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I hate you, Papa!

The Ashram of Saint Shri Shivanand ji is situated at some distance from Kabir's house. Abode of divine supernatural power. Quiet, beautiful and pleasant place. Where the Ganga of meditation, yoga and knowledge flows continuously. The recitation of Veda’s mantras and hymns here day and night provide sanctity to the atmosphere. The beauty of the river bank makes it even more delightful.

And an old age home is also situated here. For some people, it is a necessity, for others it is a compulsion, helplessness. Well, happily, who likes to come here?

Perhaps, old age home is just another name for compulsion and helplessness. In old age, when roads are closed from all sides, only one path is visible to the old eyes, which goes towards the old age home.

Often, only those people reach to the old age homes who are either suffering from the lack of children. Or those people who are abandoned by their children, who have been forced by their children to come here. And in both situations these elders deserve help and sympathy.

Money cannot buy love and service. Intimacy is not a vegetable sold in the market which can be purchased whenever, wherever, by paying money for it. Very lucky are those peoples who have their own people. There is closeness, intimacy in every pore of them. The mind becomes giddy, the eyes fill with tears from such a sacred darshan.

The people living here either do not belong to any one at all and even if they exist in the name of belonging, they are more strangers than strangers, that is why they are here.

The environment of the old age home is peaceful and pleasant. A place of complete peace, but most of the people living there have agitated minds and an anger worse than wildfire. But helpless. That's why the poor people are here.

Kabir's grandfather often comes here to visit and he often has discussions with people of his age. The topics of discussion keep changing with time. Sometimes political, sometimes social, sometimes on Vedas and scriptures, and sometimes even on personal life.

Today Kabir got an opportunity to come to the Ashram with grandfather. Grandfather had gone to the office for some work, Kabir thought let's see, how do these people live?

Kabir was passing by a room; the door of the room was half open. His eyes fell on the old woman weeping in the room. Kabir's feet stopped, he felt that something must be happening. No one weep just like that.

The feet stopped and the tongue spoke – “Grandma, can I come inside?”

The old lady could not refuse Kabir's request and it was as if she was caught red-handed.

Wiping her tears with her lap, she said to Kabir – “Yes, son why not? Hey come.”

“Grandma, you are weeping, why?” Kabir asked.

The old lady did not expect such a question from Kabir, she got embarrassed and said – “No, it is nothing, nothing like that.”

“No, Grandma, there is something that you are hiding, but your tears are speaking.” Kabir's mind was completely shaken.

The old grandmother could not hide the secret of her tears from Kabir and said – “No son, just like that, today I remembered him. Had he been there today, I would not have been ruined.

“What happened to you, grandma? Tell me. Since you have said son, you have to tell everything.” Kabir said insistently.

  “No son, what can I tell you? You are still a child. What will you understand now?” With great hesitation the old lady explained to Kabir.

“No grandmother, I am a child, that’s why I can understand what you are saying. Elder people will not understand what you say.” Kabir said while explaining to grandmother.

Kabir's stubbornness in asking and the old lady's stubbornness in not telling. A clash of opinions started between the two. After all, children are stubborn and the old woman had to give up.

The old lady said that Kalpesh's father was a senior officer in the army. He broke many tanks in the Kargil War and was martyred while saving his comrades, but was successful in saving his comrades. He also received a bravery award from the President of India. But now everything is useless, what is the use of such a reward?

In those days, Kalpesh got me to put her thumb impression on pension papers, court papers etc. and said that all these paperwork will have to be done. I neither knew anything nor was educated. Did as he say.

Later I came to know that he got the house, which was in his father's name, transferred to his name. And after a few days, his wife had a fight with me and beat me and threw me out of the house. Son did not say anything.

Thinking that I will go and live in the village, I went there and found out that he had sold all the land and houses of the village. Another man lived in the house. I was helpless.

I also complained to the police station. But nothing happened. And now I am living here under compulsion. Out of the pension I get, some of it has to be given here, I keep the rest with myself.

And on this very day he was martyred. So, the eyes became moist. That's it, nothing else.

Kabir's eyes also could not remain without becoming moist. He started thinking, are there such sons also? If only! Such a son should have died even before being born. At least the son's name would not have been tarnished. No mother loses faith in her son. No mother would be able to call her son a traitor.

Kabir consoled his grandmother and assured her that he would soon find a way out and get justice for her.

With many questions in his mind, Kabir returned home with grandfather.

When Kabir came home and told everything to his mother, Kabir's mother's eyes became moist and forced him to think. What type of people live on this earth? Is your child your enemy? If a man trusts then whom?

Mummy said to Kabir – “Your father's friend Bhavesh Patel is a lawyer in the High Court. If their advice is taken then they will definitely be able to find some solution.”

