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Falling in love - 3

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Oh no....he is approaching us. I close my eyes. I am continuously thinking what do I do now? I am so embarrassed and angry to face him. It is possible that he can't recognize me on the basis of my today's look but He must have seen my photo on matrimonial site, so definatly he will know that it is me whom he met this afternoon.

I always share everything with my friends. I even show them photo of a boy, whom I suppose to meet, But this time it was Kiara's birthday party and all my friends were busy in arrangement so I didn't tell anything about my meeting. They don't know anything about what had happened with me earlier? My all friends know my mom very well. So they all support me. But now I don't have time to explain things and what's the worst part is, the boy turns out to be my best friend's cousin.

I open my eyes,look at my friends. Everyone is busy looking at him. I quickly unlock my phone and give a missed call to my mom. In a second she calls me back. I say, "excuse me" and stand up from the chair,and start walking towards the door. I am no longer interested to know what is happening there. My phone is still ringing so I run towards the entrance and get out of the party hall.

Now I am somewhat relieved, I stand at the porch railing, so my back is facing the hall door. Then I pick up the phone and say, " hey mom, where are you?" "We are at the garden" she replies. "okay, I ate the cake too much so I don't want to eat anything now so I am going home" I say. I can feel that my mom is surprised. She asks, "are you not going to stay here for long with your buddies?" I rest my elbow on a porch railing and reply, "I don't think so,I am so tired" She says, "okay take care while driving home and call me when you reach at our house, okay? " she hangs up.. I was about to turn when I hear "hey, where are you going?" It is Kiara's voice.

I don't want to look back, what if Aarav will be there, but I can't ask Kiara about him, otherwise she starts asking me stupid questions loudly, so I turn back and to my surprise all my friends are standing at the door including Aarav. I feel sharp pain in my stomach,as I look at him from the corner of my eyes. I gulp the saliva, and look at Kiara who is standing first, the light is very bright in the porch,It's impossible to hide my expressions. I bite my lower lip and reply, "sorry dear,but I have to go home. I am not feeling well today." I look down at the floor, I can feel stares of all my friends, at this time I want to dig in the floor and hide myself in it. Anurag comes forward and snatches my purse and says, "okay you can go now without your purse." My car key is in my purse. I look at him with pleading eyes and say, "please Anu, give me back my purse and let me go." Anurag says, "no one is forcing you to stay, you can go,right friends?" Tina asks in somewhat angry tone, "what happened, Why are you behaving strange today?" "Nothing I..." I am about to say "tired" but before I can complete the sentence Kiara firmly says "c'mon we are going to a city club to celebrate my special day, and you are coming with us." I look at her in a submissive way and suddenly my eyes move in his direction, I see that he is smirking at me, I become pale, furrow my brows, I start breathing heavily, Kiara taps on my shoulder and says "easy girl, he is my cousin Aarav." with this he comes forward now grinning, he says in a husky voice " hi Raavi" by waving his one hand. I am burning with rage, I want to slap him hard on his cheek..But it is not the right time I think. I don't want to spoil my friend's birthday so I grit my teeth, inhale deeply and reply "hi" in a flat low voice. Kiara rolls her eyes and asks in a low voice "what is this?" I raise my brows and say "later".

We walk to the parking, I still don't want to go with them but I already hurt Kiara once today, so I decide not to disappoint her. At the parking Ved asks,"Now tell me how shall we go personaly or in a group?" Kartik answers, "of course in a group, we are eight, so we'll take two cars, one for girls and one for us. We'll take my car, Let's go boys." So all of the boys leave then Kia says "okay, we'll take my car." We all sit in her car, Anisha is driving, Kia is beside her in a passenger's seat. Me and Tina are in a back seat. As the car starts, Kia turns back and asks me " why were you behaving strangely to my cousin?" I look at my friends. Tina was curious too. I scratch my forehead, lower my eyes and say, " There is something you need to know." And then I tell them what had happened, how Aarav insulted me. Again tears gather in my eyes, I bite my lower lip to stop them from falling. My friends are like "what?" After a long pause Kia asks me in a low voice "why didn't you tell me about this? I know Aarav, he is weird sometimes but I can't believe that he behaved so rudely with you and one thing I want to know Who on their right state of mind wears Saree and makeup to meet a random guy? Raavi I must tell you, you have provoked him. You don't know Aarav, he is not like any typical boy, he is totally different, he doesn't like ostentation. If you had told me before, then I won't let this happen". Tina and Anisha agree with her. I roll my eyes and say, " I know, that's the reason I called you yesterday but you were so busy that you didn't listen to me, all of you know very well the reason behind me wearing a saree, so it's okay for me that he rejected me but the way he spoke to me,his each and every words were like nails piercing through my skin, and I am not able to forget that." I close my eyes and recall his words, Tina says tapping on my shoulder, " yeah dear, I can understand your feelings." Kia says, " I'll talk to him, but there must be some reason, it is possible that he must have been angry, cause he came just four months ago, his mom is just like yours, always wants him to get married, but rather he is always cool." I say angrily, "cool and him, I don't think so." Anisha says," okay dear forget what had happened and let's enjoy our friend's birthday." I sigh "yeah.." by looking out side of the window.

