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School Crush 2

"Veg or Non-veg, Sir ?" The Air hostess was distributing Lunch trays. I took a Non-veg serving.

"Veg or Non veg, Madam ?" The Air hostess was asking Anjana. But she wasn't responding. I looked at my side and up at her face. She was sleeping away to glory. The Air hostess asked her again. Still no response.

I patted Anjana's hand resting on the armrest beside me. "Wake up Anju didi, lunch is being served. Do you want veg or non veg?"

Anjana opened her eyes with a yawn. "Sorry I dozed off. Non veg for me please."

Once we were settled with the food plates in front of us, "I'm so sorry Sumit, I met you after such a long time and I fell asleep. Actually the last 2-3 days have been pretty hectic. In fact, I didn't even get to sleep last night. So, I just couldn't keep my eyes open."

I said, "It's ok Anju didi. I know it feels terrible when you are sleep deprived and then you just can't keep your eyes open."

She smiled,"Yaah absolutely. Hey, what did you just call me ? Anju didi? Oh no! What didi ? Remember I'm actually 2 months younger than you." Anjana was laughing.

I laughed too, "But you only told me to call you Didi. Remember?"

Anjana smiled, "Yes Baba, I fully remember. But why did I tell you ? Because you were feeling embarrassed when I carried you in my arms and on my breasts for 45 minutes every day for 10 days. And then carry you home on my bicycle holding you between my arms sitting in front of me on my cycle bar. For those 10 days you were my little baby strapped to my breasts with a cloth, hanging from my neck. Ohh such a cute little baby you were. And the funniest part was that, during the act you used to call me 'Ma'. Ohh dear ! You were so small and so light. I used to love carrying you on my breasts, my 12 year old baby."

I whispered, "Anju didi, not so loud. People will hear you. We are not 12 years old now."

Anjana was still laughing, "Ok baba, I'll not say anything here. But you stop calling me Didi now. Then I'll feel like picking you up and making you sit on my lap right here in the plane. Ohh you'll look so cute sitting on my lap even now."

"Anjana, Anju, stop it now !" I whispered in mock anger and smiled at her.

She said, "Ok ok. Not here. Let's reach, then we'll chat about our school days, with you sitting on my lap."

"Anju didi ! Sorry Anju !! Stop this now !" I said, but still smiled at her.

We were eating and talking. Anjana said, "So, I didn't even ask you what you do ? And why are you going to Frankfurt ? And is this a business trip or personal ? If it's personal, then where's your wife ?"

I laughed out loud, "Wait Anju, wait ! Are you going to ask all your questions in one sentence ? Just let me speak. To answer your first question, I'm a Software Engineer and I'm on an onsite posting in Frankfurt possibly for 2 or 3 years, not sure yet. And to answer your last question, No, I didn't bring my wife on this trip, because she doesn't exist. I'm not married yet." I laughed for effect.

Anjana looked surprised, "Oh really ? 38 and not married yet ? Why ? Anybody ditched you ? Doesn't Uncle, Aunty say anything ? "

I smiled, " Yes, my parents are pestering me, day in and day out. But I actually didn't find anybody suitable till now."

Anjana shot out her next question, "Why? What sort of a girl do you want ? Any special qualities or features ? Tell me, I'll search for you."

I smiled, "Yes, I'll tell you, but first you answer all these questions that you asked me ?"

Anjana laughed, "Ok…To give you a gist : I've been in Frankfurt for the last 1 year now. I work in the HR team of a major FMCG company here. And presently I'm single."

I said, "Ohh! That opens up a lot of questions…"

Anju cut me short, "But it's your turn now. You give me your answer first of what I asked you. Why are you still single at 38 ?"

There was an interruption. The Pilot was making an announcement. There's turbulent weather ahead. The plane will encounter some bad air pockets. He advised all to keep calm and informed that the cabin lights will be dimmed. We were all tense. The air hostesses were checking if the seats were all upright and seatbelts fastened. Within minutes the turbulence started. The plane was bumping like a car on a road filled with big potholes and ditches. Then the plane suddenly started to fall. People were shrieking, especially children and ladies. Some people started praying loudly. It was chaotic.

