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Our Imperfect Marriage - 7 - Everything change

I glared at him. It feels like all he did it on purpose. If he wants to know then he should directly ask me why he did all this. I started to trust him but it was fake for him. He thinks I have something with Riaan. I will tell him everything if he wants to know. That’s what a good wife does, right?

So you know our bond becomes stronger with each passing day. We started to make more memories, we started to have more fun in life it seems like in this world we both are there for each other no matter what circumstance will be. we started to dream together. No, actually they all are my dream and he started to complete it.

He always brings chocolate to me. Whenever I feel low he brings me to ice cream parlor when we are happy we eat faloodas, pancake pastry. We always fight for the last bite of food. Food was our first love

One day he said we will complete all our dreams before our marriage but you have to repay for that. I asked him how I could repay you? He said with your food you have to bring food for me once in a week or daily if possible. I said deal.

I never visit a pub club or dance is not my thing to do but he believes me and makes me comfortable around everything. I never went trekking, he added in his wishlist and took me there also and I remember on the top of the fort he said loudly you will be my best friend forever.

We spend our time there talking about life, death, marriage, our friendship, and about everything. We danced, sang, and hugged. He gave me all the happiness. I thanked him for everything.

But the next thing he said was hard to accept. It will change our life and our friendship. It was a turning point in our life. He is shifting to some other place. He is going out of Mumbai. I did not react. I did not say anything the whole journey we were silently walking but our minds were communicating many things and what I was scared of losing our bond, our friendship, and losing him. I can not lose my best friend. He is my human diary.

I need him here but I can not try to be greedy. I had to let him go heartily so I faked a smile and looked at him and a lone tear escaped from his eyes. We hugged each other so tightly he was also afraid. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

I asked him when he said after 3 days. And I know this time I have to be cheerful. I tried my best to do all the things to make him but failed when he said you don't need to do all these things just promise me you won’t forget to enjoy your life.

While eating sandwiches he said I won't Miss the chef. but sure I will miss these yummy foods of yours, and I replied I will miss all these compliments but I will miss you more. And he gave me a side hug.

For a month it was the same routine for us to talk till late night snaps sharing everything. But slowly we started to stay busy. He is at work and I am behind my dad’s health. Our message call stopped now we don't know about each other's life. And Riaan was the only friend I had with whom I shared everything. When a best friend changes we as a person also start to change.

The food we shared did not taste the way it used to be. I stopped going out. Enjoying things. I started to live in memories. Memories of him, I wanted to talk with him, wanted to tell him, come here Riaan I need you. But I could not because he was achieving his dream. I did not want to stop him. Everything changes with time. I have to accept this.

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