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Chamatkari Man - 5

( Five sense organs – eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin) ( Five action organs – hands, feet, anus, urinary organs, mouth) Only through this mind can God be known, that is, God's powers can be recognized. Two parts of the mind – inner mind and outer mind. The outer mind sees the physical world through the eyes, when our eyes are closed, the inner mind starts working. The inner mind starts seeing the things seen when the eyes are closed, then some scenes in it are already seen, some can be imagined scenes, and some such scenes which have never been seen. Whatever we see outside, our mind sees it, if the mind is not connected with the eyes, then whatever the eyes have seen, we will not remember it. By practicing the inner mind along with the practice of the outer mind, we also get the benefit of worship. Our sages have emphasized on doing antartratak. When our sadhana becomes strong, we can also read the minds of others. Known and unknown events or events that may happen in the future can be seen by increasing the capacity of our inner mind.
To make the mind magical -‐ The mind has to be made free from thoughts, it has to be kept free from incoming thoughts, this is not easy, it is very difficult but with repeated practice, a free mind can be made. Like, while we are doing Tratak, if any thoughts are coming in the mind, then order yourself that I have to concentrate only on Tratak, by doing this, the mind starts obeying the order, then unwanted thoughts will not come in the mind, if thoughts keep coming, then the scattered energy of the mind will not be able to gather. Tratak is a good means for this, by this we can remove the thoughts arising in our mind and focus the mind in one direction. Now here the question arises that thoughts come in the mind, then what should the mind do? The mind is also called the brain - “Man Brain” The mind is also called the eleventh sense. Therefore, by ignoring the thoughts that come, by ignoring them repeatedly, our mind will not flow in those thoughts.
We can understand this by taking an example – when it is exam time, our ability to remember things increases. Why does this happen? This happens because our mind concentrates on the knowledge written in that book. At that time, we neither pay attention to entertainment nor to any kind of household activities. Even if our attention goes, we immediately remove it from there and focus on that book. Therefore, at the time of exam, if we remove it from other thoughts, then the entire power of the mind is focused in one direction. Therefore, along with external Tratak, we should also keep doing internal Tratak. Whatever we saw in the point, keep practicing looking at it between the eyebrows by closing the eyes.
There are many people who do not even do this type of sadhana but they have supernatural powers.