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School Picnic

"School Picnic"

-Anand Vishvas

What can be a better day for children than the day when they do not have to study and get a chance to have fun and travel? Complete Independence Day. A break from books, a chance to have fun and make fun with friends. That's it, this is children's Independence Day.

Though we often hang out with our parents and family, but with school friends and teachers, it is a very different thing. Discipline, fun and entertainment as well as observing the beauty of the earth.

This is also an essential process of teaching because through this, students have fun and entertainment as well as mental development and also get a lot of information. Things read in books are understood better when seen. This is an educational trend and that is why such programs are often organized in schools.

When the news of a one-day picnic in Kabir's school reached all the classes, a wave of happiness spread throughout the school. A strange excitement had spread on the faces of all the children.

All the students were informed that a one-day picnic has been organized on Sunday. Students who wish to go should write their names to their class teacher. Recess took place after receiving the information. So, the only topic of discussion among all the students in the recess was picnic, picnic, and just picnic.

Kabir and his friends had also decided to go on a picnic. Kanchan, Meenu, Ghazal, Gagan, Saurabh and Pinky were all ready for the picnic and all got their names written to the class teacher. It was also decided who should bring what items for playing and for eating.

On the second day, the students going for picnic wrote their names to their class teacher. Considering the number of students, two buses were arranged. Also, arrangements for tea, snacks and food were made by the school.

A day before going to the picnic, picnic in charge Mr. Gaurang Patel and Principal Madam called all the students going to the conference hall and gave necessary information and information to all the students.

Children who take medicines should bring their medicines with them. Don't go anywhere alone. Stay in groups of at least five students. As far as possible, stay with your group-in-charge. Come to school by six o'clock tomorrow morning. Group-in charge teachers Sakshi Srivastava, Gautam Dave, Samiksha Jain and all the teachers going on the picnic were also present there.

On the second day, all the students, teachers, peons and group-in-charge teachers came to the school premises at the appointed time. Both the buses were already present there. The group-in-charge teachers took the attendance of all the students and then instructed them to board the bus. When all the students and teachers sat in the bus, picnic in-charge Gaurang Sir, after consulting the group-in-charge teachers of both the buses, sent the buses to the lake-front picnic point. Principal Madam was also present there at the time of departure of the buses.

After about an hour's journey, both the buses were at Lake Garden. Tea and breakfast were ready. The arrangements for which had already been made. All the students had breakfast of bread-pakoras and dal-vada. There was also provision for tea, coffee, chips and wafers.

At the same time, picnic in-charge Gaurang Patel informed all the students to come to the same place for dinner at 12 o'clock and for breakfast at 3 o'clock. Reach the parking lot near the bus at five in the evening. Take special care of time.

After breakfast, as per the information of Patel sir, all the students went to see ‘Kamala Nehru Geological Garden’. In fact, it is a Zoological Museum where animals, birds and animals of different species are kept.

   Biology teacher Sakshi Madam gave special information about the animals to the students. All the students were happy to see chimpanzee, lion, tiger, hippopotamus etc. In ‘Serpent World’, different species of snakes were the main center of attraction for the students.

After this all the students went to 'Chacha Nehru Bal-Batika'. The beauty of the garden was worth seeing. As soon as they entered the garden, the children liked the 'Doll-Ghar' on the left side very much. Different types of dolls in different poses were attracting the children.

A little ahead of this was the 'Glass House' i.e. the world of mirrors. A confluence of concave, convex and plane mirrors. The human-sized mirrors were adjusted so that one would appear pencil-thin when standing in front of the mirror, and as plump as a ball in front of the other mirror. Every mirror has its own unique feature and there are many such mirrors.

It was a good opportunity for the students to tease each other. Everyone was telling each other. Look, you are so thin, the other one says, look how fat you are, like a chubby brinjal. But everyone was happy. Seeing my own awkward appearance, I couldn't help but laugh.

People say that the mirror always tells the truth but here its truth has been exposed. Turned out to be a complete liar. He was proud of being a truthful Harishchandra. There was no hesitation in calling good and beautiful children as thin as a pencil, a false mirror. Which became the mirror of Kal-Yug.

And now it was almost twelve o'clock and the rats in the stomach were making noise. So, everyone remembered Gaurang Patel sir. Everyone reached to eat food. The food was ready. All the students, teachers, peons and staff had food. The food was tasty and good, everyone praised the cooks and also thanked.

