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Falling in love - 2

Thank you guys for reading my first chapter, please let me know how do you feel?
Here's the second chapter, read it. These chapters are pre written and unedited so please forgive me for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. I am trying my best..


I am sitting in a hotel restaurant, waiting for him and still wanting him not to come..

Well when the door opens, Three youngsters enter. I am like phew.......

Why on earth only my day is so bad. I mean everyone here is chilling out and I am trying to control my breathing like asthma patient.

Today is my best friend's birthday and I didn't even wish her. I should be with her helping her with her clothes but no... I am here in semi bride look all alone embarrassed like hell.

It's about 20 minutes, I already drank 2 glasses of water and still him not showing up. Well if he doesn't want to come then he can call and cancel the meeting. It's totally cool for me. But to keep waiting someone it's not good impression. Okay I've got one reason to reject him. I was in the middle of my thoughts when I hear a loud bang.

The hotel door opens.. everybody in there including me looks at the door.. One tall and handsome figure enters..

Oh....My..... god..... It's him, when he enters, he is talking to someone on his phone. My table is on the side of the main door so I am able to see only his side face, but I know it is him.

he slowly faces towards my table and starts to walk towards me. I am amazed.....cause he looks soooo handsome than his photo.. He is wearing white plain T-shirt and dark blue denim.His dark black hairs are perfectly cut. he is around 5'9" feet tall with perfectly shaped masculine body. He is like they say " perfect". I am not able to look away. He is continuously talking on his Iphone. I don't think he is looking at me cause he is wearing goggles.

Slowly slowly he comes to my table. I am looking at him without even blinking.. I think why is he so much good looking? I really like him but I can't say that loud. Well he is not more important than my carrier, but I really want to look at him shamelessly.

My heart is thumping. At this time my mind is totally blank. I am not in a state of thinking anything. I am looking at him and to my surprise he is looking at me. Well that's what I assume because of his goggles.

He sits on the chair opposite to me. Puts his phone on a table. Removes his goggles. Then I see his eyes, they are mixture of black and brown. But why does he look like he is angry or is it his look..? I am still looking at him without uttering a word or even smile....

He clears his throat, staring at me, then I come to my senses and I smile and say "hi.. I am Raavi shukla" and offer hand shake. He doesn't even look at my hand.

Without any introduction he asks me in a flat voice "who do you think I am?" I reply with a smile, without thinking "you are Aarav right?"

He annoyingly slams his both hands on a table. He smirks at me and says" you are really as fool as you look." My smile is faded I am shocked, I ask " what???" He twitches his lips..

I ask furrowing my brows "excuse me what do you mean?"

Then he says "oh dear, feeling bad now",then he clenches his jaw and says"did you look at your self before you came here? If not then now look in the mirror, just look at your self why are you wearing all these things? Or in your mind you are thinking that I will directly marry you here." He smirks and says " Then sweet dreams dear, I don't like a girl like you. I never in my worst dream be your life partner."

His words are hurting me badly, the pain in my stomach moves to my chest, I want to yell at him that "get lost I am not here to marry you" but I don't know why words are not coming out of my mouth. My lips are sealed. I am looking at him furiously without saying anything. That makes things easier for him,he blinks his eyes,crosses his legs on a chair and continues in a dead voice...

"You people here if have some money then you don't leave any chance to show off your wealth. But for me you don't look wealthy but you look stupid. Why did you come to think in your tiny mind that I....I will even look at you?" He rolles his eyes and again smirks and says "oh when you came to know that I am rich, from abroad, then it must be excited for you to marry me,right?"

Now I am really pissed off, I clench chair arms hard enough for my knuckles to turn white. I want to tell him so many things but I am too angry to speak anything. My eyes are fighting back tears. I glance down to the table.

During this waiter comes to take orders. Aarav says" no thanks we won't take anything." So waiter leaves looking at me..

He twiches his mouth and said "Can I give you one advice in free??? Next time when you go to meet someone just be carefull with your dress. Because NRI dudes are not as cool as me so its possible that you will end up very badly" by saying that he smirks.."you know, no one will say "yes" to you in this look. I don't know before me how many boys you met? but I can bet that they all have rejected you because you don't have any sense."