Kabir's moist eyes sparkled and he called Patel-Uncle when his father came home in the evening. Patel-Uncle said that after attending the court next day in the evening they will be coming to meet you.

Next day in the evening, when Patel-Uncle arrived, Kabir narrated the entire incident in detail, by then mother had brought tea and snacks.

After thinking for a while, Patel-Uncle said to Kabir, “Kabir, I will like to meet her. So that I can understand the whole thing. When will we be able to meet her?”

“Yes Uncle, you can meet to grandma at any time.” Kabir said enthusiastically.

And after some time, Advocate Bhavesh Patel and Kabir were with the old lady in the old age home. The old lady narrated the entire incident in detail to Patel from the beginning and answered whatever questions Bhavesh Patel asked.

Patel asked the old lady, “Mother, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, ask son.” The old lady said.

“Mother, we will have to fight a case, are you ready for that?” Patel asked with great authority.

“No son, I don't have the money to fight the case.” The old lady said in a frustrated tone.

“No, mother, who is asking money from you, I do not want a single penny from you nor you will spend even a single penny of yours. I am asking you so that you may feel sad after seeing your son again? Because for this he can also go to jail? Then it will be very difficult to turn back later?” Patel said while explaining seriously to the old lady.

As soon as she heard about the jail, the old lady's eyes lit up, a pang appeared in her heart and a feeling of revenge arose.

Nothing like pity or forgiveness was visible in her eyes.

Without even a moment's delay, she gave her seal of approval by saying “Yes”.

“Think about it, mother.” Bhavesh Patel said.

“Son, if you do this, you will be doing me a great favor. I don't even want to see my disgraced son alive.” The heart of the old eyes screamed loudly.

Patel said to the old lady – “Still mother, please think once with a cool heart and mind and I will come to meet you tomorrow. If there is your order then further steps will be taken.”

Patel and Kabir thought it appropriate to give one day's time to think. It is very difficult to say when a mother's love melts.

  “Yes son, how to think about it, while thinking about it, the tears in the eyes dried up, what is left now?” The stability of the old lady's thoughts told everything.

“Then should I be sure about this decision, mother?” Bhavesh Patel asked once again.

The old lady's firm decision gave the green signal to Kabir and Advocate Patel to move forward.

Advocate Bhavesh Patel and Kabir first met the old lady's son Kalpesh and proposed a solution to the problem and it was appropriate too. But arrogant Kalpesh was proud of his position and chair. He clearly said, “This is our family matter, it would be better if you do not interfere in it.”

Advocate Bhavesh Patel said, “I am talking to you in the capacity of his lawyer.”

  But Kalpesh clearly said, “You can do whatever you consider appropriate. You are free to do anything.”

After getting a clear answer, Advocate Bhavesh Patel sent a legal notice to Kalpesh to vacate the house as per the legal procedure and a copy of which was also sent to all the concerned offices for information.

After not getting any response for a week, advocate Bhavesh Patel filed a police case and suit. The trial started.

On the very first date, Bhavesh Patel appealed before the Honorable Court that the plaintiff Savitri Devi, a martyr Major Late. She is the widow of Shivraj Singh ji, an old woman, who has also received the bravery award from the President, she has no place to live, who is currently living in an old age home, who was pushed out of the house by the defendant Kalpesh and his wife Shilpa. He has been thrown out and his house has been illegally occupied.

There is an appeal to the Honorable Court that till the case is decided, it would be fair if the plaintiff Savitri Devi is allowed to live in her house. Also presented some facts and evidence.

After hearing the arguments of both the plaintiff and the defendant, the Honorable Court decided that until the second decision comes, half of the house should be given to the plaintiff Savitri Devi to live in.

This process should be completed in two days. Any kind of dispute among themselves will be considered as an obstruction in the legal process. And the next hearing date was given.

Kalpesh had no hope that all this would happen. He was only thinking that his mother would remain silent and then he had no money to fight the case.

That is why he did not even get the house transferred in his name. But now everything had turned upside down. As per the order of the court, Kalpesh had to vacate half of the house within two days and deliver the keys of the house to the court.

After two days, Advocate Bhavesh Patel and Kabir went to the court and took the keys. All the belongings of the old lady were brought to the house from the old age home.

The old lady was very happy after reaching home. It was very difficult for Kabir and Bhavesh to evaluate the blessings that were coming from the old lady's mind.

This was the first success of Advocate Bhavesh Patel and Kabir and the first ray of hope in the eyes of the old lady. But the fight was still left.

Here, in the department of the ministry in which Kalpesh worked, CBI on corruption charges against this minister. And joint raids were being conducted by the Income Tax Department. His bank accounts were sealed. The charges had been framed against the minister.

