A STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS - 3 in English Motivational Stories by Jiya Vora books and stories PDF | A STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS - 3


A single word when we listen what first falls it in our mind.
That it is something when we achieve our all the dreams and have some peaceful life!
And we got a famous person in our own way.
According to me what success actually means,
It is something that you can think at night while you're sleeping ,but only achieve while you're awaking!
By the way success means different from person to person.
What it will take of yours?
It is taking your strength for many years.A Along time passed to achieve it.
There are many people who are every morning trying to achieve something in the whole day.
In the morning they decide their goal and achievement and at tonight she can achieve it.
What they just need is some strength to build up that success!
Sometimes it take years of ours.
But if once it comes then it will last forever!
So every morning built a strength to achieve it and at night make sure that you would sleep with your dream!
This will make sure success nearer and nearer!
And once you will achieve it forever!
So the third step towards success is you need to make sure that what you are doing is taking you towards success or not?
If yes then continue it, If no then change it!

Secondly ,to achieve success some positive energy in positivity is so important.
It will give you some positive ideas and tricks to achieve your success.
Never think that you are less than anybody.
You are most intelligent person with full of strength strength in a own way.
Which this positivity and trust on your dream you can achieve what you want!
Never let other two things that you are a loser and not a capable person.
You are a definitely capable person If you keep some positive energy to make your dreams true!
Yes,then many obstacles in your and it will come but you have to solve it.
It is also possible that sometimes you lost game.
But one thing you always remember that the same game will also come tomorrow!
Still you have a night to prepare yourself.
There might be some of obstacles in the form of person will never let you to move forward but you just have to avoid them and listen of your mind.
Because people will not be looked over your struggle they will only listen the loud voice of your success.

It wilo take day and night of yours,
It will take strength and struggle of yours ,
but once,If it comes,
it will definitely give you the fame
You deserve.
starting from today ,
Begin to find its way.
Many obstacles you will get,
but it will solve down along with maze.

Where should I go ahead?
On my way towards success,
I got confused when road divide.
Many questions, My achievement which road has?
Don't know where should I go ahead!

After sometime I got scattered,
disturbed between two roads ,
I decided I never let my desire to give up.

Life give me multiple choices
Its upon me what I choose.
Confused between two maze,
Hope, Soon I will reach to my success.