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The Chemical Tangents - 6

Location : Monty Valley, Atlanta City 2.5 Kms from the Laboratory

 Time: Somewhere around 2075 AD , next day Mid morning 40 minutes from the afternoon on Wednesday

Hanumanth  took a deep breath and looked at the way ahead standing for a while. 

Inspector :”Well we will get going, we can’t let anyone wait for us, even death.”

Sub Inspector and Constable smiled at the bravery of the Inspector , While Hanumath winked at him. 

They all looked at the path, it had no footprints giving the impression that no one travelled by foot. At Least that may be the case for a long time. The Land is covered with sand and wind blows mildly , so any footprint of a long time ago may have been lost in time. 

Hanumanth : “Let's have a brisk walk, we may reach the gates in 35 minutes. “

Inspector :”Let’s keep going then.”

Inspector ,Sub Inspector and Constable and Hanumanth all started a brisk walk over to the gates of the Old factory.

Inspector spoke after the brisk walk of 5 minutes : “Are any Scientist coming to this place for assistance.”

Hanumanth :”As far as i can tell, we are the only ones to deal with this situation. The Government may not want to put the lives of Scientist in an Unknown perilous situation.”

Sub Inspector : “However , why did they call us in the first place to offer their assistance.” Hanumanth was not able to provide an answer to this question.

Constable answered on his behalf : “Maybe they will send assistance after assessing the situation.” Hanumanth smiled at the reply,strode in silence.

They had a brief walk for next 15 minutes which was interrupted , when Hanumanth stopped abruptly  and stood in silence. It was nearing Afternoon,they were nearly half way to the Gates. 

Hanumanth looked at them, pointed with his fist indicating they may have to double up the speed, Inspector thought how he would understand a sign language only understood by the Military,but thought to best follow it. He was equally surprised or less surprised that others were able to follow the same.

Hanumanth did not run, he picked up speed and others followed suit . It was faster than a brisk walk , but slower than running . They had walked at 10 km/hour speed upped to 7-8 km/hour speed. In this speed, they have travelled twice the distance in 5 minutes than the initial 10 minutes of walk. They had covered ¾th distance  after 10 minutes of enchanted brisk walking or slower running. They had picked up speed unconsciously to 6 km/hour then to 4 km/hour for the next 5 minutes. As 35 minus had passed they had reached the gates of the Old factory in 35 Minutes.  It was 5 minutes to afternoon. 

The gates of the factory opened , a man in white coat beckoned all of them in. As they went in , the gates closed automatically. The gates were made in such a way , it would close automatically with the help of the spring attached to the gate. It was mostly found in the Auditorium rooms, but hardly seen in factory settings. The person who beckoned them inside wore a white coat, inside was a blue shirt made of nylon and blue pants worn as a laboratory uniform. He did not speak but looked at them intently. They had been running to the gates, but now they were not out of breath. They had been out of breath , as they were outside the gates, however their breaths had stabilised when they had entered the room or once they were inside the room.  The four seem to have entered a large room,as would be the case of a large factory. However neither it resembled a factory nor an auditorium, yet one thing was sure, the magnitude of the room was not even possible in this realm of reality. It may be unimaginable in a Lucid dream. It was vast with ceilings reaching the skies, they were in a huge space like the inside of the Dr Strange space ship with infinite rooms, yet this had one room of huge magnitude. Were they dreaming or becoming delusional? 

The scientist spoke : “The reality has tangled at a Quantum level here. '' In short they have indeed entered the Scientist's worst nightmare. The science that ventures to cross all boundaries of reality and ground held rules.

Next Chapter : The Scientist at the Closet.