The transactions of the minister's bank account were also in Kalpesh's account. Hence, Kalpesh's bank accounts, lockers etc. were sealed and his house was also raided. A lot of cash was also recovered from Kalpesh's house.

Kalpesh was arrested by the police in the disproportionate assets case and was later released on bail. Legal proceedings had started against Kalpesh. As per the court order, the passport had to be deposited in the court. Now all his plans of running away to Dubai remained in vain.

The next day, Advocate Bhavesh Patel went to the registrar's office to find out in whose name the house is. Even today the house was in the name of Major Shivraj Singh.

Advocate Bhavesh Patel was surprised, but now all his problems were solved and this was Kalpesh's biggest mistake. Now his work had become very easy. He got a certified copy of the document from the registrar office. This document was enough for the victory of Advocate Bhavesh Patel.

To get information about the village land and house, both Bhavesh and Kabir went to the old woman's village.

There it came to light from the Patwari that Kalpesh had sold both the land and the house in the last month itself.

The land and houses of the village had been sold; hence Advocate Bhavesh Patel did not consider it appropriate to discuss it in the court now. The cross-examination was focused only on the city house.

On the next date, Advocate Bhavesh Patel presented the certified copy of the house documents before the Honorable Court. Kalpesh and his lawyers could not present any argument in defiance.

Therefore, the Honorable Court gave its decision in favor of Savitri Devi. As per the court order, Kalpesh was asked to vacate the house. And Kalpesh was sentenced under different sections.

The son pleaded and cried bitterly. But mother's heart did not melt at all. The house belonged to Savitri Devi and still exists today. After vacating the house, he cleaned it and also her mind.

Now her so-called real son Kalpesh had gone far, far away from the old lady's mind and house. There was no room left for him in both in mind and in house. And her heart was indebted towards Kabir and Bhavesh.

The old lady did not have anything to give to Kabir and Bhavesh, but whatever divine blessings these two were receiving was a supernatural nectar which only a few mothers are able to give to their sons.

After two days Kabir went to school. It was recess, all her friends were having breakfast but Ghazal was sitting idle and was not even having breakfast.

Kabir asked, “Why Ghazal, what is the matter, how are you so lazy today? And you are not even having breakfast. Is everything alright?”

“Nothing Kabir, I am very upset today.” Ghazal said with a sad heart.

“Why what happened, tell me?” Kabir asked again.

“Today grandmother has come from the village and has filed a case against father in the court. Now we will have to vacate the house and will have to go somewhere else.” Ghazal said.

“But being sad does not solve the problem. Be bold and face every difficulty. Okay, now have breakfast, everything will be fine.” Kabir said while explaining the Ghazal.

“No, today I don't even feel like eating. I don't know, I feel a little scared.” Ghazal said with a sad heart.

“Still, eat a little.” If you don't eat anything, will you remain hungry?" Chhaya and Sejal said consolingly.

A doubt arose in Kabir's mind that Ghazal's grandmother was not the same grandmother from the old age home? Filed a case, vacate the house, come from the village, there is something similar in both.

“What is your grandmother’s name?” To clear his doubt, Kabir asked Ghazal.

“Savitri Devi” Ghazal said.

There appeared to be some truth in the doubt.

“And about your grandfather?” Kabir asked.

“Shivraj Singh was an officer in the army but now he is no more.” Ghazal told.

“But why are you asking all this, Kabir?” Ghazal asked curiously.

“Yes, I will, first tell me your father’s name?” Kabir saw a match between the two.

“My father’s name is Kalpesh.” Ghazal told.

“And what about mom?” Kabir asked.

“Mummy’s name is Shilpa.” Ghazal told but she still had the desire to know the reason.

  “But tell me the truth Kabir, why are you asking all this?” Ghazal asked Kabir insistently.

“No, no problem, just asked anyway.” Kabir thought it best to postpone the matter.

But there was no doubt that Kabir's suspicion was correct. The old lady from Kabir's old age home was Ghazal's grandmother.

Meanwhile the bell rang and everyone went to their respective classes. But both Kabir and Ghazal had questions in their minds.

Ghazal was wondering why Kabir had asked so many questions? And Kabir was wondering why Ghazal's father did all this?

After reaching home, Kabir told his mother that the old lady living in the old age home is the real grandmother of Ghazal, the girl studying with him.

Kabir asked his mother, “Mummy, what if we ask a Ghazal about all this?”

“Yes, tell her, such things cannot be hidden. If not today then tomorrow, we have to know. If we find out then let it go, what's in it?" Mom said seriously.