It is enough for me I open my mouth to say"ummm" but he shushes me by putting his finger on his nose and says

"How dare you to waste my time like this is a joke? Obviously people like you don't understand value of time that's why you must have wasted 3-4 hours to hide your ugly face. But keep in mind A crow can't be A peacock just by sticking feathers.
So just go home and wash your self because I feel so disgusted that I can't even look at you,and as for my answer it is totally no... no.. no... I reject you so don't wait for any calls from my family and don't call my family okay......" with that he makes annoying face,rolls his eyes, stands up from the chair and leaves.

I am devastated. My head is spinning, his words are repeating in my mind again and again. I want to stand up but I am feeling numb. People of near by my table are staring and smirking..I think they heard our conversation.I am feeling so alone, I close my eyes for sometimes then I drink a whole glass of water in one ship, take my purse, switch off my mobile so my mom won't bother me and walk as fast as I can to the door and come out and feel the fresh air.

I want to throw up, I want to cry, I want to slap him, Each and every words he spoke continuously spinning in my mind. I want to go out some where so I run to my car and start the engine, drive out of that place.

I take my car on a high way, tears are continuously dropping out of my eyes. I am not able to see the road clearly though I drive on and on and on until I come to my senses. I park my car on a side way, close my eyes and cry like a baby on steering wheel until I feel okay.

I look at the wrist watch it is 5:30.Oh shit I almost forget my friend's birthday. She will be waiting for me. I switch on the phone. There was a massage said That I have 27 missed calls.. 21 from Kiara... 3 from my mom... 2 from my dad...1 from matrimonial company. Again by seeing matrimonial company I recall what had happened.I know I was not in appropriate cloths but it doesn't mean that I am fool or stupid or ugly. I was not showing off my wealth. This is first time in my life someone treated me so badly. Insulted me. I don't know why I didn't speak a word to him. I was like choked, I became numb because of his behaviour, cause I didn't expect him to be this arrogant and rude. Is it a way to treat some one you first time meet. If he doesn't like me well it's all I wanted then he could have simply said to me "okay I am not interested so bye". I am totally fine with it but the way he spoke to me I never forget that and I never forgive him for his behaviour. I will punch him on his nose if next time I will meet him.. what no I never ever ever want to meet him. I wish he would disappear from the earth or someone kidnaps him or his car will get crashed in an accident or he will lose his phone on which he was talking to someone...

Phone.. oh my god what am I thinking? I have to call Kia first..I dial.. ring... ring... ring ...but no answer..I know she must be angry at me. I ruined her birthday. I promised her to help her with her outfit. What a shame a fashion designer is insulted for not wearing proper cloths by some stupid brat.

I again dial her number. This time she picks up and says "whatever you have to say I don't have time so come to my place at 7:00 and by the way thank you for your help" and she hangs up.

I close my eyes and again start crying for about 15 minutes. I am not able to control it, first time Kiara is unhappy because of me, she is like a sister to me. I am still wasting time,so I decide to buy a gift for her and forget what just has happened.

So I drive back to city, go in a gift shop and buy big pink teddy bear as she likes them so much, pack in a gift wrapper. Buy sorry card. Every one in the shop are staring at me like I am an alien..oh I must look like the one. But I don't care now.. I don't want to go my home because my mom will start asking questions and this time I am not in a mood to give her any answers and if she'll see me in this cloths then next time she will come with me for shopping..which I don't want, so I call my papa.

Papa says"hey where are you? I was.."

I interrupt "papa, mom is there?

"No,Why?" He replies

"Ok. Where is she?" I ask

"Ummm she was worried about you and then your Richa aunty( Kiara's mom) called so she went to her home.. " He says

"Great then I am coming.. ok bye.." I hang up.

I hurridly drive to my home it was 6:35 already.. when I enter my father is not to be seen, may be he left for the party. I am happy for that cause I am totally mess with puffy red eyes and make up..and cloths.

I rush to my room, put the gift on a couch, look at my self in a mirror, again his words repeat in my mind. Tears start rolling out of my eyes. I sit on a couch, take off all the accessories I wore, remove and throw the gajara on the floor,open my bun tied hairs and go to bathroom, remove my cloths, stand under the shower, close my eyes and feel the cold water, and wish that his words wash away with all the make up..

