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The Rainbow of life...7

7. Aabha and Rohan get married..


Aabha recovered from her injury and she was perfectly good in some days and both decided to tell everyone at home about getting married to each other. Aabha's parents and Rohan's parents were overwhelmed with their decision and everyone welcomed their decision. The marriage date was decided and everything went well. I was a big event for Aabha.

Aabha and Rohan were very happy together. Every moment they both were understanding each other. They were a perfect happy couple.

On the 1st anniversary-

Both were excited to celebrate the anniversary. Rohan was planning a big for Aabha. Aabha had no idea about the surprise planned by Rohan. Aabha got up yawning and she stretched her body. She searched for Rohan in the bed but Rohan was not around her.

"Rohan, where are you?" Aabha called Rohan. She was waiting to get a response but Rohan didn't answer. Aabha was annoyed as Rohan didn't wish her on their 1st anniversary. She started thinking, "I wanted to talk to Rohan after getting up. But he is not around. How he was before 1 year?" Aabha was busy in her thoughts. But her thoughts were disturbed by the music. She looked around to see who was playing the music.. And suddenly Rohan came with a big cake and he started wishing Aabha...

"Happy Marriage Anniversary Aabha. Love you so much! Thanks alot for being in my life." Aabha was surprised to see Rohan's surprise. She was very happy by that.

"Hey Rohan.. thanks alot! Love you tooo. But where were you? I was scared when didn't see you in the bed.. Actually, I wanted to wish you 1st. This is not fair Rohan!"

"Ha- ha! I wanted to give you a surprise Aabha. Were you scared by not finding me near you?"

"Obviously yes, Rohan. I was not scared but felt something weird. I had a thought of living without you and I was upset. Every day when I get up and I find you near me. That is the awesome feeling for me. I want you to be with me all my life. When you are not around, I feel something wierd!"

"Don't worry, Aabha! I will always be with you, no matter what happens!" Rohan hugged Aabha and said,

"Love you Rohan. So tell me, what else you have planned for the day?" Aabha smiled and inquired, "hey by the way, where is my gift?" Aabha asked mischievously..

"I have many surprises for whole day.. I am sure, at the end of the day you sure would be very happy! And gift? You want a gift? I didn't think about that Aabha.. Sorry." Rohan nodded his head saying no and apologized her...

"I will wait for your surprises Rohan! But no gift for me on the 1st anniversary? What is this Rohan? I thought you would give me an expensive gift." Aabha said,

"Sorry. but I will get you a gift. Now shall we cut the cake?"

"Yea. But are you sure, you haven't any gift for me?" Aabha inquired again

"Come out of the gift Aabha. Let's cut the cake 1st."

"Ok ok." Aabha smiled and said, "let's cut the cake." Rohan joined her and presented the cake to Aabha.

"Oh my favourite cake. Wow! I wanted to eat this pastry cake from long but due to my diet couldn't eat it. But today I am going to eat it. No matter if my weight increases. I won't be bothering about the diet, at least today. By the way, the ring on the cake looks so real! Nobody can guess it's not a diamond ring. How artistic people are!!!"Rohan only smiled and said, "1st cut the ring . It has many flavours. I had tasted to before ordering the cake."

"Wow.. how romantic Rohan!! Thanks alot for making the day so special."

Aabha tried cutting the ring shaped part. But she couldn't cut it.

"Hey why can't I cut the ring shaped part of the cake?" Aabha asked suspiciously

"I don't know. When I tasted it, it so smooth and delicious. You try cutting it one more time."

"No.. I think.." She took a pause,

"What you Think Aabha?"

"You are making me fool. and I think it's a real diamond ring. Is it Rohan?" Aabha said and Rohan started laughing,

"Is it? Why are you asking me? I didn't make the cake Aabha. I had told the shopkeeper to make a design of a diamond ring.. I don't know how it turned to a real ring..." Rohan laughed again...

"My God.. Rohan. You are so sweet. You please me every time." Aabha joined him in his laughter, "You love me so much? And you know me so well Rohan. You know how much I love diamonds. Thank you so much!!"

"Finally you understood the surprise. But you understood it late. How could you think that I won't buy you a gift for our 1st anniversary? I think, you don't know me! And you couldn't guess, it was a real ring.. What is this Aabha."

"I was doubting that something is cooking in your mind but couldn't guess what it can be. And who will give a ring in a cake? So actually couldn't understand. ha..ha! Thank s alot for the awesome surprise. It was really a wonderful surprise."

"I love you Aabha.. So anything for you! Just never go away from me. By the way, what about my gift?

"A..a" Aabha said, "I have got you a gift but it's not as expensive as your gift! I hope, you would like my gift."

"Aabha.. you really don't know me! You are the best gift which I had got from God. And you said you love me, that is sufficient for me. But you can give me whatever you have bought."

"You are such a darling Rohan! You value me and you always make me feel special.. " Aabha smiled, "I have got a watch for you. It's not an ordinary watch. It won't stop unless your heartbeats stop." Rohan was listening to Aabha.. And his eyes were sparkling.

"Wonderful gift Aabha.. I have no words. Your presence makes me alive and you only taught my heart to beat!! Never go away from me, else my heart will stop beating." Rohan hugged Aabha..

"Shut up Rohan.. Don't even say that again! I will never go away from you. So never think about anything rubbish!" Aabha said annoyingly and Rohan smiled..

"If you are with me, I am not worried."

"Rohan.. now let me get ready." Aabha said, "And never ever make me senti like this." Aabha wiped her tears.

"Sorry sorry Aabha. And get ready. I have even more surprises for you."

"More surprises... wow!! I will get ready. But before that tell me what's your plan?"

"Whole day we will be staying together.. ok? Don't argue please! I want to spend every second with you. That's my plan."

"Ok dear husband! Anything more?" Aabha laughed and inquired to Rohan..

"Wait and watch Aabha.."

"I am waiting for more surprises..." Aabha smiled.

"By the way Aabha, I was wondering life has turned so good after marrying you."

"So true Rohan.."

"Just promise me Aabha, you are not going away from me. I want to be with you, whole my life.."

"Yes Rohan. I won't go away from you. But you too have to remeber this."

"Obviously yes Aabha..." Both started laughing and came out of the room. Everybody from the house wished them and as decided, both spent time together. It was a wonderful day for Aabha. It was the best day for Aabha. Aabha had not expected so many surprises from Rohan. Aabha was very happy to have Rohan in her life. The days were so good.


Anuja Kulkarni.

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