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A Tour Of Dubai


                                             A Tour Of Dubai 

Dubai is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many Indians . Dubai is close to India and can be reached there within a few hours from any Indian airports . We have been watching this gulf nation in many of our Television serials and movies and many dream to watch this beautiful city in person . 

Dubai is one of the seven emirates situated in the Persian Gulf - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.While Abu Dhabi is the largest emirates and the federal capital , Dubai is the largest city of the UAE . Dubai is globally famous for its magnificent infrastructures and gold market . 

Dubai was a Village - Dubai was a small fishing village in the midst of a desert .  It was barely known till its first oil well was struck here in 1966. After that it has rapidly developed and is still under massive progress . It has developed itself at par with any international standard in the field of global trade , aviation and tourism . Dubai  is visited by nearly 20 million tourists including two million Indians every year . 

Dubai International Airport - Millions of tourists land at the famous Dubai airport . Besides, it is an important aviation hub in the global aviation market. Dubai gets only 2% of it’s economy  by oil but this airport alone contributes nearly 33% in its economy. Dubai has the privilege of bagging the number one position globally repeatedly in a row in terms of air traffic passengers with nearly 66 million passengers . It has 90,000 workers and gives livelihood to nearly 4,00, 000 people .

Double Decker Roads - You may be surprised to know that till 1968 there were a handful of cars in Dubai which could be counted on fingers of one hand .But with rapid development of the city and its traffic Dubai had to build double decker roads to ease traffic congestion on links to Shaikh Zayed Road , Jumeirah , Al Khail and other business areas. 




Dubai’s Iconic Burj Khalifa - The Burj Khalifa is an icon of Dubai and stands the tallest building in the world. This 829.8 meter high  skyscraper has 163 floors . . 

Attractions at Burj Khalifa -  

The Observation Deck -  It is  the world's highest observation deck , called ‘ at the top’ ,  at 124th floor at a height of 452 meters  . You can reach ‘at the top’ by the world’s fastest elevator in just a minute . One needs to book a ticket online in advance for his desired date and time to avoid a much higher price on the spot . Ticket rates vary from normal time to prime time ( AED 350- 450 for adults and AED 150- 225 for children 4- 12 yrs. ). You can even go more up to relax in the world’s highest  lounge . ( latest ticket & exchange rate may vary )

Prak -Burj Khalifa is surrounded by a huge park . It’s design is based on the flower of the desert called “ Hymenocallis “ . At the center of the park is a series of pools and fountains . 

Fountain- Outside of the Burj Khalifa is a beautiful fountain system . It is illuminated by 6600 lights and 60 colored projectors .The fountain shoots up to 500 ft into the air while a wide range of popular classical and musical is being played . 

Burj Khalifa has some of the world’s costliest hotels and apartments also . 

Dubai a City of Malls -  

Dubai Mall - Just adjacent to the Burj Khalifa is  Dubai Mall, the world’s second largest mall by area .  Dubai  mall is home to many attractions . Though entry into the mall is free you need to pay to visit other places of attractions within the mall.  

Attractions in Dubai Mall .

Shopping Malls - Dubai mall  is a world famous shopping mall having 1200 shops , 120 restaurants and cafes and 26 movie theaters . 

Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo -This is the world’s largest indoor suspended Aquarium and underwater zoo . It has 100 millions liters of water and it illuminates the marvels of the ocean floor displaying one of the biggest and most diverse global marine animals . 

Dubai mall is home to several other attractions - Dubai Ice Rink , Ski Dubai , Dubai Opera , Amusement park , KidZania , Penguin park , Dubai Dino , Magic Planet etc. 

Metrolink - Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are connected by an air conditioned elevated ( 2690 ft height ) Metro link which is 820 meters long . 

The Mall of Emirates - This is yet another magnificent big shopping mall on the Sheikh Zayed Road .having more than 630 outlets , 100 restaurants and cafes , 80 luxury stores and 250 flagship stores. Besides , it has 20 VOX cinemas for entertainment , Ski Dubai - the world’s largest snow park with  indoor skiing facility . Here one can have an encounter with a Penguin and hug him . 

