R. K Lal

It is our right to say whatever we feel and want to express. It is intended as a tool to communicate some form of civic discontent. "Say whatever you like safely and properly. If you believe that someone is doing idiotic and undesired you should be free to speak your mind. If you ignore an activity which is unjust, you are responsible for the consequences. One should express by any means in order to check the social perversions.

Very often we talk about growing social taints and complain that we are pained by uncultured new generation, environment of anarchy and lawlessness, increased cases of snatching, loot and burglary. There is decline in graph of people who fears for law or who feel shy for illegal/ unsocial act. This is mainly because they are not interrupted at initial stage. People hesitate to say. We try to justify every reason to be the most tolerant and empathetic.

But people‘s off- site critics are because they intend that the things should go right. We should realize that discussion without enforcement will not be fruitful and is merely for killing time or for bragging and to command overwhelming influence. Do you speak when someone cross the road wrongly or moving in wrong direction, when one spit pan in office, when someone doing no work in office? How you react if someone throwing garbage in the lane, going without queue, selling dirty water in used bottles on stations, taking more charges for tea in railways or teasing or provoking girl before you? Perhaps in many instances we keep mum. Why? If neighbor’s child is doing something unwanted we generally have no dare to questions. Sometime we are happy as he is ruined. Gradually persons with nuisance values are encouraged and we remain often neutral observer thinking why to bother. We give escape to them. But think when it would happen with you who will bother? We cannot help ourselves lonely. It is not always to take enmity but to accost or using silent methods to lodge complaints.

Today the safely and well being of women and girls are of great concern of all. We should explain facts to them, also when they are away from their parents. They are generally become prey due to their own behavior. Their openness in public or in metros is often seen. We are helpless to react though feel awkward and do not relish. Instead we save our eyes. We should think how to curb this. Some counseling at home or school may be helpful.

Sometime we see children are doing idiotic things on road and calling it a “prank.” If it is not stopped it can cause fetal accidents. If someone is harassed it is not bearable prank.

To disobey rules and regulation is becoming part of our modern life style. Children are also becoming habitual not to care for others having. No fear and no regards for elders/ neighbors/ teachers. Earlier boys hesitate to smoke or drink or talk vulgarity in front of uncles but now they enjoy asking and offering all items frankly to uncles. They do whatever they like and so called uncles take advantages. Fortunately percentage of good children is high to illustrate examples. Keep a watch strictly on schools and resist if they let students cut their classes to roam with friends. Our small efforts may eradicate many similar ills of society. Take it as a moral responsibility to speak against the same.

We expect that media will take care of all things and government will impose all laws, which is not possible every time. So do not merely enjoy the discussion but support the persons objecting the breakdown of our social well beings. While you cannot enforce these, create a pleasing environment without taking law in hands or indulging into some difficulty.


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