Kabir knew that he had not done anything wrong. Whatever he has done is only going to increase his respect in the society. His parents will be proud of his actions. Nor is there anything to fear. Still, he thought it appropriate to take mother's opinion.

  On the next day Ghazal asked Kabir, “Tell me?” Kabir, what is it that you are hiding from me?”

“Ghazal, if you don’t know, your father has hidden this thing from you. But the matter is very sad.” Kabir said seriously.

“Tell me anyway, I am ready to listen.” Ghazal said with full courage.

“So, listen Ghazal, your grandmother did not come from the village. I had gone to your village with Bhavesh-Uncle. Now in your village, you have nothing. Neither your house nor your land. Bhavesh-Uncle and I met the Patwari of the village. He said that Kalpesh ji has sold both the house and the land to someone. The land and house are now in his name, not in the name of your father or grandfather.” Kabir told.

It was as if the ground had slipped from under Ghazal's feet. Now if you cut her, there will be no blood. Her eyes welled up and tears welled up. Surprise and question in mind, why did Papa do this?

“Not only this, Ghazal, your father and mother even pushed grandmother out of the house. The poor grandmother even went to the village but she did not get any support there. And now she was living in an old age home for the last two years. I have seen your grandmother weeping. How much poor grandmother have cried in these two years in the old age home? It is very difficult for me to imagine how each day would have been spent. Only their crying eyes and wailing mind can tell this.” Kabir became very emotional.

“But father used to say that grandmother like to live in the village, she does not like it here, so she lives in the village house.” Ghazal said.

“Your father is telling lie. Your grandmother was living in an old age home for the last two years. Come with me, People of old age home will tell you about your grandmother there.” Kabir said.

Speaking further, Kabir said – “And your father has also been facing serious allegations of corruption. And there was also a raid by the Income Tax Department. A lot of cash was also recovered. I don't know whether you know it or not. But the truth is this.”

Ghazal was standing like a statue in front of Kabir. She was not able to think of anything, after all what should she do?

If only the earth would explode so that she could get absorbed in it? It was as if everything had become nothing for her. She had no words to speak? And what was there left to say anyway?

When children commit a mistake, adults punish and even beat them. And what if adults commit not only unforgivable mistakes but also crimes?

Ghazal at home, neither spoke to her mother nor father. He didn't even eat food. Kept weeping and just kept weeping, the whole night. No one knows when she fell asleep, but in the morning her eyes were swollen and moist.

In the morning, father tried his best to convince her, but all in vain. Ghazal clearly said, “Papa, you have not done well. Grandmother had to live in an old age home while I was alive. What a shame for me. Now how will I show my face in school, to my friends, to Kabir? Such a big torture with grandmother? You have lied to me, father. You're a liar. Father! I hate you, Papa! I hate you." And Ghazal kept weeping for a long time.

She had decided that now she does not live with her parents, no matter what happens.

Now she will stay with grandmother and serve her. That’s it, nothing else.

Breaking all the chains of the law, Ghazal stuck to her grandmother. Grandmother had hugged her beloved granddaughter. The continuous flow of Ganga flowed from two eyes and Jamuna from two eyes and then the holy Prayag was bound to happen. How could Mother Saraswati live without coming on the tongue? Triveni Sangam! What a sacred, sacred mind-feeling, a divine, supernatural confluence of auspicious mind-meeting.

What a wonderful panoramic view it was of the meeting between grandmother and granddaughter. It is not known whether mother's affection melted or not, but interest had definitely shown its true colors.

The angry Lord Narasimha, holding his beloved devotee Prahlad in his arms, was feeling the vibration of silent moments.

Devotee Prahlad granted salvation to Hiranya Kashyap by seeking a boon from Lord Narasimha, but Ghazal did not consider his father worthy of forgiveness.

And mother's love did not melt nor did her heart get tired. Kalpesh and Shilpa had to leave the house and go somewhere else. Away from mother and daughter, to suffer for his wife and his deeds.

What is the condition of a person who falls in the eyes of both his mother and daughter? Who else can express this experience better than the father of Ghazal, Kalpesh. But only when his eyes are a little watery and his mind is watery. There is no point talking about dry desert.

The next day, Ghazal reached Kabir's house with her grandmother. To meet, to thank and to bless Kabir.

Ghazal and Kabir were very happy today. There was satisfaction in his mind and also happiness of doing good work. Today Ghazal was reunited with his grandfather and Kabir was reunited with his grandmother. Grandmother had found her daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law had found her mother-in-law. And self-satisfaction to the old helpless eyes.

Sometimes, relationships of the mind are stronger than blood relationships. The ocean was brimming from the eyes and good wishes from the heart.

Blessed is the family, blessed are those parents and blessed is the home in which sons like Kabir are born.


-Anand Vishvas