As far as I was concerned, I had been into one or two such flights where the plane had gone into these air pockets and there were some bumpings in the air. But never was it this serious. This time I was out of my wits. I thought that this was my last day. I was being flung up and down, held on to my stomach by the seat belt. I don't remember how I was reacting. But as I recall now, I found that Anjana was opening my seat belt. She then took a strong grip on me and just picked me up bodily from my seat and pulled me onto her body. I lay face down on her wide breasts. She lifted my legs up and held me sideways on her lap. My legs were curled up on her thighs. She pressed my face down in between her two huge breasts. She wrapped her fat arms around my body and squeezed me tightly on her lap.

She patted my face and whispered in my ears, "Don't worry dear, I'm holding you on my breasts. Nothing will happen to you honey. I'll take care of you. Try to sleep on mommy's breasts. Just keep calm. I'm here with you."

Her tight embrace packing me inside her big, soft lap and her constant whispers in my ear, soothed my nerves.

Meanwhile I felt the aircraft steadying itself. The bumpings had lessened. The plane was rising again.

The lights were coming on. Anjana hurriedly lifted me again in her arms and made me sit on my seat. She hastily buckled my seat belt on. She put her arm around my shoulders and smiled sweetly down at me, "It's over Baby, we are safe. You just relax. Close your eyes. Mummy is holding you."

I was feeling better. I didn't know what had gone wrong with me. I knew I had panicked. But didn't dare ask Anjana what I was doing, lest the passengers near us would hear. I will ask her later on. I just took her big hand in both my hands and held it tightly.

The atmosphere inside the plane was coming back to normalcy. Everybody seemed to be talking about this experience only. I looked up at Anjana and gave her a big smile. In return she pressed on my shoulders with the hand which was still around my shoulders.

Anjana said, still smiling at me, "Ok let's not talk about this now. You tell me, why are you still not married even at 38 ?"

I gave an exasperated laugh, "What will I say? I thought that let me get a little more established in my career first. My parents were constantly after me and my mother showed me enough pictures of prospective brides. My parents did see some girls, but I didn't go with them. But I somehow didn't find anyone interesting. So that's it."

"And what exactly are you looking for ? You can tell me, I'm your childhood friend." Anjana kept on insisting.

I smiled, "Yes I'll tell you, but not here, not now. We will now be meeting often I hope, I'll discuss with you then, possibly sipping coffee in your flat. But what you have told me is much more intriguing. What do you mean by you are presently single ?"

Anjana sighed, "It's a long story you know. Wait let us come closer, I cannot speak loudly, this is a private matter."

The lunch trays had been already cleared off by the cabin staff. What Anjana did was, she raised the armrest between us to be flush with the back of the seats. That made it easier for us to come closer. In fact since she is so big in size, her hips spilled over to my part of the seat. Even while sitting side by side, the top of my head was reaching only upto her chin level. So it was difficult to talk in a low voice. She slid down her seat, so that her head came down.

She said to me, "You keep sitting straight. You are so much shorter than me that it's difficult to bring my face down to your level."

She slid down on her seat, while I sat upright. Finally when her face was in level with my face she turned to look at me. With the armrest removed, we were so close to each other that our faces almost touched. She took my hand on her lap and held it inside her palm. My hand just vanished inside her huge palm, her hand was so much bigger than mine. She looked at me and gave a heart warming smile. "You know Sumit, I am so happy that I have met you again. It's like I had lost my favourite toy in my childhood and I've found it after twenty six years."

I laughed, "You mean I was your favourite toy ?"

Anjana smiled sweetly and said, "Yes dear you were. But I never knew that when I had you in my arms those 10 days. It's much later that I started missing you. And especially today I'm feeling like happiness has again come back to my life."

I was surprised to hear this, "Oh really Anju didi ? I can't even imagine that you ever thought about me after those 10 days."

"Yes I did think about you, and a lot." Anjana replied. "But I think I told you not to call me Didi anymore. We are both the same age. In fact I am 2 months younger than you."

I said, "Yes I know that. But you are so much taller and bigger than me, that I like to think of you as older to me. But what is this you are saying that you are not happy and you are presently single? What's the problem Anju didi?"

