A Romantic Revenge - 7 books and stories free download online pdf in English

A Romantic Revenge - 7

Rayan lifted the dish for kuhu and stretched it to her. Kuhu was a little puzzled, angry, and shocked
The whole canteen started to murmure about them.
"Just a second Rayan"
She came forward and slapped her tightly. Everyone was shocked and staring at them . Only slap sound echoed in the hall.
"I thought you were just another bully but you also have no shame at all. Just because you receive fresh food everyday you really have no respect for it. You know how many children die in our area for malnutrition everyday."
Some students informed Ms. Das at the mean time. She came rushing into the canteen.
"Enough you two. Come to my staff room right now. And I want a witness."
Jully was about to come when Ms. Das said no friends or the students involved in the situation are not allowed to give any statement.
(Here is another extraordinary rule of GURUKUL high stepped in. In regards to past incidents and considering the reputation of the school the school committee always did a proper investigation for every mess. Every class teacher has to take responsibility for their own class and have to take statements from a neutral witness. Now they have to report this to the headmaster. CCTV matters later if there is any severe case.)

Two hazel eyes were watching all this drama. When he felt it was his scene to perform he jumped in the play.
"Miss I can be a witness. I am neither from the same class nor got involved in this ."
"Fine David come with me then."
(Staff room)
"I was passing by the canteen and was heading to meet my boys when suddenly my stomach started to call me and...
"Just say what's necessary don't go round and round"
"Okay , mam I was just playing a little. Could you remember how many years it is the last time we talked. "
Rayan smrike a little and miss Das was about to lift her scale from the table. David covered his head and started talking again.
"Mam mam she pushed kuhu's dish and it was about to fall when Rayan caught it. In the answer to that kuhu slapped her and you know the rest."

Kuhu never thought this cold personality could ever be afraid of something. She was also surprised to know that he knows her name.
"Get out you all, and if I ever catch you messing around again I will suspend you all from the school. Understood?"
"Yes, mam " both of them replied.
One of the staff at the back asked ms. Das why she has to take the statement from a rocky like David.
"No mam, that rocky may be arrogant and violent but that personality of him never allows to tell a lie. He has no sugar coating at all which is needed in all students ."

The two of them were walking in the hallway cause the other girl left earlier. She was pissed at him
"You helped me today so thank you. Or else all of them were ready to give me a negative statement."
"You don't need to thank me cause telling the bitter truth is in my nature . Also I get to talk to her for a long time."
"Whatever , I will return your favour."
"You don't have to but do a favour to yourself and keep a distance from Rayan. He is a womanizer and sly fox. You will never know when he will stab you at the back."
"If he was doing it because he is a womanizer then he don't have to try that hard to grab my dish
and get involved in the mere incident. More importantly I don't have the looks of normal womanizer will chase for."
"You don't get it right,this school is not like any other high school. Reputation is the key to win no matter where you come from . He is just using you as a key to become more popular."
"Stop it or else ..."
"You can do nothing. So just keep quiet , if you have a little brain then you will take my advice seriously."
David took the stairs left her in the thick mist of confusion again.
That day kuhu sunk in the deep see of overthinking again . While returning home she lied her hands in the window side and rested her head over that. She was so numb that the driver also asked him if he should drop her in the ice cream store. But she refused and said that she want to go home immediately.
When she entered in the drawing room it was empty. Her father was not home that day. She changed, get freshed, and poured some water in the glass. She was so lost that she didn't realise that the glass is overflowing.
"Did I mistook again or I am too easy going. Is he really doing everything for reputation. Yeah maybe David is right, why should a rich and handsome boy will help me for nothing. Did jully is also favouring me for reputation ?"

A drop of water reached to her leg thumb. She realised what a mess she made. No her life is already a mess it can't be messed up more.
It was raining outside when the room started feeling that the room turned into tha dark room where she get bullied .
It was her 9th birthday when new boy came to their class. She wasn't used to be that shy nature then. He look asactly like the prince dall in her showcase. She was giving chocolate to everyone in her birthday. No, she did nothing else to the boy her only sin is to stick a pink card in the chocolate where a line was written "my favourite one for the prince". And truned out to be a the reason of her bullying. She came out of her thoughts and stood in front of the mirror .The present seems like a shadow of her past , here is no difference.