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Shri Kshay Paro

Shri Kshay Paro

-Anand Vishvas

Kabir and his friends were playing cricket in the society ground. Kabir was batting, due to the strong shot the ball went outside the compound wall.

When Kabir and his companions reached outside the society to collect the ball, Kabir saw that an eight-year-old child living in a slum was showing the ball to his younger sister and saying, "Look Paro, what a beautiful ball is this?" I have found it lying here. After seeing the ball, her eyes suddenly sparkled and Paro started laughing silently while crying.

Kabir liked this scene very much. Chubby face, big eyes, matted hair, eight-year-old elder brother feeding his beautiful and dirty younger sister with a ball.

One of the Kabir's friends snatched the ball from her hand and said, "This ball is ours, why have you taken it?" Bring it, give us our ball back.”

But for some unknown reason, Kabir asked his partner to give the ball back to her. All Kabir's friends were stunned by this decision of Kabir.

But no one had the courage to reject Kabir's decision and anyway, they knew that whatever Kabir did, he would do it right.

Kabir took the ball from his partner and gave it back to the girl.

And then very lovingly asked to her brother – “What is her name?” She looks very lovely.”

“Paro” said the girl’s brother.

“And yours?” Kabir asked.

“Rajat” replied the boy.

“In which class do you study?” Kabir asked.

“I don't go to school.” Rajat told.

“So, what do you do all day?” Kabir asked in surprise.

“Mummy goes to work, I feed Paro and also play myself,” Rajat said.

“Don't you feel like studying?” Kabir asked.

“Yes, it does.” Rajat said.

“Then why don't you go to school for study? Hey brother, if you don't study then how will the work be done? It is only education that is useful in life.” Kabir said while explaining.

“Mother says no. She says if I don't work then from where the money for food will come? And where is the money so that I can teach you?” Rajat told.

“What work does your mother do?” Kabir asked sympathetically.

“Does household work at two-three places.” Rajat told with a sad heart.

“And what work does your father do?” Kabir asked.

“Papa is not there.” Rajat said in a hushed tone.

Just this thing touched Kabir's mind and his heart was moved. Kabir and Rajat became so close to each other as if they were old friends.

With many questions in his mind, Kabir along with his friends returned to the society without taking the ball. The game was over and it had to be. Because the ball was no longer with him. Everyone went to their respective homes.

Kabir's companions were wondering - "Why did Kabir do this?" Why did he give the ball to Paro?” And Kabir was thinking – “Why is this so? Why is there poverty and wealth? Why not education to everyone? Why are the poor deprived of education? The government says that everyone has the right to education. But where?" Everyone has their own thoughts, their own ideas.

Today's game remained incomplete because the ball was now with Paro. Paro was very happy after receiving the ball and Kabir was very happy after giving the ball. The happiness of bringing happiness to someone which Kabir had.

What kind of game is this that someone is happy by receiving something and someone is happy by giving something.

Kabir reached home and told everything to his mother. Mother liked it, she immediately understood Kabir's mind. It is not possible for a mother to not be able to read her son's mind. After all, mother is mother.

The son gets hurt and the mother feels pain. The son feels happy and the mother's eyes smile. This relationship is like this only.

Kabir's mother said - "Listen, let's do this, give him two to four toys and the mouth organ from the dolls and toys kept in your doll box. There are children, they will play.”

It was as if mother had snatched away the words from Kabir's mouth. After all, Kabir also wanted the same.

Mom's permission, the matter is finalized and Kabir's work starts. Kabir immediately opened his doll-box and see which toys are suitable for Paro.

He took out two or three nice dolls, a singing doll and a mouth organ and showed them to his mother and asked, “Mummy, will all these be, okay?”

“Yes, okay, and in two-three days, I will bring some clothes from the market and give them to you later.” Mom said while explaining to Kabir.

“Okay mom, I will just give you this much for now. And then we will see later.” Kabir said.

Kabir was very happy today. Kabir kept all the toys in a bag and started walking towards the slum along with his friend Ayaan. In search of Rajat and Paro.

Seeing Kabir and his companion standing in front of his hut, Rajat got scared for a moment. He felt that now these people have come to take the ball back and they will definitely take it back. Thinking about this, he became even more worried that now Paro would make her condition worse by crying. But that ball is not going to be given back under any circumstances. Whatever happens, why not.

And there is no information about mother yet, I don't know where she will be right now? And how will I alone be able to silence Paro? How will I be able to console her? How will I console Paro? And these people will not go to without the ball.

