The lost souls - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 
Tony was packing his bag for his next adventure where he would meet and interview a great actress Sally chandelier.
Tony Walter was a famous newspaper journalist who interviewed lots of famous person himself . He was reserve but sexy arrogant journalist . His green eyes could electrify any girl towards him . He groaned as looked up saw the he had so much more to pack then prepare for his interview , he likes his work to be perfect . He took up his laptop started reading about Sally who had lots of rumours about her life . He read all those carefully noted down all the points . He got ready to leave for his flight which was few hours later . All the girls gawked him as he walked down the airport . As he was going suddenly he stumbled on young girl who was sitting at the corner reading magazine she was engrossed in reading did not see him staring at her . He was  memerised by her beauty. He hurried away as his secretary called him "sir its getting late when will you come flght is waiting for you sir " he gave her a last look went away to board his flight . But her image kept coming in his mind . He went to L.A for interview he made up his mind nothing could disturb him of his work in hand . His secrerary handed him all the details and documents required for the interview . In his heart he was a bit nervous as it was his life as he would be promoted to much higher level after this success. He entered the lobby of the actress it was magnificent with beautiful lightings blush pink colour walls decorated with her pictures from her films . she was looking gorgeous with those baby blue eyes and perfect pouty lips which was curved in small smile . He was looking at the photos when a shrill feminine voice called out" hi i am shelly " he looked back saw a tall slender woman was standind wearing a red off shoulder tube dress red high heels looking sexy but not in a innocent way as he saw te innocent captivating beauty at the airport .  He gave her wide smile "  hi I am Tony " .After exchanging pleasentries they went to the conference room where all her interviews takes place she sat at the opposite chair crosslegged givig him flirtous smile some times . Tony started the interview " so what is success to you ?"  she laughed " success is my everything i sacrificed everything to be successful . "  he nodded continued " what do you plan in future ?" she thought for sometimes " i want to win another oscar so that i can top the list of all the succesful  actress " Tony answered " hmmm that is interesting " she looked up "  but I had to struggle a lot to come to this position" .


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