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The white mystery - 9

Mr.Tailor , sitting on the hospital's bed continued to narrate his story to Father Henry .
When the neighbouring villagers
told us the story of the haunted school of the vacant village we thought of exploring the haunted school.
The neighboring villagers requested us to not to visit the village as according to them the living who steps in that village never shows up.'
But we didn't take any heed of there perspective, and we stepped in the haunted horizon.
We took a survey of the whole village which was totally deserted. There were no creatures around not even a stray dog.
'We didn't, 't found anything unusual ', with a smile on his face Tailor continued, 'instead we played around in the cool air and went camping. But as the night came in we thought of visiting the haunted school.'
Swallowing the spit ,back in his throat Tailor continued ' it was Fedric and Sam first ,who thought of exploring the school and when they would throw a green signal light we me and Jhonson would follow them.'
'But as they went in, neither they nor a green signal came for half an hour. So, we two thought of going in, and it was a worse nightmare of our lives.'
The place was still and dark. As we entered we were standing in a long corridor which was covered with cobwebs . We flashed torch light in every room and called out to Fedric and Sam.
Suddenly a loud cry came from the floor above, and we rushed to see. The stairs were making creaking noise as they rushed up. But as they stepped up the cries died down and again silence ruled the dilapidated school.
Again we two called out to Fedric and Sam . Suddenly Jhonson came across fresh blood strained footprints.
Both of us started following them, and they stopped in front of a cupboard.
As we opened the wooden antique doors of the cupboard we saw it was dark and hollow and Jhonson flashed lights and stepped in laughing at it was a prank being played by Fedric and Sam.
He called out to both Sam and Fedriee…whenever you are please...and the wooden flooring under him opened up, and he fell in a subway. He shouted and called out to me and I to jump in the subway to save him!
I landed on a pile ...god forbid I had still had my search light in my hand .l flashed its light here and there, and I was shocked to see that their were dead bodies lying everywhere.
The thing on which I had landed was a pile of dead bodies . The place was stinking with the rottened dead bodies.Some of them still had skin on them and some were still oozing blood .
My subconscious mind gave me a jerk, and I moved my flashlight to the other corners of the room and I shouted for Johnson. In the meanwhile Andrew too stepped in the old building as we have not come back .
'Indeed a daredevil, and had a great hearing and smelling power . Sometimes in the navy, we used to call him the sniffing dog . He heard my voice calling out Jhonson and reached till the antique cupboard and called out to me .'
Their he too landed on the pile of dead corpses and are rigorous search for Jhonson started .
A cry from a distance fell on our ears and Andrew drew me to that direction. We saw Jhonson being dragged by himself and was blood was coming out from his body . He was crying for help and the walls were whispering 999.....'
Both of us leaped and caught hold of our buddy but an invisible energy pushed Andrew and banged his head on the wall . At the very moment, I caught hold of Jhonson and carried on my shoulders and ran toward the entrance of the subway. Andrew to follow me . Blood was coming out from Andrew's forehead from the corners of the temple.
As we rushed for our lives , a force moved us back . Suddenly, our flash lights started dimming down, and we stumbled on the dead bodies .
Now the place was completely dark we three lieing on the pile of bodies on which we had landed . The walls were continuously whispering 999, and we could feel an unknown energy around us .'
Tailor holding a glass of water continued 'I don't know what happened to me I for the first time in my life prayed to god, and unanimously shouted oh! God who are in the heaven, and I put Jhonson on my back and jumped in the subway, and Andrew to follow me.
The walls were now shouting 999...999 . But I kept on saying my school prayer and I jumped out of cupboard and gave my hand to pull Andrew . A that very moment I saw a veiled lady in white clothes coming behind Andrew . She tried to catch of his feet and pull him back , but I shouted in the name of Jesus leave us, and she was swallowed by the darkness .
I pulled my injured friends out of the old school and took them to the nearby village . Where the villagers nursed them . Then we went to the police station and narrated them the whole story .
Soon the police and arm forces investigated the place and 998 dead bodies were found in that dungeon . The school was burned to ashes by the police and the whole area was cleaned .
But when we three was leaving we were told not to step in Blue, HILLS again.'
Tailor lied down and said to Father Henry 'now, I understood the whole matter the veiled spirit which I saw in Blue, HILLS was the Veiled Lady.'
Father Henry 'now you have answered to your questions and now she is after you .'
999 Andrew, 1000 Johnson and 1001 will be you ! , and then she will become the most powerful spirit of the universe.'
Tailor, 'What ?'