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Falling in love - 1

What if.....?

Hi everyone this is the first chapter of my story, I hope you'll like it. Just for your information I am not a professional writer, so please forgive me for any mistakes, and this is unedited chapter so don't hope much.

What if he will say yes..

Omg I am in the middle of an important lecture but still thinking about tomorrow. no.. no.. no.. this is not me. I always concentrate in my study but not today. This is because of my mom. yes she is the reason behind all these mess.well she thinks that I am not able to find love of my life by my self, and no one will marry me, so she is taking care of my marriage now with the help of matrimonial sites. She always puts me in trouble when it comes to meeting with the boy.. I mean really.... all I have to do is just sit in front of him and chat about non sense things like favourite colour,favourite sport and what not.. it irritates me like a hell but I can't ignore her order..it's not that I don't want to marry but before marriage I want to do something. I want to study hard. I want to think about my carrier first. I have told her millions of times but she is still the same. Well until now I always had something to say about the boy I met,like boy is not good looking.. not well settled...etc. but for tomorrow... things are different,All the matrimonial sites provide some information about the guy you select. The one my mom selected yesterday is good looking well at least his photo say so.. he is a top ranked businessman in the city. For me that's the problem.. I don't care how rich and handsome he is.. I am not ready for the marriage yet. Now from his information I come to know that I don't have any reason to reject him.. but I don't wanna say yes. So the question is what will I do?

Trrriiiiiing.... the lecture is over I didn't heard one word of that,and I didn't come to any idea..oh my god why my mom just don't let me go? whenever I try to explain my self she starts crying like the world is ending.so I just do as she says, meet the boy and reject him for one or other reason.. as for tomorrow if he will say yes then bang my life is over.then it'll be Expensive clothes,jewellery, extravagant marriage, so much people! And what not...I must find a solution. After getting out of college I call my best friend....

Kiara: hey Raavi..thanks for calling. Now listen to me carefully you have to be here tomorrow at 5.. I am so confused right now don't know what to wear. Only you can help me... So please please please come as early as you can..

Me:but Kia I want to ask you...

Kiara: hey dear can I talk to you later?papa is calling me.. ok bye..

Me: but listen...beep beep beep. she hangs up

Oh no what will I do? My best friend is not with me today.I feel so alone..

Ummm next whom will I call... think Raavi.. Think... yes I can always call my dad.. he is always with me.. he understands me. Respect my decision..

So I call my father.

Dad: yeah dear I was expecting your call..

Me:really then why didn't you call me?

Dad: well I was wishing that you come up to solution by yourself..

Me: no dad this time it's not possible.. I mean I don't have any reason.. please help me..

Dad: okay let's meet at our place..

Me: (smiling )okay dad you are the best in the world..

Dad:(laughing) I know I know..

Well our place is a near by cafe... we always meet there for the secret discussion. I mean, which we don't want to tell my mom..

So from college I directly go to Cafe. Within 15 minutes my dad appears with big smile on his face.we order coffee and our secret discussion start.

Dad says "listen to me carefully.I come to know that the boy you are meeting tomorrow is from Canada.."

"so what papa?" I say annoyingly, "you know I am not inter..." "I know verry well my father interrupts me.. " "then what?" I say angrily then my father tells," listen to me first okay ?" I keep quietn then he explained to me that the boy whose name is Aarav,just came from Canada.. his life style,his hobbies,his interest are very modern. So if you present your self somewhat different from his expectation then.. "then definitely he will reject me" I say cheerfully.. "yes" my father says,"now you know what to do?"

"Yes yes I know very well papa" I hug him tightly. "thank you so much", I say. "I need to go for shopping." My father says " yes you should....." I reply "so meet you at home."
"Okay" says my father.

I leave the place, drive my car to the market to the big Saree shop.it is confusing for me because I never ever ever bought Saree for me. But for tomorrow I have to.... I directly go to wedding collection and find out dark pink coloured Saree with heavy golden embroidery
work..and golden blouse..
Then I go to jewellar's shop and buy heavy matching kunden set with long ear rings..and bangles. ...

oh I know if I wear this all things I will look like a half bride.but what to do?
Then I Call to my saloon, take appointment for tomorrow 3pm..as our meeting was arranged at 4 pm.. after shopping,I drive back to my home.

Obviously I am angry with my mom but she doesn't care. She is reading something sitting on a sofa.. when I enter with shopping bags she looks at them from the corner of her eyes and smile still reading. My father is watching tv. He asks me "oh you went to shopping.." he wants to show
my mom that he doesn't know. I say "yeah papa thanks to mom again.." My mom lifts her face, smiles at me and says "dear you will thank me in future.. I am not your enemy. I just want you to settle down." I say angrily "mom I am just 20 I have so much to do beside settling down with stranger."
My mom calmly says " look dear as we have discussed earlier you have to just meet the boy if both of you select each other then we can arrange engagement. After That you can do whatever you want to we can talk to him and to his family if they are agree then it's no problem."

