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Every night in my dreams

Tasting silently all time classic ‘TITANIC’? My, your, our hearts will go on… Love is such a beautiful feeling which carries our heart. It’s all love for what we survive. If we think carefully our identity is all about love. At any peak we will be empty without love. If I define myself, it will be feelings from my heart and people who stays in my heart. Well friends, I think you all will agree with this. Don’t know why whenever love is concerned heart is always associated! Technically thinking, it may be because whenever we have some special feeling, our heart responds by beets... well let’s go a little on scientific track. Whenever we have some exciting feeling like love, anger, anxiety, fear hormones like Adrinaline or corstisol excites all parts of our body to react. Have you ever felt that after an exhausting day if you get a very good news, you suddenly forget your fatigue and you start running? It’s because of the same thing I explained you just now. And when any of our body part does extra duty it obviously requires extra petrol! I mean blood. And for extra supply our pumping machine i.e. heart has to run fast. Ab samje k kyo ‘jiya dhadak dhadak jaye?’ So poor heart is blamed for all the blunders of us! And yes heart has to pay for our blunders. Blunders like over eating to be more precise eating useless stuff like junk food, by taking unnecessary stress, being careless towards body, no exercising, smoking etc.

At our home we have water pumps to send water from underground tanks to the top floor tanks. Just imagine what will happen if your underground tank water is muddy. The pipe carrying muddy water will form a layer of mud inside so the passage of water becomes narrow. The pump will have to take extra load for pumping water. So more work and less supply, Soon due to over load the motor of the pump will fail. Same thing we do with our body. Heavy food will start forming cholesterol which builds layer inside coronary arteries. It will reduce the flow of oxygen rich blood in the heart causing dis-comfort in working our breathing. The layer called plaque can rupture causing complete block of blood flow and then comes climax of our movie called LIFE!

One more villain in our heart story is stress. If you are stressed your blood pressure goes up. You may over eat or likely to smoke. Stress may expose your body to unhealthy. Persistently elevated levels of hormones like adrenaline may also cause danger to heart.

Well stress and over eating are our ‘life style’ problems. Rushing all the day for goals set by our own. I don’t have time for looking in to my child’s eye is ok but LCD TV is must! For having fun party with heavy food, drinks and loud music is necessary why to waste time behind growing a plant, making something creative or reading something uplifting? I have money for shopping whether the thing is actually useful or not is not important. Do you remember exactly when you last enjoyed sunrise, sunset, cold breeze and sky full of stars? “What rubbish! We are cosmopolitans….”

Let’s come to the point. If we are really careless the heart will actually break! No need to panic as medical science is advancing day by day. If you want to find about your heart problem, different diagnostic tests like ECG, Echocardiography, aortogram, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging etc. We have effective medicines, surgeries like angiography, angioplasty, Laser Revascularization, and also heart transplant. But I think we would not like to be victim of this joke: A Doctor tells a man needing a heart transplant the only heart available is that of a sheep. The man finally agrees and the doctor transplants the sheep heart in to the man. A few days after the operation, the man comes in for a checkup. The doctor asks him how he is feeling. He replies “NOT B A A A A AD “.