What kind of trouble has come? It would have been better if I had not taken the ball. What do I do now? Right now, I don't even have any friends here, what if there is a fight?

But he had no other option. Gathering all his courage he thought that whatever happens, it will be seen. But he is also not going to give the ball back.

I have found the ball lying there, it has not been stolen from anyone's house. Even if I get beaten now, I will take revenge in the evening. I too am no less than anyone else. When will Shalu, Billu, Kallu, Chotu, and Circuit be useful? I will prepare chutney and keep it. What do these bungalow people think? My sister kept crying and I kept standing and watching. No, I can't do that. If I have to fight, I will fight hard. But I will not accept defeat.

And then Kabir called Rajat very lovingly. Anger in his heart but still frightened, Rajat reached Kabir.

Kabir said, “Rajat, here are some toys, some for you and some for Paro. Play with them. And in a day or two, I will also bring you some clothes and books. Then you also study.”

Rajat was left stunned after hearing such loving words from Kabir. He could not even imagine such behavior. What did he understand and what happened? Now if you cut him, there will be no blood. His eyes welled up and tears welled up. Rajat's anger melted into tears. The Himalayas of anger had turned into water. He could not stop himself and started crying.

I was thinking so many things about a god like Kabir. His mind was filled with guilt. He did not even consider himself worthy of apologizing.

"Oho! Rajat, you are crying, why? What happened to you?” Kabir asked lovingly while hugging Rajat.

“No, nothing at all.” And Rajat tried unsuccessfully to hide the truth.

“Nothing, then why cry? I am with you. If there is anything, please tell me?” Kabir said while wiping Rajat's tears.

  “Why, was your mother angry about the ball last night? “Didn’t he enjoy taking the ball?” Kabir asked again.

“No, no, nothing at all. Just like that.” Rajat said.

And today again friend Sudama tried unsuccessfully to hide something from Krishna. History repeated itself. Tears began to spill out of the wells of his eyes. After all, it is not so easy to hide anything from the deceitful Krishna. How does innocent Sudama know about Leeladhar's Leela?

“Okay, no problem, come on, just wipe your tears and show off your smile.” Kabir tried to lighten the atmosphere.

And then Kabir took out the singing doll from the bag, pressed its stomach, doll started singing and gave it to Paro, and Paro's happiness knew no bounds. Paro herself started dancing, taking the doll in her hand. Rajat, Kabir and Ayaan all felt good seeing him laughing. It was as if Kabir had got all the wealth of the world.

Then Kabir took out the mouth organ and gave it to Rajat. Rajat liked the instrument very much. Played the instrument, tried to find a good tune, but tried unsuccessfully. Try again. Rajat kept playing the instrument for a long time and kept trying to learn something.

On the other hand, Paro would press Gudiya's stomach, the song would start, and Paro's dance would start. And again, and again, and again. And who knows how many times Gudiya's stomach must have been pressed and who knows how many times Gudiya must have had to sing a song.

The poor doll was resting nicely in Kabir's doll-box, but was sad. And today she was very happy, today she has got her rightful donation.

The life of a doll is to make crying children laugh, wipe their tears and give them happiness. Today his life became blessed. His sadhana of ages had become successful. Today she was able to fill happiness in someone's life.

It is very easy to make a laughing person cry but very difficult to make a crying person laugh. And Gudiya did this very difficult task very easily.

Kabir and Ayaan gave all the toys to Rajat and Paro and came to their home.

Kabir told everything to mother. There was great happiness in his heart.

On the other hand, people told that till late night, sometimes the sounds of singing and sometimes the sound of musical instruments were heard coming from Rajat's hut. The noise of children could also be heard.

Perhaps Paro and Rajat would not have been able to sleep till late at night. And even if one sleeps, how can one sleep? After all, who sleeps in happiness?

In the morning, when Paro's mother saw, Paro was sleeping, with a doll in her hand. Gudiya must also be thinking that when Paro wakes up and she presses her stomach, then she starts singing the song. And the musical instrument in Rajat's hand, ready to play. Just waiting for a breath.

Rajat and Paro did not get up even after mother tried to get them up, so they did not get up. Mother went to work, but Paro and Rajat remained sleeping for a long time. Keep having sweet sleep.

When Kabir told everything to father in the evening, he felt very happy. Kabir's father, Arun ji is a good-hearted person interested in social work. He always helps the poor and needy people. Besides, he is also associated with many service-oriented organizations.

He is also a permanent member of Arya Samaj Seva Samiti. This committee works for welfare, social welfare and upliftment of the Dalit class in the city. Along with social welfare, cultural and religious programs are also organized by the committee. A poet's conference is organized at least once a year. In which poets of all India level are invited.

