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Intuition of Murder - 2

Anita and Rashmi had taken lunch in the canteen, change clothes in their room, freshen up and relax on the bed.

"Yes, now tell me, what did you come to hear?"

"Rashmi tells Anita what she here about with the inspector and the sir."

Listening to Rashmi's words, Anita says, "Yes man, it seems from your talk that Inspector Gupta will catch the killer soon.”Let's relax for a while now.

Rashmi was again in the same house called "Matrusadan". The same sofa, the same TV, the same furniture for the rest of the house, everything was the same, but this time it didn't look as dim as before. She could see it. The woman sitting next to her was lovingly playing and feeding her. Today she sees her face for the first time; her face shows immense love for him. She was wearing a pink salwar in which she was looking very pretty. Her hair was also curling like Rashmi's. Rashmi looked very happy. There was a cartoon channel on TV, she was watching and she was laughing. Suddenly, there is a loud knock on the main door of the house. Hearing that, Rashmi becomes completely silent. She looks in front of the woman sitting on the sofa in front of her, a wave of anger comes over her face too, and she stands up to open the door, tired of the frustration. As she opens the door, she gets very angry when she sees the person standing outside. They two seem to be fighting.

At the second moment, Rashmi's eye opens. But today she was not as frightened as before, today she was feeling a feeling of love, as if for the first time in his seventeen years of life. She feels someone special for her is there. It was five o'clock in the evening, she got up and went to the bathroom to take a look at Anita, and she was still sleeping comfortably. She is happy to see Anita's naive and innocent face, and thank God she has found such a good friend. She remembers a poem taught by a madam in Hindi, the essence of which was that we are born with all the relationships, parents, uncles, aunts, uncles, etc. but friend Doesn't come with birth, but creates itself. A friend is a relationship that you can choose for yourself, the rest of the relationship comes together automatically. A relationship with a friend can give happiness to an orphan as well as the whole family. Thinking like this, she comes out fresh from the bathroom, and comes and stands on the balcony. Then all of a sudden she comes up with an idea, she brings his drawing book, and she starts drawing a picture of the woman's face in the dream she saw. Rashmi was so busy drawing pictures that she didn't even know when Anita was standing next to her.

"Rashmi, such a beautiful woman, who is she?"

"Anita, even today I had a dream, but it was not as scary as before, this is the picture of the face of the woman I saw in the dream.

"She looks so beautiful, and I think when you grow up, her face will look almost like yours."

"Yes, very beautiful and loving too."

"If your drawing is done, let's go downstairs."

They hang out with friends all evening and come upstairs after dinner. Come into the room, talk for a while, and then go to bed.

Rashmi's mind was still wandering with the face she had seen in the afternoon and she did not even know when she met the eye while looking at it in her mind.


Rashmi was once again in the same house called "Matrusadan", but this time, she was not as young as before, but as she looks now. And every time she was with her, she would shout at the woman who was with her. The two of them were running all over the house, sometimes they were running upstairs, sometimes they were seen coming out of the downstairs bedroom, and as they were running towards the kitchen, they heard a gunshot from behind, and immediately it hit their backs. Feeling wet, as she goes to look back before her mom falls on her as if someone has pushed her mom from behind, she falls on Rashmi, Rashmi is pressed under him. As she turns around and tries to see the shooter, she is surprised, as no one was there. There was no one there except her and her mom, she wonders if anyone is behind, who fired the shot, she sees mom beside her in a blood-soaked state, and she is terrified and she shouts mom's name out loud. Anita wakes up with a shriek, and she looks at Rashmi. Rashmi was sitting on the bed. Her whole body was shaking and that she babbling likes hell. She immediately gets up and goes with her. When she came along, she saw that Rashmi's face was spread with sweat.

“What happened to Rashmi? He grabs Rashmi by the shoulders and shakes her.

He stares at Anita for a while, then turns around and starts crying. He cries and says to Anita, "She is my mother."

"Anita doesn't understand" Who is your mother? "

"The same one I saw in my dreams in the afternoon, which I drew in the evening. The one who was with me in the dream, playing with me is my mom. "

"But you don't know her, how can you saw your mom? One day, how did you know that she is your mom?"

"I dreamed again today that it was the same woman, I was calling her mom, and we were running around the house and he shot mom."

"Who shot her? Did you see her face? Do you recognize him?"

"I don't know but nobody was there"

"You mean there was no one! So who fired the shot?"

"I don't know anything?"

"Okay, okay, you calm down, let's go to sleep now. It was a dream, the dream is over now."

"Yeah, I know that was a dream but it was so real that I feel it was no dream but the real world."

Then Anita puts Rashmi to sleep with her.

When Rashmi woke up late at night, her head would get very heavy. This went on for a week. Gradually, Rashmi's health deteriorated, and whenever she slept, she would have the same dreams and panic. She also stopped going to school. She stayed in the hostel all day, now she was scared to sleep. When she slept, she was covered in the same blood that she had never seen before. She drank tea all day and tried to keep her sleep away. Drinking too much tea also made him suffer from acidity. She also had dark circles under his eyes due to lack of sleep.


To be continued

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