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The Mysterious island - 9

John ends his story of how things had gotten out of control which turned this island into a hell.
John says he has written riddles that was given by the sage when he told him the story of the great fight.
Deep:- ok, well can you please show us those riddles so we can atleast know what to do next?
John:- here you go, carefully.
Deep takes the paper and reads what it says is" find us in the north, south, east and west, trees that you see more glowing, we rest underneath it."
Deep:- it says us to be seperated.
Rohit:- well, lets do it.
Arnav:- four directions hah.
Deep:- well yes, any problems.
Arnav:- no bro... But if we are going to be separated then we need some equipment for safety purposes.
Aman:- john you have been here for a long time and you also have bow and arrows. Can you provide us with that too?
John:- why not? I have some bows and arrows come and get it, my dwelling place is in a short distance from here.
John takes them there and shows them his place.
John:- guys here i live and there you see on the wall those are going to be our weapons.
Deep:- its ok, it will do.
Arnav:- so when are we gonna leave for our next journey.
Rohit:- i think we should start our journey from tomorrow, and today we take rest. It is dark already.
Sonali:- yes we should stay here, and guys i am hungry. John, do you have something to eat.
John:- yes, i have some fruits.
John passes the fruits to everyone, and they continue their conversation.
Arnav:- well, if we have to seperate from each other then what is going to be the team combination?
Deep:- well yes, four sides four team.
Rohit:- well i think, me and aman for north, deep and John for south, and sonali and arnav east. We will go for west together.
Deep:- somebody got lucky.
Sonali smiles while arnav smiles too looking at sonali.
Well, should we sleep now cz we need to depart early tomorrow? Says john
Deep says, ok bro lets sleep. And they go to sleep.
It is mid night when rohit hears something, he feels as if something is lurking around. He also sees a shadow that describes the size of the creature.
It is huge.
Deep was sleeping next to rohit he pushes him to wake up.
Rohit whispers in deeps right ear, hey bro wake up, i think we got a situation here.
Deep:- (opening up his eyes still in sleep) what happened bro?
Rohit:- see on your left.
Deep:- (sees and he goes in shock) what a huge creature it is! (Whispers)
Rohit:- what to do now?
Deep:- lets take bows and arrows and come out side can't wake em' up.
Rohit:- yes you are right.
Deep and rohit pick bows and arrows and go out to see the creature but it is nowhere to be seen as they step out, so they move on a bit further just to search it out.
Deep and rohit remove bushes from their way suddenly they hear foot steps and groaning sound and as they look back they see a huge ten foot high beast with long and sharp teeth, claws are sharp and all ready to attack.
Seeing it both of the runs into the jungle and takes a cover of trees.
The beast follows them too, after a while the beast stops too to sense where they could be.
Rohit and deep peeks from their respective covers and then look at each other.
Rohit:- (whispers) should we wait or hit it?
Deep:- (in the same manner) lets wate for it to go.
Rohit agrees to him and as he look back to see the beast, it was not there.
Deep and rohit say unanimously:- it is not there.
But as rohit take a sigh of relief the beast appears in front of him and hits him in his face.
Rohit touches his face and say, aaahhh! I got cut.
Deep instantly, shoots and arrow that hits its body which does not affect it.
But the beast hit deep with its tail and he goes flying and his back hit a tree.
Now the beast slowly moves towards rohit with its open mouth saliva is dropping down his mouth, while rohit is trying hard to push his body backwards just to escape the death.
The beast could not hold its hunger any more and pounce upon him but rohit says, not today. And he rolles himself and shoots an arrow which Pierce its right eye. Having taken that shot in the right eye that creature screams in pain and agony. And from the other side deep pierces its another eye.
They think that it would run away but it doesn't and few seconds later it again run towards rohit and before anyone could do anything it hits him with its head.
With that hit rohit goes rolling a little distance away.
Now that beast changes its direction of face and moves towards deep, deep shoots arrows but arrows puts no affect on it so he begins to run but it is too fast to outrun.
So as it comes closer enough it jups and seeing the huge beast deep falls down and closes his eyes considering
Himself dead, but just then comes........
To be continued......
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