He said to Kabir's mother - “Call them and find out who these people are? And how are they? Then we will consider if these people are really worthy of help.”

Kabir's mother sent Kabir to Paro's mother with the message that she has called her home this evening. Paro's mother had gone to work, so Kabir came back after informing Rajat.

Rajat, Paro and Paro’s mother reached Kabir’s house in the evening. Paro had the doll in her hand but now she was not singing. She had stopped singing.

Kabir asked Paro, “How are you Paro?” “Can you make me listen to Gudiya’s song?”

“Dolls don’t sing.” Paro said with a sad heart.

"Why? What happened?" Kabir asked in surprise.

“Brother was saying that Gudiya has become angry, now she will not sing.” Paro said.

Kabir's mother burst out laughing. She understood and sent Kabir to get the cell from the society's departmental stores.

And said to Paro, “I will get it repaired right now. Then she will sing a lot.”

After some time, as soon as the cell was changed, Gudiya started singing the song again.

Paro's happiness returned again. Kabir's mother said to Paro - "When Gudiya gets angry, bring her here, I will repair and then give it to you." Paro was happy, her angry doll had got what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Kabir's mother obtained all the information about Paro's mother.

Kabir's mother felt that it would be better to help this family. And Kabir also had the same idea.

The next day, Arun ji proposed to the committee to help this family. Other members of the committee also supported Arun ji's proposal. Also assured to provide all possible assistance.

The committee was ready to bear the entire expenses of Rajat and Paro's education, books, dress, fees etc. Whatever expenditure will be incurred, if the bill for the same is submitted to the committee, the money will be received from the committee. This was decided.

When Paro's mother came to know that now her Rajat and Paro will also be able to study, there was no limit to her happiness. Tears were flowing from her eyes, no one knew whether she was laughing or crying. But yes, there was no sound of laughing or crying. There was a vibration of silent moments in his distraught mind.

Paro was no longer in the mood to listen to Gudiya's song. Now she neither had the desire to dance nor the strong desire to play with the doll. Now there was only a pang of anxiety in her mind. To touch the sky.

Now Paro's hands were longing for that pencil and eraser, so that she could erase the writing written by the Creator on her stony forehead and write something that would take her out of this dark dungeon and take her towards a bright tomorrow.

The one who has written 'Yaksha Shri' after erasing 'Shri Kshay' written on Sudama's forehead, who has thousands of hands, can come running barefoot after hearing the call of Draupadi, then how can the call of Paro go in vain?

We delay in calling him but he is never late in coming. Paro remembered him after seven years. But Parikshit had killed him in the womb itself and Ashwatthama's Brahmastra could not do any harm to him. Who or what can do any harm to the one who is blessed by that grace?

  History is witness, time has seen the writings written by the creator getting erased. And history repeating itself is nothing new.

And when the intention is clear and there is strong faith in the mind, then the path and the guide come automatically. The arrival of a god like Kabir in Paro's life is no less than a miracle.

Whether the ball falls in Kalidah or outside the society compound, near Paro's hut. He has to fall on his target only. He has to become the destiny of someone's salvation. Be it Kalika Naag or Shri Kshay Paro.

And Paro also wants to enter the holy temple of Mother Saraswati. Women Shudras, no patience, how long will it last? How long can the mantras and hymns of the Vedas be kept away from Paro?

For how long will the poor and destitute people be deprived of entry into the holy temple of Mother Saraswati? Will worship of Maa Sharda not be possible without the grace of Maa Lakshmi ji?

The steps of Paro and Rajat started towards a golden tomorrow, but still many Paro and Rajat are still waiting for some Kabir.

Kabir's father got Rajat and Paro admitted in a good nearby school and paid the fees. Bought dress cloth, books etc. from the school itself and gave it to the children. Rickshaw arrangements were made for transportation to and from school.

And now Rajat and Paro started going to school. Everything was new in the school, new friends, new teachers and new environment, adjusting with everyone was not easy task, if not difficult, for Paro and Rajat. When there is a strong desire and strong faith in the mind, no work is difficult. People dedicated to their work see the destination, not the path, and the destination lies at their feet. When Arjun saw the bird, he saw only the pupil of its eye.

  Due to their sweet nature, simplicity and honesty, Rajat and Paro made a good place among the teacher and their peers.

Kabir was very happy today and Paro was not listening to Gudiya's song today, today she was humming the song herself. And she was trying to become Yaksha Shri from Shri Kshay.


-Anand Vishvas