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You're my favorite rhythm... - 30

Music hits different when you get a window seat....
Life hits different when you get a right person....


"I am very happy to be a part of this amazing audio launch party... I would like to thank the director of this film for including me as the music director for a film that revolves around music. And..." Anand was giving an interview to reporters with his face full of daylight.

"Sir..." David interrupts Anand's interview. Anand ignored David at first and only after he called two or three times did his attention turn to David.

"What's wrong David? Can't you see I'm busy?" David's actions made Anand a little irritated.

"I know sir... you are busy but this is very important" David's expression alone told Anand that something was wrong. Anand's face also lost its luster after hearing what David said. At first Anand couldn't believe it but after David told him that it was 100% sure news, he couldn't help.

"You know very well how important this day is to me, This has never happened before and I can't believe even it is happened today.... David please Try to keep this things under control" Anand was nervously walking here and there, not knowing what to do.

"But it has been more than an hour since your songs were released online and only now we know about it. We are still trying to find out who did this and we have not been able to hack that account. I have come to tell you this only after trying my best." David put his hands on Anand's shoulders and tried to calm him down.

"I can't even imagine what my future would be like." Anand holds his head in his palms and tries his best to run his brain.

"Anand... Anand..." Dhanshree entered the place calling Anand. "What is going on here? You had never been so careless before, how could this happen today?" Anand maintained his position as before, showing no reaction to Shree's words.

"Now who can we doubt, surely we cannot doubt David... All the people who work here have been here for years. Are you suspicious of anyone? Is anyone new here or have you shared your song with any third person?" Dhanushree was digging out the anger inside Anand's mind again and again.

Anand felt in his heart that Ananya would not have done anything wrong. Even a small drop of fire is enough to burn down a town. It is the same with the suspicion we have about someone. But The information given by the police was such as to shatter Anand's faith in Ananya.

"Sir... We have hacked the id doing such activities illegally. Surprisingly it was a girl, her name was hmm... Ananya Shree Sharma. That account was in that name. But the username was different" The inspector.

"What....?" He sounded a little louder in shock. "Are you sure?" His voice become tumble.

"Yes sir... We double-checked it. We are trying to catch her as soon as possible." The inspector.

"No... I mean it's not necessary, I take back my complaints."

"Anand... What are you talking? Of course we have to punish that person and only then no one dares to do it again." Dhanushree tried her best to send Ananya to jail.

Inspector also tries a lot to convince Anand as he is hoping for promotion for this case but Anand spoils it.

"Ms.Dhanushree... I'm not ready to discuss anything at this moment. Can you please leave me alone?" Anand yells at her and confirms his decision with the inspector.

A great war was going on inside his mind. Although it seemed to his mind that Ananya was not the one to do so, on the other hand all the evidence was against her. The inspector also confirmed the location, which was also close to Ananya's place. It would have been better if Ananya had not called Anand at that time.

"Hey Anand... I heard everything that happened and I definitely did not expect this to happen. Are you angry now?" Poor Ananya knows nothing about Anand's state of mind.

"It was very nice..... What a f**k are you talking? How dare you do this? I never thought you would betray me like this." His voice sounded many times louder today than usual.

"Anand... I... I don't understand what you are talking about." Ananya's voice trembled and the words refused to come out of her mouth.

"Oh really...Please stop acting innocent. I am not ready to listen anything you say, just answer my one question... Why did you do that? For cheap publicity or money or what? I never thought you could be so low class. Answer me... hello..." before Anand finished speaking, Ananya cut off his call.

"Shit" Anand shows his anger on his phone which falls on the ground and shatters into several pieces.


An hour later David entered the studio... The broken things that were lying down there clearly told David what state of mind Anand was in right now.

"Hey dude... what happened to you? Why did you withdraw the complaint? Do you know how big a problem it has become now? The media is telling stories to their liking that someone close to you must have betrayed you and that is why you withdrew the case." David was a bit angry with Anand.

As David approaches Anand, Anand hugs David and bursts into tears. David knew very well that Anand was not so weak, He would not be heartbroken even for big matter. It was only after David asked repeatedly what happened that Anand told him.

Suddenly David pushed Anand away from him and slapped him hard on the cheeks.

"Are you crazy? What a nonsense... I was thinking that you know Ananya better than anyone else, but I realize that's a lie. I thought that Ananya is the only one who deserves you but today I am doubting whether you deserve her? Do you know how much that girl loves you? How can you speak ill of her?" David's words were more filled with disappointment than anger.

"This is what a person does to their beloved ones?" Anand gets angry seeing David talking against him.

"Why are you talking like a fool? How could you believe that Ananya would have done that? It was your most trustable Dhanushree. She is the one who betrayed you. Oh god... She is the one who stole your songs and uploaded them on the name of Ananya, even It was Dhanushree who made Jaju fall. I will show you a video that will tell you the facts of what happened in more detail" It was only after watching the video that Anand clearly understood that everything that happened was Dhanushree's master plan.

She also cleverly turns off the cameras and makes Jaju fall down the steps to distract the others. But she didn't know about the hidden cameras and that's why she got caught today.

When Anand got to know the truth, Anand's anger grew a thousandfold, not at Dhanushree, but at him. As David said, he thought he was a fool. Anand felt as if someone was stabbing his heart with a thousand needles when he thought of his foolish act to his loveable Ananya.

Anand quickly searches for his phone to call Ananya and finds it scattered on the floor in several pieces. Anand quickly grabs David's phone from him and tries to call Ananya's number but it keeps saying switched off. He called the number again and again like crazy and it said switched off.


"Why Did my Anand talk to me like that? How could he doubt me? Is my relationship with him that weak?" Not a drop of tears came from Ananya's eyes But her heart was beating several times faster. Ever since she spoke to Anand, she had not moved from the spot and was just sitting staring at the computer screen in front of her. Nothing that was going on around her was bringing her back to normal.

Her state of mind was like that of a person who has fallen into the river and is drowning in the flood without wanting to escape. It seemed to her that in a minute her life had been turned upside down. Her mind was telling her that if she died right now, she would escape all the miseries of this world, if she were dead now, she would not need to hear such low-quality words about her again. She thought it would be better if I died right now.

"No... I can't kill myself... i can't... why should I kill myself for someone who doesn't believe in me even 1%... The bravest thing i ever did was continuing my life when i really want to die"

A drop of tears rolled from her eyes and reached the ground. Her days with Anand flashed before her eyes.

Ananya looked at her computer screen where Anand was the wallpaper. "Am i that much cheap... Anand?"

She ran from there to the rest room and locked herself there. She cried there for an hour and came to a conclusion.

"It's okay if I can't unlove you, my heart only needs you to beat... But I don't need anyone to breathe."


To be continued