When we reach at the club the boys were already there waiting for us. Generally I love to go to club, but not today, I am not comfortable, looking Aarav with us.

As we enter inside, I see that the place is very crowded, loud music is playing, some people are dancing on the floor, disco lights are flashing on and off with the music. Some people are cheering their friends. Some are drinking at the table and busy in serious talks. As for us we girls never drink alcohol, we always choose juice, soda or non alcoholic soft drinks, as for boys they may drink sometimes but not heavily when we are with them.

My all friends directly rush to dance floor, start moving their body with the music, I stand there smiling and clapping. I am happy cause Aarav is not around us, he must be busy flirting with the girls, I think. After sometimes I go to a table in a far corner, where there is a low light, sit on a chair, still watching my friend. They are all busy in dancing. Suddenly Aarav comes from behind and sits on a chair opposite to me, I am shocked, I stare at him. He says in a teasing tone, " hey Raavi,you don't dance right?" I roll my eyes. He observes me from top to bottom and says proudly ," I know that my words are magical, but this much effective that they completely changes you in a one day!, you should thank me for that." I don't want to argue with this man, so I cross my hands on a chest and lean back on a chair and look at him. He smirks at me and says, "but still you are not the best here,just look around you! All the girls are so hot, enjoying the night... and you are all alone and miserable. I stand up from the chair, slam my hands on a table and say, " First of all you shouldn't give these much credit to yourself cause I don't change my self for people like you, and second who are you to tell me whether I am best or not? I know my self very well so don't waste your precious time with me, just go and chat with someone beautiful, smart, hot and yeah someone with sense, cause I am fine alone, I don't need company of yours." He is continuously grinning at me, I want to hit his head with a water bottle lying in front of me, but I control my self. I don't want to argue with this stupid guy.

So I rush to dance floor, I am shaking with fury. It is enough,I want to take it all out now, So I start dancing like a crazy, I am jumping high, throwing my hands upwards, moving and shaking my hips, singing the song loudly, the song is "Dynamite by Taio Cruz", it's my favourite,my all friends join me. The other people start cheering us. I am dancing and singing. Oh I am really feeling good, Now I don't care who the Aarav is?, DJ is playing all of my favourite party songs. So we all dance until the music stops. One thing I didn't notice during all these time was, Aarav was continuously staring at me.

When we come out of the club,we all are so tired, no one is talking, Tina and Kiara take their high hills in their hands, thank God I am wearing flats, though my legs are aching. It is around 12:00am so Aarav decides to drive our car, Kiara sits beside him, we three are at the back seat. I told Anurag to come with us, but Tina and Anisha convinced Aarav to drive our car. So again I am furious.

After a while those three are sleeping like dog. I am not sleepy at all. I am sitting at the middle, not able to decide where to look. When I glance at the rear view mirror, I feel that Aarav is looking at me, but I think that is not possible. so I unlock my phone and see a message from my mom that why ain't I at home? So I reply her that, "don't worry I am with Kia and I will be at home soon." I sigh, so he asks "you alright?" I ignore him and close my eyes, lean my neck back on a seat, think about whole day.

I open my eyes when car stops. Kiara asks in a sleepy voice "are we at home?" Aarav nods yes, I wake up both Tina and Anisha, they are not able to open their eyes properly. Slowly slowly we get out, I am feeling very tired and sleepy, Tina and Anisha decide to sleep at Kiara's place, but I want to go home, so they wave bye to me. I look for the boys but they must have left as there was no sign of them.

