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After a long break, I  am here back   to share many things with you guys.

Have you sometimes felt very low and tensed especially at night?

have you felt demotivating and challenges surrounded by you?

Have you felt like you have lost many chances in your life?

Have you ever felt like darkness all around and there is no single ray of hope?

If you have felt, then trust me this is the LIFE!! 

On the path of success , what a achiever really want is support,care and love from family and friends..

besides capability one really want this in his /her surrounding..

It is important for all of us to understand that in today's time the importance of our own self!

the importance of "SELF LOVE"

The importance of confidence in our ownself.

the way we treat ourself ,the way we see our dream and vision can really impact pur goals.

it is necessary in today"s time to keep confidence in our own self,

to keep motivating ourself, to be a self motivated person.

If you will not able to keep faith in yourself,then how the world will?

if you will not able to show them your strength then how the other peoples will believe in you?

A step towards success starts from within.

keep faith,have some courage in your goals and be consistent, then there will be some people helping you out !

yes, there might be very few ,but there will be some one who will bring you up!

but first,be a self motivated and discplined person and honest .

you know what, in today's world people loved everyone around them but forget to spend time to the person within you,

Forget to nourish our ownself!

I can relate to this situation so I would like to advice you all.

it is very normal if you keep some other person above you, it is completely okay!

but you have to first look that, that person really deserves this priority?

that person really deserves the attention which you are giving which you should give to youself?

Do that person really deserves the care and love you are giving?

Do that person really deserves your time?

just ask yourself do that person really deserves?

If there are tears in your eyes after asking this questions to yourself,then trust me my dear! you are at wrong place!

I know after knowing all the facts about that person, why are you still not able to stop loving  that person , because there is a hope inside that the person will improve himself/herself.

but trust me , he /she are not improving themselves.. they are in your life because of some selfish motive.

I Know it is really tough to leave our loved ones, but i would like to advice,

if you are the only person who is letting go everything in a relationship, then just give it up!

you should not continue with it!

always remember you should be priority of your ownself.

you have to give efforts to bring yourself up.

you have to lift yourself even without the support of other people.

if poeple does not support you don't lose hope, this is your life ... you have to do it for yourself!