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The white mystery - 4

Every object seemed blurd as Mr . Tailor looked around . 'Where am I, why everything is blurd .'
'Doctor ', the nurse on the intercom with doctor 'Mr Tailor has retained his conscious . His pulse is fine .'
Mr .Tailor wondering where he was . He just remembered that he had seen the beautiful figurine and he was about to unveil her .
The doctor entered the room with Mr. Johnson .
"Nurse please check the mobility of patients limb and other joints ."
Nurse with the murse (Male nurse)
"Dr. all are checked . Except the patients vision all seems to be normal , as he was complaining of blurd vision ."
"Please give his these medicines and all will be fine ."
As the Doctor was about to leave Mr.Tailor called him anxiously .
"Doctor what on earth has happened, why I am again in the hospital wing ."
Well...Mr.Tailor you jumped in the sea and was freezes to death. The doctor replied

"Your fellow friends and crew members saved you from drowning , but this time because of freezing temperature your joints were fixed . So I was just checking out that were they moving..."
The doctor was about to leave the room when he moved back and asked Mr.Tailor "By the way can you tell me the story of figurine as your fellow crew members were telling...."
New York felt the chilly wind as the northern breeze moved on crowded streets.
It's been six months Mr. Tailor has left his job as sailor and has started his own business in the city where sun never dies .
The past that he couldn't forget till this hour , was hovering in his subconscious mind .The figurine, he hadn't seen a beauty like her's till yet in life.
Mr.Tailor life was moving steadily, soon Christmas bells were hung along the streets of New York .
Christmas Carols echoed in the white snow covered streets .Lights , bells , stars decorated the Christmas tree.
The roof's of building were covered with white frost , crowd moved to and fro to beat the waves of snow .
Mr.Tailor in his very well furnished 16th floor apartment , were the drawing room overlooked the sky through glass walls .A piano
was place in between the room , and a bar to hang on .
A very well decorated tree was place at the entrance and a butler was their to look after the place.
A bell rang on the door bell and butler announced a gentleman named Mr.Johnson was at the front gate
Mr.Tailor with a smiling eyes asked the butler to bring him in.
As Mr.Johnson entered the drawing room and Mr.Tailor played a welcoming tune for him on his grand piano .
Both the long lost friends hugged each other and talked for a long time on the bar table .
All of a sudden Johnson asked if he had seen any vision of the figurine. To his reply Tailor said "no , I believed she was just a spirit of sea ."
Johnson " Let's celebrate your success Tailor , from a navy officer to an entrepreneur. A party Is must ..., let's do it on the eve of new year . "
Tailor and Johnson made all the arangents and invited all the crew officers to the apartment .
The 31st night of Newyork city was in ablaze . The city was streaming in lights as the clock tik toked from its place .
Tailor's apartment was crowded with his friends as he played soothing music on piano for his old pals . As the music ended he raised a tost saying "A tost to our voyage on sea and to our friendship ."
The walls of the place echoed with laughter and clapping. As the guest helped themselves with wine and cheese .A sweet enchanted music rolled in the air and with that entered a figure of angel dressed in red .
All eyes gazed the lady as she made her way to Mr.Tailor and she greeted him .
Mr .Tailor highly impressed rolled around her .As she introduce herself as Molly his friend Andy's sister .

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