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Hello guys..
Here I am back with a new motivational topic

So Today..I want to discuss about a day in our life.
"Once in the morning,
When I opened my eyes,
My heart said,

"Forget your all bad memories of past and fearful thoughts of future.
And start your day with an old ambition and a new intention."

This is how a day, a morning and a thought can change our life.
It is very necessary to remember that every day is a new CHANCE.
We got a new chance to prove ourself ,
to show our ability and to show our strength!

"A day doesn't mean just for rest and joy, but for scuffle and sacrifice for achievement of your dream."

I really want to advise today's youth to not waste that day in the comforts!
Don't LIVE in the comfort zone just LEAVE the comforts zone for the success!!

Yes that might some distraction which not let you to focus..but what I firmly believe is-
"If you know what to do,
If you know that why to do,
Then how to do is never a problem...
Make yourself enough capable to understand your priorities and to fulfill your dream.

Don't waste your day behind thinking about yesterday failure..because every day is a new chance.
Always begin your day with a new intention and old ambition.
If you are very sure about your work,
if you are very sure about your dream,
If you are doing enough hard work,
Then no one can stop you to achieve the success...
The only thing in needed is your courage, your consistency and at last your faith in your dream...
Don't worry about your past ,
don't worry about your yesterdays,
because God As given a new chance in the form of a new day...
Make every sunrise a new day for a dream and the sunset for a triumph of achievement.

If you are very much worried about your past then trust me time as the power to heal everything .
time can change our priority so can't it heel are all the pains?
Time can change a person in every prospect so can't we trust on time that it came change our fate!!!
Just come out of your past and think about a present and the future.
Many times it happens that in the beginning of a day you have started yourself with a new work but at the end of a day you are not able to achieve that much what you want to achieve at the beginning of the day .
so I really want to advise you all that don't feel very much regret for it...
Every single day bring
something to learn ,
something to forget ,
Something to remember ,
and something to achieve.
Be very Passionate about your dream.
One of the famous author headset that "choice you make Makes you"
Life will give you multiple choices but it's upon you that what you choose
what only you choose not your loved ones.
Always choose one of the best way of your life in which you find the great scope ahead in which you are very passionate and in which you want to make your future very bright...

I really want to advise you all that today is the only day... work hard!!!
Thank you ☺️

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Nice. Must think positive.