After this there was boating program. After reaching the lake point, all the students were informed to form a line. The group-in-charge teacher was with the students. By then Gaurang Patel came with tickets for all the students. There were arrangements for both types of boating here. Some liked paddle-boat and some liked motor-boat.

After boating, now it was the turn of the train journey. That means taking a children's train and circling the entire lake. It would be better to say that this experience is unique in itself. Overview of the entire lake. Enjoy sitting in the train, people boating in the lake, flocks of ducks and herons and observing the blooming lotuses in the lake. All the students liked the children's train very much.

It was three o'clock and breakfast was also ready. Everyone had breakfast and made a plan to play in the garden. In the garden, some play cricket, some badminton, and some kho-kho. All the students, with their respective groups, were engrossed in their respective games. Some decided to rest in the garden while others decided to wander around. Because after this we had to go back home by bus.

It must have been around 4-30 o'clock. There was a place for feeding birds on one side of the lake. There were no birds there at this time, but the view of the lake was very beautiful from there.

People boating, flocks of ducks and herons and lotuses blooming in the lake were adding to the beauty of the lake. The fountains of water rising high at various places were enough to fill the mind with excitement. Payal and her friends were enjoying the beautiful place to the fullest.

When Payal turned back after admiring the beautiful view, her eyes fell on the birds' habit of drinking water. In fact, an ant was trying to get out of the water and it also climbed up and came out. Then Payal thought of a mischief, she put the ant in the water again. The poor ant tried again and succeeded in coming out. Such attempts happened several times from both sides. Payal enjoyed it very much. Seeing the struggle of the ant or seeing it upset, I don't know, only Payal knows.

Perhaps the mentality of some people is such that unless they trouble others, they do not enjoy it. How can a sad man see someone happy? We are less sad due to our own sorrow but more due to the happiness of others.

Just then Payal saw a puppy. That's it, evil mind, he picked up the puppy in his lap. At first Payal saved it with great love and then threw it in the lake.

The poor puppy fell into the water. Sometimes he would sink, sometimes swim and sometimes scream loudly. But Payal kept laughing loudly. Payal lost her physical balance while laughing.

Payal's friends also shouted, Payal, don't go back, don't go back. Look, there is water behind. You will fall into the water. But Payal's attention was on seeing the puppy feeling sad and screaming. Intoxicated Payal did not hear anything and her foot slipped and she fell into the lake.

On the other hand, a boy, who probably know swimming, immediately jumped into the lake, took out the drowning puppy, kept it outside and himself also came out. The whining puppy first fluttered and then went somewhere.

Here Payal started drowning in water. Her friends started shouting loudly - save... save.

Then Kabir's attention went towards the anklet drowning in water. He immediately took the scarf of Ghazal and Sheela, tied them together, tied a rubber ring at one end and threw it towards Payal. Payal could not catch him. Kabir quickly threw the dupatta again towards Payal. This time Payal caught hold of the dupatta while taking a dip.

Kabir started pulling the dupatta slowly. Now Payal had reached the shore and was saved from drowning. Kabir carefully held Payal's hand with the help of Ghazal and Sheela, pulled Payal out of the water.

Payal was shivering due to cold and fear. Payal, who used to make fun of others, had become a fun of her own today. His mind was filled with guilt. She was ashamed of herself. Don't know what the teacher and Gaurang sir will say to her now. And when mom and dad come to know? She shivered as soon as the thought of Principal Madam came to her mind.

Sakshi teacher had read the mind of frightened Payal. She lovingly saved her and brought her to the bus and made arrangements to change her wet clothes.

Whoever came to know about the incident would have been sad. Due to Payal's madness, all the fun of the nice picnic was ruined. While all the students were happy in the picnic, Payal's incident made everyone sad.

All the students were sad and distressed because of Payal, but Payal was no longer laughing. Payal, who used to laugh loudly after seeing the ants and the puppy being sad, was not able to laugh today after seeing her friends sad. She was like Ganga before his eyes.

And perhaps she was thinking that if Kabir had not reached there on time, perhaps she would have neither been able to laugh nor cry. But she would definitely make everyone cry.

It was five o'clock. All the students had boarded the bus and left for school. With feelings of humor, sadness and happiness. A nice bittersweet memory of life with a picnic.