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A Romantic Revenge - 8

The entire month passed in the preparation of the annual showcase day. At first Ms. Das didn't want any new students to participate in the event but when she heard her singing voice she was so excited that she herself told her to participate in the event. Kuhu got something again for her ability so she focused totally into her performance for the month. She forgot everything she faced at the beginning of the school. She remembered David's words if she has to survive she has to focus on what she has. She was practicing in the practical room. Some students outside
"Hey did you see that pig is practicing for the showcase."
"Really Ms. Das let her participate in that."
"Yes, she has a freaking good voice. Seems like God's misplaced talent in a wrong body."
"Really, if she is participating then I am not stepping on the stage for real."
A voice came behind them.
"You better not bitch. Our event will have one less weirdo then."
"What the f.....
She turned around and found Jully and Roma coming. Roma said
"What are you freaking at you don't even have anything to do rather than shaking the pompom in the background."
"You bitches."
She hit the floor and left the place. Jully and Roma started laughing. They entered the practice room. Kuhu was still practicing, jully came and hugged her
"You did an excellent job sweetie. How can you sing so well?"
"Yeah, pumpkin I heard you have quite a voice. Good for you but remember the voice only is not enough in the showcase. You need to learn how to connect with the audience. You see the personality."
She waved her palm before her face. She was about to start her practice when Kuhu said
"I understand Roma. And thanks for the advice for that day I know you said it out of concern."
Roma just smiled and said
In this showcase Ms. Das told everyone to choose a perticular genre. Kuhu was confused about it earlier so she practiced the intro opera only. She thought about it a little hard and decided that she needs to focus on the upcoming days of youth so she should pick something new which she experienced and wants to experience in future. She chose to sing in the first love genere.

"Kuhu what are you performing?"
"First love, by Kailey Jones."
"Wow, I see. Are you playing the guitar too."
"I know girl, just rock in the field."
"Thanks Jully. I don't know how to build my confidence, the showcase is in 2 weeks."
"I know right it's really stressful in the showcase especially if it's your first time. So many entertainment owners would be there. Maybe the media also. But you know what we all are more stressed than you and you should be happy in the contrary cause you can tell that it is your trailer before making a big break in the industry. After all that's why GURURKUL HIGH organises this showcase right?"
"Right, and sorry I am wasting your time when you guys have a lot more on the plate."
"Nah just chill dude."

2 weeks later:
GURUKUL HIGH is bursting with so much noise. Most of the students are present in the school and many of them are wearing colourful glittery dresses. A large stage is set in the field, the field is filled with audience seats and media persons. The seats started to fill up little by little. The front seats are booked for the VIPs. Some of them have already arrived.

Kuhu was standing in the backstage door and witnessing this grand event for the first time.
"Seems like I am actually at GURUKUL HIGH right now."
"I know right? "
Jully jumped in the back
"You know what the interesting part is? Those ceo guys from different productions are going to watch our performance."
"Yes, that's what I am terrified about?"
"Chill, you see that dude with sunglasses he is the father of that basketball player. That boy you saw a couple of times earlier ."
"Yeah whatever. You know he is pretty famous, . they debuted Monika, King..........
Kuhu wasn't listening anymore. She was thinking if she really had the quality to perform before these important people. She came out of her thoughts when the anchor announced the start of the showcase.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the annual showcase of GURUKUL HIGH."
Big party popers burst and the field was echoed by the students Cheers.