Anjana gave out a suppressed sigh, "Well you see, after I completed my MBA in HR, I initially worked in Mumbai and then in Bangalore. Although my parents were insisting, I wasn't interested in marriage because none of the young men even wanted to stand and talk to a six footer and 100 kg giantess like me. I was already over 35 years old then. I wasn't interested in arranged marriages but still had to agree to satisfy my parents' wishes. They found a NRI guy based in London. This guy was a big bodied, 6 feet 1 inch tall Engineer, for whom his parents were looking for a tall bride. So we got married.

I was fortunate to get a transfer posting to our company's London office. But within 1 month I understood that there was something seriously wrong with this guy. He confided in me that he was gay and had a steady boyfriend. He said that he couldn't tell his parents, because they were very orthodox. He said that I need not worry and nothing will happen to our married status. He wanted to bring his boyfriend to our London home and wanted to live with him. He told me that I can live my life the way I want. I could not stand all that nonsense and I told my parents. I left him immediately and shifted to a separate flat of my own. I couldn't go back to India, because by that time I was already transferred to my company's London office and had started working there. I filed for a divorce. It took some time and harassment, but untimely I got it. This was around a little over two years back. I didn't want to stay in London anymore, neither did I want to go back to India because of inquisitive and interfering relatives. I searched for a job and got one in Germany. I had learnt German for 3 years when I was in college, so I was good at it.That helped me. So here I am, living all alone in Frankfurt and happy about that."

I kept quiet for some moments. Then I commented, "Woof ! What a harrowing experience you must have gone through."

Anjana smiled, "Forget it bro. I have left that all behind me now. The best thing has happened to me on this trip. I've found you. I have a feeling that now I'll start enjoying my life like I used to in my school days. Now tell me dear, where are you going to put up in Frankfurt?"

I said, "I've booked a hotel now, close to my office location. I've got Saturday and Sunday. I'll search for some rented flat in these two days if possible. I have some addresses shortlisted which were sent by an agency from Frankfurt. If you are not too busy you can help me decide on a flat. You would know the roads of Frankfurt also."

Anjana thought and replied, "But why do you need to put up in a hotel ? You can stay with me till such time you find your own place. If you don't have any problems you can also share my flat. I have an extra bedroom."

I didn't know what to say. I said, "Living with a girl sharing the same flat ? I am not so sure if that would be right."

Anjana laughed, "Come on, I'm not a girl. I'm a middle-aged woman of 38. And this is not India, it's quite common here. Even in India it's happening now."

I tried to get out of it, "But you are on rent. How can I stay with you ?"

Anjana smiled, "If that's bothering you, you can share the rent. That'll be beneficial for both you and me. 50:50 you know. Although it has 2 bedrooms, I took this flat because it's very near to my office. I had plans of taking in one person to share the expenses, but that didn't happen."

I got another point, "Yes that is also my concern. Since I'm new over here, I wanted some place closer to my office, since I'm not familiar with the roads and the bus / tram routes and all."

Anjana asked, "So where's your office over here ? By the way, which company are you in ? I didn't even ask that."

I said, "My office is in Lyoner Strasse. I have also booked my hotel near to this office, so that on the first day, I can just walk down..."

Anjana interrupted me, "Hold on, hold on. My office is also on Lyoner Strasse. Which company are you talking about ?"

I said, "Actually I'm on an onsite project over here. I am working with ICN India. My project is with our clients M/s Westle, Germany."

Anjana almost jumped up from her seat, "What !! You are the new Systems Engineer joining us. I was told that a new guy is joining us from ICN, India. So, Mr Sumit, do you know it's customary that on your first day you have to have your official lunch with your client's HR Manager. And that's me !!!"

Anjana's face was glowing. In her excitement, she hugged me so hard that I was dragged on to her lap. She released me immediately as others were looking from nearby seats.

She was laughing now, "So it's decided then. You'll live with me. Since it's bothering you so much, you can give me half of the rent, so that it will ease your conscience and also both our pockets."

I said, "But the hotel booking is there."

She was determined now. "We'll cancel that. I'll call up and tell them that I'm your friend and you could not come due to an emergency. You can also send them a message cancelling the booking. Did you pay any advance ?"

I said, "No I didn't."

Anjana was very happy, "That settles it. Ohh I'm so happy today. I'll get back my childhood."

I looked on in amazement. I didn't even imagine that a girl like Anjana, whom I used to just admire from afar, would even remember me after so many years, let alone be so happy to meet me again.