I say loudly" 'If' they agree.. there is a big "if" mom, what if they don't ...I will end up being house wife doing all the routine duties....."

"So what's wrong with it. Everybody does that.. I am doing that...and whatever you do whatever you be, you always end up doing house work. No one.. I am telling you.. no one can escape from it "my mom says firmly.

I leave the room stamping my feet and enter in my room close the door. I throw bags on my bed and decide if again my mom will talk about my marriage I will leave this house and move to girls hostel. This is last time I am going to do as she says.

Sometimes I don't totally understand her. Why she is so stubborn when it comes to my marriage.. beside that she is so cool.always helpful. As I am the only child of my parents they spoiled me a little. I use to do things in my own way. Since childhood I've decided to be a fashion designer. That's the reason I choose crafting and painting over maths and science. Though I was good in study. I am born with the silver spoon. my father is a well known architect.we have our own construction companies. My mom is a house wife but still so much involved in kitty parties and many social events..That's the reason she knows about all the high society families and wants me to find one rich guy and be like her. Which I don't want to be.

From my school days I feel my self isolated because things which are interesting for everybody, I end up finding them boring. like one thing is common in my school and college mates is they always discuss brands. Whoever wears expensive ones is the coolest they think. For me I never buy branded clothes I always choose simple ones and change in my own way, so people around me never liked me. I think that is the reason my mom is worried about me!!Every boys in my college always roam around the girls who wear make up all the time,show off brands always wear expensive watches and so on but me, I am not that type of girl. I only wear make up when it's needed, I don't like to put chemicals on my face all the time. I am not a brand person, yeah wrist watches are my favourite, I have whole box of it..My mom always point out my clothing style but I don't care.

In the morning I woke up very early. I couldn't sleep well. I am feeling tired and angry. I don't go out of my room until my father calls me for breakfast. I say "I don't want to." Then he comes to my room and says,"you don't have to worry, our plan is going to work. I can bet that he will say no, but look as classy as you can."

I say "papa, I don't know but this time I don't feel confident. I am afraid of something."

"Yeah that is because first time you are not going to be yourself" papa says looking at me

"I don't know dad what if I look like a fool. What if everybody there will laugh at me. What if he will laugh at me" I say doubtfully.

"Then you should be proud that you are the reason for someone's smile...." dad says.
I furrow at him, he says "oh c'mon I am just joking"

He puts his hands on my shoulders and look me in the eyes and says, "from when my girl started to worry about what others think hmmm?"Then he smiles at me, puts his hands on my cheeks and says "it's about you only you..." I smile back at him and decide, okay Raavi, you are going to do this..

I take a bath, clean my room, behave like nothing is happening but inside my stomach butterflies are erupting because of I don't know what.. when I get nervous I start cleaning, we have maids for house hold work but my mom taught me to do my work by my self. So I don't wait for them whenever I need to distract my self.

I took my lunch early. During all this time my mom was giving me some advices, well I didn't hear word of that, cause I was very busy thinking about my plan.

At 2:00 cloak I get out of my house and drive to my saloon. As usual it is very crowded. So beside appointment I have to wait there...

It is around 3:20 when I am done, well as decided I am wearing pink Saree with golden blouse and golden jewellery. My hairs are bound in tight bun also decorated with "Flower Gajara".. I am wearing matching bangles in both hands.On my face there are so many layers of primer, foundation, concealer, compact..etc. On my eyelids there is a matching eye shadow, my lips are dark pink.... I am looking like I am going to a wedding, my attendant is very happy with my look.. but I am feeling so embarrassed because I am not going to a wedding,I am going to meet a boy..to get rejected

Our meeting was arranged at a grand 5 star cafeteria. I reach there around 3:50,park my car and go inside. Reservation was done by our names, so I directly go to my table.. there are very less people inside, though I am feeling uncomfortable. I am feeling like everybody are staring at me in an awkward way. I have a continuous pain in my stomach.

It is 4:05, I am wishing that please god make him very busy, so that he does not come here today. In this situation I am thinking that may his car has a puncture, may his stomach becomes upset, may he.. I can't think beside that because someone opens the cafeteria door. As the door is opening my heart beats are increasing.. the pain in my stomach becomes worst. My breathingl increases.My eyes are on the door. I cross my fingers and wish that please god tell me it's not him...


So this is it, if you like this chapter then please comment, if you Don't like it then please stop reading..