The interview chapter 2

Sally was occasionally  flirting with Tony but he was strict professional started backfiring her with questions " so what are your next plan for movie ?" She smiled " nothing of that sort let's see what kind script I get "  he looked at her " so what do you think of modern movies versus old movies ?" She thought for sometimes " good question Mr Walter well every generation of movies teach something or the other ." They went on for sometimes then Tony was getting up to go when Sally held his " pl Mr Walter will have dinner with me today I will honoured " . He nodded  " ok let's go then " She grinned got up to get ready to go out for dinner . They went to a posh Italian restaurant nearby . As they were sitting he suddenly saw the girl he had seen at the airport . His heart skipped a beat he saw her sitting two other girls at the next table . She looked at him for a brief second with her warm honey brown eyes smiling at him . He felt his heart bursting with joy . They had dinner then Tony had to go for catching the flight back to New York so he reluctantly went up but not before looking longingly at her . Next day morning as he went to airport his mind was still struck with the beautiful face of the girl with warm honey brown eyes as inviting him near her . He sighed as he sat in the flight . But he had more important work to do  .

Alexi  saw the stranger staring her , she looked at her electric blue felt a spark run in her body she looked away immediately . She had come for a conference meeting she had to focus on her work or else work will be gone in a flash . His blue eyes distracted her sometimes but she made up her mind to forget that bloody eye . She concentrated on her client meeting next day which was a success . She was overjoyed to get the million dollars  project under her leadership to proof her metals in her office to her boss who was already impressed by her hard work . She made herself determined not to get distracted by any guys to break her heart . Everyone congratulated her for her success . Sassy came with grim look " Alexi you won this time but next time I am going to win " Alexi smiled " let's see sassy who wins " . Rose Alexi's best friend came " hey don't worry about that bitch she is always bitching about you " Alexi replied " no I am not worried let's go out for coffee I am starving " Rose grinned " ok let's go baby " they drove near a cafeteria to have hot coffee then Alexi confessed to Rose " you know today I saw a guy with a blue eyes  he was mesmemarising ".


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