My life My Passion - Chapter 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

My life My Passion - Chapter 1

In a room of life,

the door of mind remains locked,

Windows of eyes shut tight,

truths and vistas blocked.

Ventilators of nose breathe

in scents so sweet,

From the garden of existence,

where emotions meet.

Thoughts swirl within,

seeking escape from the maze,

A symphony of senses,

a captivating daze.

Unlock the door,

let curiosity take the lead,

Discovering the world's secrets,

fulfilling every need.

Eyes, like windows,

yearn for the light of day,

To behold the universe,

in every shade and way.

The nose, a pathway,

to memories and dreams,

A fragrant bouquet of life's

endless streams.

So open up the door,

unbar the gate,

Unshutter the windows,

embrace your fate.

Let the scents of the garden,

both wild and refined,

Guide you through life's journey,

heart, soul, and mind.

[We always live in the barrier of space, a field demarkated by boundaries, a room isolated by walls, a mind cordoned by invisible cloak. At times we get suffocated within ourselves. Through the windows like our ears, eyes or nose we always try to get fresh energy to energies our soul. The dignity of a person depends on the relationship he or she carries with people around and relationship depends on purity of soul. In this series I expressed my feelings I earned through the journey In life. It's purely my own feelings and has no resplendent articulationIn. If you get connected to my vibes it's a connection between two minds.

The realm of love, a story unfolds,

Where life is a closed room, so it's been told.

The door, a metaphor for the mind's lock,

Sealing emotions, like a ticking clock.

Windows, the eyes, tightly shut, they remain,

Hiding desires, a passionate refrain.

But fear not, for the ventilators, they breathe,

Through the nose, the scent of love, they receive.

In this closed room, a romance did ignite,

A tale of two souls, their hearts taking flight.

A traditional narrative, let us embrace,

As we delve into their love's tender grace.

Once upon a time, in a land afar,

Lived a maiden, whose beauty was like a star.

Her name was Isabella, a vision so fair,

With eyes like sapphires, and flowing golden hair.

And there was a young man, named Tristan, so true,

With a heart so pure, and eyes of deepest blue.

Their paths crossed one day, in a crowded street,

And in that moment, their souls did meet.

Their love, like a flower, began to bloom,

Filling their closed room, dispelling the gloom.

Isabella's mind, like a door, swung wide,

Unlocking her heart, she could no longer hide.

Tristan's eyes, like windows, opened anew,

Revealing his feelings, so honest and true.

Their love flowed freely, like a gentle breeze,

As they danced together, with hearts at ease.

Through the ventilators, their love did soar,

Filling their souls, like never before.

The scent of roses, from the garden near,

Ignited their passion, dispelling all fear.

Their love story, a traditional tale,

Of two hearts entwined, destined not to fail.

In this closed room, their love did thrive,

As they discovered a love that would never die.

And so, dear reader, let this story be,

A reminder that love can set us free.

In the closed room of life, let love find a way,

To unlock the doors, and let emotions sway.]