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The white mystery - 10

Mr. Tailor in a state of shock.
'But, why she haunted us after so many years ?
Why, she didn't kill us that day or after that when we were near Blue hills ?
Father Henry , stood from his chair and sprinkled the holy water on Tailor. 'My boy , after you left Blue HILLS , the whole area was burnt to ashes .
Tailor 'if it was burnt , then why she started killing us all of a sudden .'
Father Henry 'Let me finish first. She had tasted Andrew's and Jhonson's blood as they were wounded by her .
The dead bodies which were found in that school was thrown in that see where you first saw the veiled figurine .'
OK ! Now I understand.
That the spirit had once again found us in the sea . As she has tasted the blood of Andrew and Jhonson it was easy for her to kill the end now it's my turn.'
'No ' said father Henry ' I will not allow her to do so. Can we travel to the place where you first saw her ."
'Yes , of course , to end this bloody trail I will surely go their .' Tailor spoke
The same evening Father Henry and Mr. Tailor left for their voyage .
The moon sprinkling its glittering light on the calm sea.
Father Henry chanting his holy beads ' I feel her energy all around, I hope we are near to the place where you first saw her .'
'Yes , almost near .' Tailor answered nervously .
All of a sudden the calm sea became violent and waved tried to touch the welkin .
Father Henry to Tailor
'She is near us , hold my hand son ' and a giant wave came in to swallow them.
As soon as Tailor held Father Henry's hand . The wave stopped in the midair, and the figurine busted out of the wave with a flash of water on ship's deck.
The water poured on the deck with a strong force that it almost moved the ship to one side .
Father Henry to Tailor 'just don't leave my hand , she has become powerful and if you leave me it will be easy for to kill you .'
A whirlpool emerged in the sea, and the ship started to move in it . The figurine opened her big arms of water and called out to Tailor.
'You are mine Tailor come let's move to our world .'
With the soft voice echoing in his ears Tailor sunk in those words and got hypnotized. He tried to step forward, but Father Henry held him back .
The ship was speedily moving towards the whirlpool. Father Henry kept on chanting and held Tailor's hand and the figurine was getting impatient .
She broke down the glass case with her power and an axe emerged in front of them , hanging in the mid of air and attacked them on their hands, so that, Father could leave Tailor's hand .
But Father was adamant not to leave Tailor's hand, and he softly spoke to Tailor 'it's time to end the game . At the count of 10 jumps with me in the sea .' And Father Henry started speaking his prayer .
The figurine laughed violently and her cracked screeching voice echoed in the air .
What do you think you will defeat me by jumping in the water , I am everywhere . Nobody can save him he is my prey 1001 sacrifice and I will retain my body and will become supreme ', and after this her black shadow covered them . She had spread herself in a doom, half on sea and half on them.
Father Henry still chanting his prayer started counting ' 1..2...3...4...5...6....7....8....9...and ...10 '. As the father counted 10 the figurine bumped her doom shaped body on them and that very moment Father Henry threw his holy beads towards her, and with a lightning the screams of the figurine buzzed around .
The holy beads created holes in her shadow and light of purity screeched through her .
Soon the figurine vanished from their and the holy beads glided down from the sky in the hands of Father .
Father Henry with a smile on his face 'Now what are your plans for the future .'