Once we landed I felt how fortunate I was to have found Anjana in the flight. Since she knew the language helped very much, because although some people did understand English, most of the people spoke only German.

It was chilly outside, so I took out my jacket. Walking beside a 6 feet 100 kg lady, I looked like a small boy with my 5 feet 3 inches and 64 kgs figure. I had two big suitcases and a laptop bag. Anjana had just a small suitcase. She insisted on taking the trolley with all the bags on them. I just walked beside her. She occasionally looked down at me and gave me her broad smiles.

We booked a cab and off we went. This was my first onsite posting. Also my first visit abroad. It was all so exhilarating. Anjana was showing me different landmarks of the city as we travelled from the airport to her house. She explained to me about the passes to be bought for the buses and trams from the machines installed at the bus or tram stands or from mobile apps. I was again thankful that I had her beside me on this first Europe trip of mine.

Her flat was in a small apartment building with a big compound at the back for car parking. The building comprised five floors, with two flats on each floor. Her flat was on the 3rd floor. We went up the small lift and into her flat. It was quite warm and cosy inside with the central heating system on in the whole flat.

After freshening up and changing into my casuals, I was standing on the small balcony looking down at the street below. It was so different from the view we see in our country of the houses and roads. I suddenly felt that there's some pressure coming on my back. I immediately realised that it was Anjana standing behind my back and playfully pressing me lightly with her heavy body. I said with mock anger in my face, "What are you doing Anju ? We are standing on an open balcony, people would see us from outside."

I slowly turned to face her. Standing right in front of her and sandwiched between her and the balcony railings, I found my face staring into her big full breasts. I again felt like I did when I met her for the first time in the flight today, when she stood up on the narrow aisle of the plane. She was smiling down at me. Looking down at me, there was suddenly a mischievous look in her eyes. Before I realised what was happening, she stooped, slid one arm under my armpits and around my chest and her other arm, behind my knees, and then she swept me effortlessly up off my feet to hold me tightly against her, cradled securely in her powerful arms.

I was so startled by the suddenness of my going from a vertical position to lying horizontally in Anjana's strong arms, floating in the air in an open verandah. I panicked and wrapped my arms around her neck to tightly hold on to her. Anjana flung her head back and gave out a hearty laugh. "My dear little thing, don't you worry. You are in the safe hands of your big, tall mommy."

I was feeling weightless in her arms floating in the air, even higher than the balcony railings. I was afraid that if I slipped from her hands, I would fall off the 3rd floor balcony down on the street below. I clung to her neck more tightly.

I said meekly, "Anju, please put me down. Mujhey darr lag raha hai…itna upar se neeche gir jayenge. I'll fall off the balcony, I'm frightened."

Anju lifted me a little higher and held me tighter to her breasts. She smiled sweetly down at me, "You are so small and light dear, I will never let you fall off my hands. I am just loving holding you on my breasts after twenty six long years."

I was feeling embarrassed especially because Anjana was holding me in her arms on her breasts out on the open balcony. This was my first day in her house. What would the neighbours think about me seeing me helpless in the arms of a woman. I pleaded with Anjana, "Anju I don't mind you holding me in your arms, but please take me inside. I'm feeling embarrassed that you are carrying me on your breasts out in the open. What will the neighbours think ?"

Anjana reacted immediately. First she turned around, so that her huge body blocked me from being seen from outside. Then she carried me into her room and closed the balcony door. Once inside, she picked my body up a little higher, so that my face was near hers, and said, "I'm sorry dear. I didn't realise that I was embarrassing you. But you needn't feel shy about this. You are not in India now, you are in Europe. PDA or Public Display of Affection is not immoral over here. You will see couples kissing openly in public places."

Saying this she planted a big kiss on my cheek. She laughed and asked, "Did you mind that I kissed you ? I wanted to do that for such a long time."

I was surprised at this statement. "What did you just say ? That you wanted to kiss me? Long time meaning ?"

