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One by one she stringed the flowers into a chain of happiness . The colour of flowers reflected on her face , as she tied a knot after completing the errand . She kept on admiring the garland , imagining how her god would look after wearing it.
A voice called upon her from back , " Radha ,
let's go to mandir ,as it is almost time for arti , Krishna would be waiting for us ."
Radha ,a sweet little ten years old village girl ,held her ghagra and ran on the beats of her silver anklets towards her mom ,carrying the garland . "Maa ,see what I have made for my Krishna ,will he like it ? "
"Will he come to meet me today? "
Radha's mom ,delicately set aside her curly locks ,falling on her face ,and said "Oh! my god ,you have made such a beautiful piece ,it's adorable .Your Bal Gopal will certainly listen to you ,just pray to him from your heart ,he will certainly listen to you and come to meet you .
Radha held her mom's wrist and smilingly swayed on the music of her bangles and anklets to mandir .
As she stepped on the steps , of the mandir carrying the ring of flowers , she mummered
"Today you have to come and meet me ,otherwise I will not make garland for you ." Soon the arti started ,and the whole place got lightened with divas . The sound of bells ,created an aura of peace and tranquility in the air .
Radha left her mom's hand and went to stand in front of the idol of her beloved god .
She fell in deep ,innocent eyes of Krishna and
continuously stared at the idol of the diety.
Soon the arti got over and Radha's mom came and held her from the shoulder. She asked Radha to give the garland of flowers to panditji .
But Radha ,was strong willed that Krishna would come before him and she will put garland around his neck . Her mother told her not to be so still "give it to panditji ,he will put it on the idol ." But her faith on her Krishna ,didn't permit her to give away her offering . Her eyes got filled with the salty ocean of being deceived, by her god . As she badged around ,crying for her Krishna to come out of the idol and then only she will put the garland around his neck ,panditji asked Radha " Take your garland back home ,and Krishna would come in the night to meet him ,then you put this beautiful floret string around his neck."
Radha wiped her eyes ,and innocently said to panditji "will you say to Krishna, to come and meet me ?"
"Yes" said the Pandit and handed her the prasad and told her "when he comes ,give him this garland and some butter ."
Radha smiled and left with her mother towards her house .That night she kept the Garland and a silver bowl filled with butter beside her bed and kept on waiting for her god .Her mom came inbetween and asked her to sleep ,but she didn't.
She scolded her ,but Radha kept on repeating that "Maa ,when Krishna would come to meet me , then if I would be sleeping then he will leave without wearing the garland and eating butter ." Radha's mom said "do whatever you want to ." and she left .
At three in the dark hours the wind was blowing softly and the silver light of the moon was peeping in Radha's room .
Radha yawned and could barely open her eyes ,when all of a sudden she heard the sweet music of flute and with a gush of wind a peacock feather floated on Radha's lap .
Radha picked up the soft feather and
touched it with her cheeks . At the very moment someone called her "Radha give me garland I have been waiting the whole evening to wear it ." Radha jumped out of her bed and called out "Krishna where are you ?"
A strong beam lightened up Radha's room and a long shadow entered Radha's room.
Radha was mystified and wooped in delight .
Krishna has come to meet him .