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Hello Readers.
So Today we are going to discuss on the topic of success!

Many of you have listen the same sentence again by many peoples.
that "we have to achieve the success out of the obstacles." "we need to stand once again after fall in down once!"
By listening we got bothered but you know the real meaning of it behind those sentences?
This sentence is common but you know the true meaning of the sentence?
The people who told you this sentence ,they really want to encourage you, they want to give you a new hope.
Don't think that it is a common sentence by every people , but just think about the sentence and encourage by it.
Yes ,that is true we are mostly listening the same sentence but it is important to stand once again after fallen down once.

Today I want to tell you that don't get inspired by example of a successful person.
Get inspired by your own self.
Make yourself remember that how you are working very hard in the past days for the achievement of your success, if you have lost something in the present.
You will get inspired and motivate by the example of your own self. because a successful person was a failure person in her/his past days, according to world.
If you're starting playing a game against world's biggest player competitoran,
Then just thinks that he is world's largest player because I never came against him. This way you can motivate yourself when you're starting any game!
Many of you are just looking for a chance, the are well prepared to achieve the success but theyneed a chance.
But always remember
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build the door!"
Because" chance is not what you get ,it is something you create!"

Everyday sony rises with new hope!
First give that hope to your dreams and move forward.
chance will get you one day if you really work hard and you want to achieve success!
Don't think that success is when you became famous in whole world,
but success is when you don't need to introduce yourself among millions.
One day your time will change and you will surely get a new opportunities to achieve and to finish your dream!

Some of the people are feeling very embarrassing in doing such type of work. I just want to say them please don't feel embarrassing if you're doing any honest work.
just remember you are doing it just for your own self and your dreams!
World will say you many times but just ignored it.
Never underestimate your talent and just remember that you have an unique god gift, you can do it.

Many people , who aren't get any opportunity, they are understanding that they don't have any such talent to be a successful person but it is not true.
If you believe then you have an unique talent but the thing is you have to first look inside it.
You made it to keep trust on it.

Okay, so we're completing our today talks.
I hope you all got understood my point and be ready for the upcoming book.