I start walking towards parking, then out of nowhere Aarav appears in front of me. He scares me to death so I put a hand on my chest. He smiles and says, "Are you sure,You can go by yourself? Otherwise I can help you." I roll my eyes, cross my hands on my chest, look at him and say, "Thank you Mr., but I am not from Canada, I live here so I know the way very well." He laughs and says, " by the way, can you suggest me names of some Saree shop, I want to buy some for my mom." He is irritating me, I plaster a smile on my face and say, "Oh! Sure, but it's really late so I should go, I'll message Kiara ,okay?" I start to walk, but to my surprise he starts walking with me, I reach at my car, then it clicks in my mind, oh no where is my purse? I didn't take it back from Anurag. Now he had left, I put a hand on my forehead, close my eyes and think for a while and decide to call Anurag so I take my phone, Aarav is standing in front of me and observing me. I am about to dial Anurag, when Aarav asks, " what happens? , forgot your purse?" I furrow at him and ask,"did Anurag give it to you?" He smirks and says in a husky voice, "yes baby". I am angry at Anurag, why did he give my purse to this stupid rascal? I beg to him in a flat voice," can you please return my purse to me?" He crosses his hands on his chest, twitches his lips and says, "ummm let me think, okay on one condition." I am really pissed off so ask hurridly, "and what's that?" His answer was ready, "let me drive you home." My jaw drops, I think why does he want to drive me home?, he is the last person, I want to sit with. I am really tired now. I ask, " what about you?" How will you come back?" He smirks and says " I am joking, do you think you are worthy to ride with me?" Obviously I don't want him to drive me home, but his words hurt me, I roll my eyes and say in an angry tone, " okay give me my purse back." He laughs loudly and says " do you know how poor you are looking right now?, I pity you." I say firmly, "Give me my purse" he says "okay okay" and gives me my purse. I open it to take out car key, but it isn't inside my purse, I check all the pockets but I don't find it, I sit on my knees near my car, empty my whole purse on parking blocks, everything scatters around but there is not a key?

I am frustrated, what do I do now?, I have lost my car key, I don't remember exactly have I taken it out of my purse or not? If yes then where had I put it? what if I lost it in a club? oh god my father will kill me. What do I do? Call papa and tell him to pick me,no it's not a great idea. Call Kia.... no she must be exhausted, yeah I can call Anurag. I am still on my knees on parking blocks, I take my mobile in my hand, again I forgot, that stupid is still here, looking at me, he says "Raavi, look at me." I am sure, again he must have something bad to say to irritate me. So I ignore him and start dialling, again he says, " I think I have something in my pocket." I narrow my eyes at him and shout, "if you have my car key then give it to me." I am really very angry at him,I am breathing heavily, it is around 1:00am and I am sitting in a parking with scattered items around me and he is playing his tricks on me. I hate this person, I've decided this is the last time I am talking to him I will never talk to him, if he is the last person on the earth. I am continuously looking at him, he is still the same, smirking at me, he slowly take out my key from his pocket, I stand up, my knees are numb by sitting on a hard floor, I slowly walk to him, extend my hand to take the key, he is about to give me the key, suddenly he stops, scratches his forehead and says "on one condition. " I roll my eyes and sigh and say "not again..., look Mr. I have had enough, I want to go home, if you still want to say anything to insult me, you can say right now, I don't care, just finish it and let me go." He says as if he didn't listen my one word, "my condition is say my name." I say " okay Mr. .."he interrupts" not Mr. Only name." I ask "what's the difference?" I pause for a while, look down and slowly say "Aarav". It felt srange, I feel like my all frustration And anger just flew away. I look at him, He is smiling satisfactorily with my key in his hand. I quickly snatch it,I am feeling like I have won the battle.

I quickly walk back, pick up my things from the floor, put them in my purse, open my car's door, take my seat, I am about to close my car's door, he comes and stands at the door and says, " hey, you didn't say bye to me! "I reply flatly, with my eyes on a steering wheel "bye". He says "see you soon." I start the car, look at him and say, "I hope we won't meet again, never." I close the door and put my leg on a accelerator, drive out of that place. One thing I didn't notice was his evil smile.

I drive as fast as I can cause the roads are almost empty, it's not first time I am driving this late, so I am not scared, but I am furious at Aarav, cause he wasted my time. He could have easily returned me my purse and key then it won't be this late. It is 1:30am, when I reach at my place, gate is open, so I take my car inside, silently enter in the drawing room,look that my father is watching tv lying on a couch, I know he must be worried about me, so I directly go to the couch, sit beside him, he looks at me with sleepy eyes and says, "I can guess you have a rough day, we will talk tomorrow, you can go to sleep now." I say, "you too dad." He smiles at me and goes to his room, I switch off the tv, and go to my room, change to pajama, wash my face, lie down on a bed, my legs are still aching, my head is spinning, as I close my eyes, Aarav's face comes in front of me, grinning and smiling. I change my side on a bed, pray to god and close my eyes.

I think it was the worst day of my life, but at this time I am unaware of the fact that the worst is yet to come......