Today if it is not for Kia then I won't go to the party. After taking shower I feel somewhat relaxed. For party I change to knee length black lace knitted frock with full net sleeves. I blow dry my hairs and keep them open, my eyes are still puffy so I apply Kajal and black eye liner,finished my look with very light pink glossy lipstick. I wear silver long earrings and silver diamond bracelet, pair it with silver pointed toe flats. it is already 7:15 so I take my purse, gift and drive to Kiara's home.

It is around 7:45 when I reach there. Obvious everybody was there. Party was begun. I park my car and enter in her house. She is the richest among my all friends, no wonder her mansion is very huge and beautiful. After the welcoming entrance there is a wide hall,where the party is going on, it is beautifully decorated with ribbons and balloons.there is a big chandelier hanging at the centre of the hall ceiling, the walls are filled with enormous masterpieces of great painters. On the right side of the hall there is a marble stairs, at the centre of the hall big round table is decorated for cake cutting, on the left side someone is playing very sweet melody on piano,the atmosphere is quite cheering, whole place is filled with chairs on which guests are sitting. lights are low and everybody is busy chatting with each other. I want to just wish her and then go to home and want to sleep. My eyelids are heavy from crying. So I am searching her but she is nowhere to be seen. I looked near the table, Aunty Richa,(Kiara's mom) is talking and laughing with my mom. Oh no I don't want to talk to my mom now, so I go in a opposite direction and call Kia. She answers "come to my room." I directly go upstairs in her room. I am about to knock when she opens the door, crosses her hands on her chest and with annoying face she looks at me. I say "can I come in?" She gives me the way, I enter, there are all my girlfriends sitting on a huge sofa of hers, so I sit there and look at them, they all are staring at me. I say "okay I know you all are angry at me but I can explain" Kiara who is still standing at the door, closes the door and comes to me, widenes her eyes and asks "what was more important than my birthday that you didn't appear early?"

I reply "it's a long story I will tell you all afterwards, first let me wish you" and by saying that I hug her and wish her happy birthday give her a sorry card and say "sorry dear, this won't happen again " she takes the card and asks "sure,promise?"
I say "pinky promise ".she smiles at me and hugs me back I say "sorry" to my all friends there, and they all say "okay, just tell us what had happened after the party.." I agree to that and look at Kiara, oh god she is looking so beautiful.She is wearing baby pink long one piece dress,with matching accessories. She takes my hand and says"we all are here waiting for you, now that you are here let's go downstairs" so we leave her room and go to the hall. It is filled with more people now. Everyone is busy cheering and laughing. Music is great, Maids and servants are busy to serve drinks to all the guests. My mood is cheering up. Kiara goes to her parents, we take empty chairs near the table, celebration has begun,Kiara with her parents stands near the table. Every guests now gather near the table. Then come the huge black forest cake. We all sing happy birthday..she cuts the cake. We all one by one wishes and gives her a gift. Then her father announces that dinner is served, so all the guests go to garden for dinner, which is at the back side of a house. Now in the hall there are only us; me, Kiara, my other friends Anurag, Tina,Anisha, kartik, Ved, and to my surprise that strange pianist is also sitting there facing the piano, playing some melody. Now We all sit on a chairs around the table, talking and laughing, eating leftovers of the cake,we have eaten so much that no one of us wants to eat a dinner now, then suddenly Kiara says "hey guys I want you to meet someone."

Anurag asks in a teasing voice "that someone is not your fiance right?"

Kiara twitches her lips and says " no stupid " I am talking about my cousin Aarav, who is playing a piano there.."and points towards the person who is still busy playing.

I hear the name and look at the back of that person, my heart starts thumping in my chest. The afternoon person comes back into my mind.

Kiara looks at me and asks "hey are you alright?" I plaster a smile on my face and say "yeah, fine".

Kia smiles back and says"okay" then she says loudly "hey Aarav, come here to meet my friends" he was playing "A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton" he stops, rolls his chair, and stands up from it... The light is dim yellow. I see his face. My eyes are widened, my breathing become heavy, I am in a shock.. I say to myself "oh no dear, he is the same bastard I met earlier...... "

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