She stood in one place with me held in her cradle, high up on her breasts. She started rocking me slowly in her arms. Side to side. She smiled and said, "Long time meaning, say from around my college days or so. During those 10 days of rehearsals in school, when I used to lift you and hold you hugging you on my breasts, I didn't get any different feeling. We were both only 12 years old then. It was like I was playing with my baby brother in my arms. As I grew older, I somehow liked to be friends with smaller boys. I generally was taller than most boys and men in general. But I liked to befriend my classmates who were much shorter than me. But they did not want to go around with me. In fact most of my friends who were boys, insisted that I talk to them while sitting down. It was then that I started missing you and longing that you were back in my life. I used to then think of those 10 days in school, when I used to lift you and cuddle your cute little body in my arms and on my breasts. I used to think that if I got you again, I would pick you up and squeeze you like a soft toy and fill your face with kisses ?"

I, being a middle-aged man of 38 years, was lying cradled in the arms of my school classmate, now a 38 year old middle-aged woman, high up on her breasts, being rocked by her like I'm her baby.

I laughed, definitely feeling happy that she said she used to miss me. I said, "I didn't even imagine in my wildest dreams that you, the popular junior school captain Anjana, would even remember me, let alone think of kissing me in your arms."

Anjana laughed, "Ok ok, we'll have enough time for flirting. Come let's go out now. You wanted that local Sim card for your mobile. We'll have to go by tram to the main market near the station, Hauptbahnhof. I know a shop there. Actually, on Sundays all these shops are closed over here. So we must do it today itself. From Monday, the day after tomorrow, when the office starts, we'll not get much time in the evenings. Now, be a good boy and get down from Mommy's lap."

She then bent her head down and filled my face with kisses, starting from my forehead to my eyes, then my nose, coming down to both my cheeks and finally she crushed my lips with a big long wet kiss. This was so sudden, I wasn't prepared for it. She had lifted my body right up to her face and was kissing me as if she was literally eating my face as a whole. I had to wrap my arms around her big neck tightly for support, as I was floating at an awkward angle at a height of over 5 feet above the floor. She put me down and again hugged me with my face buried deep inside the crevice of her two big soft breasts.

She released me and gave a satisfied laugh, "At last my thirst got quenched after twenty six years."

Out on the chilly streets, walking beside a tall 6 footer woman with my head not even reaching her shoulders, it was a fantastic experience. She had her arm around my shoulders and hugged me from the side as we walked down the streets of Frankfurt towards the tram stoppage. Nobody was even looking at us even though we were a terrible mismatch in size. It was so relaxing.

She showed me how to book tram tickets from the automated machine at the tram / bus stand. She made out a monthly pass for me. My problem happened when we boarded the tram. It was all full and people were standing. It was nothing like the mad rush in Indian cities. People were standing in a civilised manner. But my problem was different. The overhead rods were so high up that I was barely able to reach them. It was difficult to keep my balance in the moving tram. Anjana understood my problem. She was holding on to the overhead rod quite easily. She took my hand and guided it to her upper arm which was holding the rod. So her arm became my overhead rod and I held on to it for my balance. I felt so funny, but I enjoyed holding on to her solid thick upper arm. Anjana loved it too.

We got my new sim card. Anjana bought some household essentials and then we came back home. This time I wasn't lucky, meaning that we got proper seats to sit. So I couldn't enjoy hanging on to Anju's arms on the tram ride back home. I thought that I'll get my chances later on too. Today is just the first day.

We had bought some packed lunch, which we had at home after returning. Then Anjana said that we better take some rest since we had a long journey. I changed to my casuals and went to my room. Anjana entered my room soon after. I was lying on my bed. She came and just scooped me up in her arms on her breasts and started walking. I said, "Hey where are you taking me?"

She looked at me seriously and said, "I told you na, that I needed some rest. So I'm taking you with me. Now that I've found my long lost child, how can I sleep without him on my lap."

I laughed and said, "I'm your long lost child ?"

She still maintained a serious face, "Yes, remember that day when I carried you in that competition, after it was over, I had put you down and you went off somewhere. I have been searching for you ever since."

She took me to her bed and laid me down. She came and laid down beside me. She turned towards me on her side and pulled me towards her facing her. She then pushed me down, so that my head was just below her shoulder level. She extended her hand towards the side and raised my head and put it over her thick upper arm. She bent her hand a little, so that my face just rested on her big breast. She put her free hand around my back to hold me close to her. Just the weight of her hand on my back was enough to pin me to her body. She looked down at me and smiled, "Is my baby comfortable ?"

I said, "What is this Anju ? Am I your baby or what ? You are lying with me like this as if you are about to breastfeed me ?"

