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The Chemical Tangents - 5

Location : Monty Hills , Atlanta City 2.5 Kms from the Laboratory

 Time: Somewhere around 2075 AD , next day Mid morning almost the afternoon on Wednesday

Constable pointed at the Laboratory or the Old factory at the valley down below. The Laboratory is located underground of the Old factory. Still the smoke was coming from the direction of the Old Factory and disappearing in the sky.

Constable : “The smoke seems to be coming from the old factory and disappearing in the sky.”

Hanumanth: “That is correct, the smoke seems to be coming from the Old factory, but not coming from the Old factory.”

Inspector and Sub Inspector looked at the smoke , at first glance they thought it was coming from the Old Factory, but slowly it seemed it was coming from the Old Factory and it was not coming from the Old Factory. It was coming from quite a distance from the Old factory. 

Sub Inspector  : “Why did you convert the Old Factory into a Laboratory? “

Hanumanth looked straight and did not speak.

Inspector : "So it was the other way around Laboratory was converted into an Old Factory ."

Hanumanth now looked straighter and did not speak for a long time. He broke his silence , looking at Inspector  & Sub Inspector  , he said "The Constable knows the stories about this Old Factory."

Constable looked perplexed and everything slowly dawned on him , he spoke slowly : "That can’t be this place.It was right here, all my life. ”

Hanumanth  : “No , this is very much the same place you have now in Mind. You can tell us the stories you have heard  on the trip to the factory.” He corrected himself “Old factory”

Inspector  thought something was strange about the last sentence made by the Government Employee, but the strangest of the things is that some bell is ringing in his mind. The conversation between the constable & Government Employee seemed strange enough, what could have the Constable remembered now?  He is unable to place the reference to what is being discussed now.

Inspector : “Is the Old factory damaged?” He clarified his question as no answer came “Is anything damaged from the explosion?”

Hanumanth  : “I can’t tell if you had imagined the explosion or just joking about it. I don’t see any signs of damage from the explosion , except for the smoke coming from nowhere.But the Gamma reading in proximity to the city is alarming.” He took the device he had in his pocket. He was shocked .

Hanumanth  : “The Gamma Readings here are zero.”

Inspector : “Isn't  it a Good thing?”

Hanumanth  : “Normally it is a Good thing to have a tinyGamma Readings , however Gamma Readings are never zero, it is a few kiloelectron volts (keV) to around eight megaelectronvolts (MeV). It can never be zero. It's against the basics of science. Something has gone wrong or gone right.” He beckoned the group , went down the tiny hill to the valley below. The Inspection has been over or so thought. 

Until He added : “No use further Inspection, if Gamma Readings are zero. We need a visual Inspection of the place. But We have until the end of the day, we should be safely back before the night sets in else even may even have to face the consequences of the reversal of the Gamma Readings. I am not sure if that will happen either. Better safe than being sorry.” 

He then reached the bottom of the hill and Others also followed him.  Hanumanth is now inspecting the device and using other devices. He would take a device from the backpack, use it and then return to the backpack. He repeated it several times, until he had a Gamma device alone in his hand, which never moved an inch. He made a test, but showed a material in a box to the Gamma Device and it resulted in a little spike , but returned to zero soon. He kept the material and closed it tightly and kept it in his pocket. 

Hanumanth  : “Good news is there will not be a reversal of the Gamma readings at night. Bad news, we have already entered the Scientist’s worst nightmare. If the Uranium sample is not giving a Gamma readings here, he would be bad news. “    He thought for a while to say “The Uranium sample did give a Gamma reading of 1.5 kiloelectron,then became zero. Even sand in normal times gives more readings. Let's pray that this instrument is broken , which isn't the case or this strange phenomenon won't cause any harm. “ He kept the gamma readings device in his backpack, then took his valet to see some photo murmuring “I may not be coming back this time “ he added “soon”

Inspector, Sub Inspector and Constable were shocked to the core, followed the Government official aka Scientiest aka Hanumanth , down the valley waiting for what needs to be done to escape this Scientist’s worst nightmare.