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The Mysterious island - 11

Rohit and aman are resting but suddenly aman opens up his eyes but the thing that he sees, gives him almost an heart attack. After seeing that this he seems to be unable to move his body nor could he speak but somehow he touches his shoulder to rohit's which breaks rohit's sleep.
"What bro? Why did you wake me up? And what happened to you?" Says rohit.
No reply comes from aman. He is still in shock. So rohit shakes his body hardly but it doesn't put much effect on him so he slaps him twice which brings aman back into his real consciousness.
He pants and says," did you see that, that black ugly shadow like thing with long teeth and long ears?"
"I saw nothing my friend. There is nothing like this. You must have seen some kind of bad dream." Says rohit.
"It can't be. It was real " says aman.
"Well, could be, but we won't stay here any more lets move on." Says rohit.
So they pack up their stuff and move on.
On the other hand deep and john are heading south, there are marshes every here and there so they walk carefully.
Their speed become slow because of that.
"This is annoying to walk through so much obstacles." Says deep.
"Don't let the frustration eat you, keep yourself calm bro. Don't lose yourself now, not until we get the job done." Says john.
"I am ok bro, but this place, i don't like it." Says deep.
"Well, situation will change once we get the job done." Says john
Suddenly deep looks back with a strange manner and the next moment he looks back he finds john not to be there then again deep looks back and finds a horrible creature standing in front of him, it was the same thing that aman saw.
Deep falls down and become unconscious.
Then comes john and tries to wake him up but he doesn't so he Splashes water on deep's face because of the treatment of john.
"What happened?" Asks john
"Saw something horrible and ugly."says deep.
"Don't know what are you talking about." Says john.
"Neither could i breath nor move my body when I first saw that thing." Says deep.
" Haven't seen or heard of such a horrible thing ever, not since i have been living here. It is strange that you encountered such a thing which nearly took you." Says john
"I don't know but I don't think we should stay at the same place for long time, lets move forward." Says deep
Agreeing to the point of deep both john and deep move forward through that swampy place.
After few hours walk they see a swap and deep sees something.
"What is that?" Says john
"Don't know, it is submerged, can't see it properly." Says deep
So, john goes little near and leans down to see it but as he goes near it. It shows its real face. It was a huge snake.
"Oh no it is a snake." Says john
"Run run run." Says deep
But before john could do anything, the snake catches him with its tail meanwhile deep tries to help him out with arrows that he shots at the snake.
Now snake has taken John's body under its clutch and it continuously tightens its body.
"Aaahh do something, i feel like my body is about to break." Says john
"Yeah i am trying, but what should I do, its way too much large(murmurs)?" Says deep.
Deep throws a knife to john and asks him to hit it with the knife. John does the same several times and the strike cuts the snake which makes the snake lose its grip which allows john to escape and he falls down on the ground.
Now snake's attention goes to deep and it moves towards deep. Deep runs to escape the hellish grip of the snake still while running he falls down which gives snake a chance to strike deep with its viscous teeth and it does the same too but deep rolles over, as snakes hood strikes the ground deep kick it with his leg, at the same time john shots an arrow which Pierce its one eye. With that hit snake make a sound of hiss and runs away.
"What? Didn't expect this to happen." Says deep
"Neither did i i thought it would infuriate the snake." Says john
"So did i." Says deep
Well, finally we are free and we can move on.
To be continued....

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