She smiled, "Yes dear, this is one other thing I wanted to do with you. Please don't mind. Let me satisfy myself today at least for once."

I just didn't know what to say.

Anjana tucked her one leg under both my legs and placed her other leg over my two legs. Both my legs got trapped inside her legs around her knee level. My head felt quite comfortable resting on her thickset arm. My face came just in front of her big breasts. She was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless nightie. She slowly released her hand out of the strap exposing a huge soft ball with a hard little mound protruding straight at my face. She placed her big palm over my face covering it up fully. Then she guided my lips to her hard but soft juicy nipple. I closed my eyes in pleasure. She ran her long fat fingers through my hair. She kissed me on my forehead and then on my cheek. "I am so happy, you know dear, that I'm finally able to hold you in my breasts like this. This has been my dream for so many years."

My head was on her outstretched arm. Her other arm went around my back pressing my body on hers. I had my arm around her back hugging her like a baby hugs his mother while feeding on her breasts. She had her palm behind my head pressing my lips on her breast. My eyes were closed. My lips were sucking on her soft juicy nipple. She ran her fingers through my hair, caressed my cheek with her soft fluffy palm. It was as if I was transported back to my childhood. She took my hand and put it on her other open breast. My hand cupped around her big and soft breast. She placed her palm over mine and slightly squeezed my hand. I didn't know it would feel so good. My lips and my fingers were working together. I heard her moan softly. Then her slow moaning continued. My eyes were closed.

I felt that she had wrapped her arms around my body and was turning to her back. Yes, she was lying straight now. I felt as if I was lying on an extra thick, extra soft mattress, while I was lying on her body, face down, with my face resting in the valley between her big breasts. Even with my face on her boobs, my feet were still not able to touch her feet. My full body was resting on hers, with enough space on both my side to move about. She put two pillows under her head, so that she could look down on me with a smiling face, like a mother enjoying looking at her baby playing on her body. She had placed one hand on my body, loosely holding me, so that I would not roll over from her huge body onto the bed. I was lying more than one and half feet over the bed level, she was so thick. I was looking at her face, lying on this giantess, feeling so little, but also so safe and protected, as if nobody on earth could harm me in presence of my loving huge childhood friend.

I was lying face down on her breasts. She shifted my lips to her other breast now. She held me on her big body with both her hands over my back. My full body weight was resting on her big body now. Fully. No parts of my body were touching the bed. She was 38 years old, and I was 38 too, she was in fact 2 months younger than me. But, she was 100 kgs, I was just 64 kgs. She was 6 feet tall; I was a full 9 inches shorter than her at 5'3". My school classmate was now holding me like a small baby feeding me on her full breasts.

She smiled sweetly, "You had a hectic journey my dear, take a short nap. Rest your head on one of my boobs, and make them your pillow. I'm just loving it having your cute little body on me like this, I'm feeling so content."

I smiled, "Anjana, you said you needed rest. Why don't you take a proper nap? Having me lying on top of you, you won't be able to sleep."

She said smiling, "Honey, having you on top of me, I'm feeling like I'm a complete woman now, with my baby lying on my breasts. To tell you the truth, your sucking is making me drowsy. I'll just close my eyes and take a short nap. Why don't you also take a nap on my body?"

She wrapped her big, fat arms around my back. I was lying face down on her, my face on one of her big boobs. My lips around her soft hard nipple. She hugged me into her big, soft body very lightly, but ensured I didn't roll off her. She totally engulfed me inside her. She closed her eyes, and softly patted on my back, like a mother does to her child putting him to sleep. But I was not used to taking naps during the day, so I was wide awake. After a very short time, I felt that she herself had fallen asleep, snoring very softly.

It was a strange feeling. I'm lying face down on a huge, tall middle-aged woman of my age, trapped by her big arms lying with my face buried between her big soft boobs, sucking on her soft nipples like a baby. But I was not able to move. My classmate has fallen into a deep sleep, holding me, a fully grown adult man on her body like her small child. I lay there not trying to move, lest I wake her up. I was looking up at her face, a big handsome looking face. It looked so content, so satisfied. I gave myself up totally to this huge gorgeous woman.

I didn't tell her one secret till now, that all these years, I had also been daydreaming about those 10 days of my school life when she used to carry me on her breasts after school hours.

She was my first school crush.