvel at the dense forest that loomed on either side of the road. It turned to early evening, yet the shadows cast by the dense foliage made it seem much darker than it was. It was raining since morning. The overcast sky added to the gloomy atmosphere, and a light drizzle painted the windshield with delicate droplets.

Animesh was driving through the wet road carefully and was trying to cross the jungle as son as possible before the light turns to darkness. The road was taking turns sharply a times. Animesh was not being able to drive at a speed. He was looking around and found the birds returning to their nest.

On a turn Animesh encountered with a hard of barking dears crossing the road and he applied a quick break. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature, his car suddenly sputtered and came to a halt. Frustration washed over him as he attempted to diagnose and fix the issue, but his efforts proved futile.

The jungle seemed to envelop him in its mysterious embrace, and a sense of unease crept over him. He tried to call from his mobile, but there was no signal in this deserted place. Alone and surrounded by the wild unknown, he gazed around for any sign of help.

Finally, he planned to wait for a lift if any other vehicle comes from behind. Otherwise he has to spent the night in his car having no choice.

His heart raced when he spotted an abandoned house nestled among the trees. A faint light flickered behind one of the windows, like a beckoning beacon in the darkness. Hope mingled with curiosity as Animesh approached the house taking his steps careful and tentative. When he knocked on the door, the wooden door creaked open, revealing an old man whose face was etched with lines of experience. His eyes held a warmth that immediately put Animesh at ease.

"Welcome, young traveler," the old man's voice crackled like firewood. "I see you've encountered a bit of trouble. Come in, and we shall share stories to pass the time."

Animesh stepped into the house, and his astonishment deepened. Contrary to its exterior appearance, the interior was immaculately decorated, each piece of furniture placed with care. The ambiance felt lived-in, as if the house still held echoes of its past inhabitants. He settled into a conversation with the old man, whose stories were as captivating as the house itself. As the night grew darker, the old man offered a warm and delicious dinner, filling the air with the aroma of comfort.

During their conversation, Animesh inquired about the old man's family. The old man's eyes momentarily clouded with a hint of sorrow before he replied that they were on vacation. Animesh noticed a glint of melancholy in his gaze, but before he could delve deeper, the old man changed the subject. He revealed his passion for collecting antique items, showing off a gold coin from the Mughal era. Animesh marveled at its intricate design and rich history.

As the evening progressed, the old man offered Animesh a delightful desert after royal dinner. It was vanilla ice cream filled in a nice cut-glass bowl. The old man asked Animesh whether he will like to have some caramal syrup as topping on the ice-cream. On his nodding and eager to indulge, Animesh watched that a old servant approached with a cup of syrup. But what he saw made his blood run cold – the servant's hand as revealed under his clattered clothe was skeletal, and the syrup dripping from the cup was crimson, like fresh blood. A wave of horror crashed over him, and his stare shifted towards the old man. In a twisted transformation, the old man's face morphed into a skull-like visage.

Animesh's heart pounded against his chest, and a scream tore through his lips as terror consumed him, plunging him into unconsciousness.

When he regained his senses, sunlight filtered through the trees, painting the forest floor with patches of warmth. Animesh found himself lying on a pile of broken debris, the house that once stood so vividly in his memory now reduced to rubble. His breath came in ragged gasps as he struggled to piece together the fragments of his ordeal. Had it all been a nightmare?

With shaky legs, he stumbled out of the wreckage and sprinted towards his car. His fingers trembled as he retrieved the car key from his pocket and inserted it into the ignition. To his astonishment, the engine roared to life with a familiar hum, as if the events of the previous night had been erased.

As he sat in the driver's seat, trying to process the surreal sequence of events, his fingers brushed against something unexpected in his pocket. Pulling it out, he discovered a very old gold coin, intricate patterns etched upon its surface. The Mughal era coin gleamed in the sunlight, casting a warm glow on Animesh's palm.

With a mixture of bewilderment and awe, he examined the coin, his mind racing to comprehend the inexplicable journey he had undertaken.

Was it all a manifestation of his imagination? A haunting dream woven from the depths of his psyche? Or had he truly encountered an ancient spirit that resided within the confines of the abandoned house?