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The Mysterious island - 10

Deep thinks it an end of his life so he loses hope and in his mind he has already considered himself dead but suddenly happens a miracle when an arrow pierce through the mouth of that gigantic beast then another arrow goes through its neck and it goes down.
"Well it is neck the weak spot, moreover you should have told me before going out for hunt. Well where is your partner?" Says john while panting.
Deep catches his breath and says pointing at a tree to his right " he is right behind that tree across there."
"Know one thing now shoot at these creator's neck or wait for the right moment to open the mouth. Well, lets go home now, pick rohit up."
Deep and john pick rohit and they return to their dwelling place.
When they reach there arnav sonali and aman hold both deep and rohit.
Aman:- what happened to them john.
John:- nothing, they were playing with a toy.
Sonali:- oh! Now speak.
John:- they were fighting with a beast a gigantic beast.
Aman:- oh shit both of them are bleeding.
Aman and sonali clean the wound and wrap a piece of cloth around the wounded part.
"Now take some rest both of you." Says sonali.
" Yes she is right couple of hours left before dawn, so you better have some rest boys." Says arnav
So arnav, sonali, aman and john all four of them stay awake to guard the place for any further danger while deep and rohit go to sleep.
" I don't know how they got into it. I woke up to drink water then i found both of them missing so i went out to see if they were there then i heard some sound coming from the jungle. So when went there i saw deep struggling and trying hard to escape the death. Seeing his miserable condition, i wasted no time and shot arrows to put that beast down to death." Says john
"You did a great job today john, thank you so much." Says sonali.
"Well, there is a thing that you should know too, it is that if you encounter any beast, you just hit it in its neck or inside its mouth." Says john
Arnav, "copy sir."
It is morning now everybody is ready to depart for their respective ways. Everybody hugs eachother and bid good bye to eachother till next time.
Now rohit and aman head towards north. They barely walk 1km into the jungle rohit says" this jungle is getting darker and darker, it is so dense."
"Not even a ray of sunlight is coming through the leaves of the trees." Says aman.
"Don't what kind of trouble we are going to face next, i should not have come here for this treasure hunt. Now it has become headache." Says rohit
"Well, don't worry everything will be all right, we are going to be fine once we complete this task." Says aman
"I just pray to god that we complete this task successfully and be able to go home." Says rohit
They keep on walking while talking and keep heading deep into the jungle environment around them is very calm and cool, not even a single bird is chirping there. This silence is scary and horrifying and to add salt into the wound the visibility is also getting affected because of the darkness.
"I fear something wrong is going happen, i just don't know why but this calmness is haunting me." Says rohit
"I am totally agreed with you this time. In day time this pitch black darkness with sheer silence is an indication of the coming danger." Says aman
Suddenly rohit become conscious and alert and starts to look around.
"Have you seen something?" Says aman
"I think something is near us, didn't see but i sensed if something is close to us, may be we are being followed." Says rohit
"I didn't hear or see anything, well still this place is full of unwanted surprises. We need to be more cautious." Says aman
Now they have walked long enough that now both of them begin to the tedium of the journey, so they decide to take a shelter under a tree.
They put their stuff down and take their places.
"Give me water bro." Aman
" Here you go." Rohit says
Aman drinks water and asks if they have food.
Rohit gives him some fruits that john gave them.
"Take some rest then we resume our journey forward." Says rohit
"Sure thing." Says aman
They close their eyes and go to sleep.
Suddenly after an hour later aman opens his eyes and what he sees almost gives him an heart attack.
To be continued
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