The Ibn Battuta Mall - This is yet another beautiful mall in Dubai with 50 restaurants and 275 shops including affordable and middle range prices. This mall has six courts , each one’s design is inspired by some countries visited by Moroccan Berber . There courts are - Andalusia court , Chinese court , Indian court , Persian court , Egypt court and Tunisian court . The mall can be visited by Dubai metro also . 

There are many other malls too e.g. - Sahara mall , City centre  Deira , Burj Juman , Festival City mall , Century mall , Marina mall et. That  is why Dubai is one of the favorite shopping destinations among global celebrities . 


Want to Enjoy the Desert ? - If you have a desire to have a close encounter with a desert , you can have it in Dubai . Platinum Heritage is a luxury Safari company . It can arrange a trip to the Dubai desert where you can explore the flora and fauna of the desert including folk songs / music , desert cuisine and native wildlife . 

Man made Artificial Islands -

Palm Islands - There are some beautiful artificial man made islands in Dubai .The Palm Island resembles the shape of Palm tree leaves .It consists of three islands - Palm Jumeirah , Deira Islands and Palm Jebel . The island is a city within itself with all facilities available like - shopping centers , restaurants . hotels and residential apartments . It is home to one of the world’s costliest and luxurious hotels and residences including Atlantis, The Palm . 


The World Islands-  It consists of 260 small islands arranged to look like a world map when viewed from top .Each island’s shape looks like a country’s map .  

Largest Gold Market - Dubai is the world's largest gold market and Gold Souk is located in the Dubai Mall . One can see dozens of gold shops at the airport also . 

You can find a Gold ATM where gold can be obtained at vending machines just by cash or credit card . An edible Golden Cupcake is also available though it might cost you $ 1000 . 

Longest Gold Chain - The World’s longest gold chain can be seen in Dubai .It is a 3 miles long 22 Cr gold chain weighing nearly 529 pounds . 

Many rich people get anything coated by gold including spray painting of cars and houses . 

A City of Cranes - hundreds of Cranes can be seen at many places due to rapid ongoing development in the field of infrastructures , real estates etc. There are around 30000 cranes in Dubai , more than any country’s deployment in any city . 

Skyscrapers - Before 1991 there was a single skyscraper in Dubai but now there are 400 plus skyscrapers . Due to the flooding of skyscrapers in Sheikh Zayed Road it’s also known as Skyscraper Avenue . 

Dubai Sea beaches - There are many beaches here - Jumeirah beach , Marina beach , Kite beach , Black palace beach , Jebel Ali beach , al Mamzar beach , Umm Soufoh , La Mer etc.  Jumeirah beach is the most popular one . Some beaches are exclusively for women and children . 

Dubai and Cricket - UAE has some cricket stadiums of international standards like the ones in Dubai and Sharjah . Sharjah is just 28 Km from Dubai and can be reached there in half an hour by cab.  

Dubai Village - Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood , also known as Al Bastakiya ,  is a historical district in Dubai . It was established by the Persian merchants  at the end of the 19th century . Most of the district was demolished to make today’s Dubai but a part of the ancient village has been preserved as a heritage. 

Hotels in Dubai - All types of hotels are available in Dubai - luxury , affordable and midrange . It is better to book in advance online by oneself or any trusted agent / site. 

Indian tourists  can get e visa easily and quickly . a 4 day visa can be obtained in a short time . Indians having valid US tourist visas can get a visa on arrival.

Precautions while in the UAE - Dubai is one of the safest countries for tourists in the world but you  must be respectful of local laws and religion . Besides be careful on the followings - 

Dress respectfully and modestly in public , no shorts or sleeveless or low neckline dress. 

No alcohol in public places . It’s permitted for non muslims only in licensed restaurants and pubs .

No PDA - Public display of affection is prohibited including walking holding hands .

No Possession of any drug including CBD .

No Misuse of social media and spreading rumors .

No staring at strangers 

No photography of Government property or individuals ( without permissions ) .

No rude gestures or road raging .

No criticizing of the  Government 

Violation of laws can land you in jail or render you liable to penalties and / or deportation