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Intuition of Murder - 7

Anita runs to her room to call Rashmi. "Rashmi, Dr Sameer got a call. He has just told us to come to his office."

"Did he get any information?" Rashmi happily stands up and asks Anita.

"Like you, I asked the same thing, but he said come and talk to us later, he must have got some information, that's why he would have called us to meet face to face or he would have talked on the phone."

After a few minutes, they both get ready and drive to the doctor's office. There was a strange commotion in Rashmi's mind. She also found Inspector Mehta a little strange. Rashmi still did not understand why he was looking at me like this. As she arrives at Sameer's office, she sees Inspector Mehta sitting in front of him. They two sit next to him, laughing a little in front of them.

Anita asks the doctor as soon as she sits down.

"Did you find out any information, Doctor?"

Meanwhile, Rashmi was looking at Mehtaji.

"Yeah, similar to our cash we had found once cash that why Mr. Mehta comes here, and Mehtaji takes the matter into his own hands and gives information in the police-style.

"After your departure, I first checked the records of our station. I was the head constable at that time but no such information was found in our station, so I checked in the central record system, so there were a lot of cases eleven years ago today, three of them. There were cases in which a woman was killed, the first woman was killed in an accident, a hit-and-run case, her car was deliberately hit, and the second woman was killed by her neighbour's paddle. The culprit was caught, but the third case in which the culprit has not been caught yet and the file is still open, so to my surprise, I opened the file in which a woman was shot in the forehead and everything was just clear in my mind when I looked at the woman's face in the photo.

This is Maninagar police station cash, Inspector Gohil was on duty at that time, and I was with him on duty as Head Constable. We got the call from a random guy that someone had murdered one lady in the house so we move to that address, when we reached there, we saw a crowd outside the house. As we parked the car in front of the bungalow, our eyes fell on the nameplate next to the door with the words "Matrusadan" written on it. Upon entering the house, there was a five-year-old girl fell on the sofa. At first glance, it looked as if she had died, but an examination revealed that she had fainted. She was knocked unconscious by an injury to the back of her head. The body of the murdered woman fell in the kitchen, shot right in the middle of the forehead, in the same way as Rashmi sees in her dreams.

Rashmi was listening intently to Mehtaji. She feels like Mehtaji was describing her dreams.

But Anita did not stay quiet. "Mehta sir, how do you know from this case that the dream that Rashmi has is the same as the Matrusadan house you are talking about?"

Mehtaji is staring at Rashmi and talking further"

"I can say for sure that the woman who was killed was Rashmi's mother because in what I told you when we got home, the five-year-old girl who was lying unconscious on the sofa were someone else. No, it was Rashmi herself. "

Rashmi and Anita are stunned.

How did you know that Rashmi was the same girl you saw in that house eleven years ago?"

"Because inspector Gohil was the person who sent Rashmi to her sister Geeta in Nainital. Inspector Gohil was a very good man. He died tragically in an accident two years ago. No other relative of Rashmi was found while the case was being investigated. So Gohil sir kept Rashmi with him, knowing that if Rashmi was alive, he might be attacked again, so he declared that you too had died. Talked to his sister, because his sister was not married, so he knew that Rashmi could fill the void of her life, and she could give Rashmi better life. When you came to meet me at the police station, I thought that Rashmi has seen somewhere, but could not remember. Then Dr Sameer said that she is studying in Nainital, so it occurred to me that it might be the same girl with Gohil sir!, and based on my suspicions, I found the file after further investigation.

Rashmi doesn't know whether she should be happy or sad, after all these years she found out that her mother is, but the sad thing is that she doesn't exist. Rashmi drinks some water and asks Mehta, sir. "

What was my mom's name and you said nothing about my father."

"Your mother's name was Madhuriben. We did not find your father's whereabouts at that time, nor did we find out anything about him. We searched the house but did not find anything."

"Who killed Rashmi's mother sir?"

"Anita, I still regret the fact that we were not able to catch her killer. Many times Mr Gohil and I investigated but no information was found."

The doctor takes a drawing book from Rashmi.

"Mehta sir, Rashmi makes pictures according to the dreams that come to her."

Mr Mehta is a little surprised to see the pictures.

Rashmi made those very good pictures.

"one minute, I remember, we also saw a lot of pictures in the frame in that house, I think you must have inherited the painting, either from your mother or your father."

Looking at the picture of her mother drawn by Rashmi, Mehta sir it is quite certain that this was the same woman whom he had seen in the police file.

Looking at the pictures, then book returns to Rashmi.

"I'm so sorry for your mom Rashmi"

Then Mehtaji looks at Doctor Sameer and asks for leave.

Mr Mehta leaves Anita, Rashmi and Doctor Sameer thinking and leaves. But as he leaves, he knocks on the door,

"Doctor, there is a request that in this case, we did our best to catch the killer on our behalf, but it has not come into our hands yet. If you have any information about it, please let me know. I will put it behind bars."

Anita and Rashmi are staring at each other, they don't know what to do now but looking at Doctor Sameer's face it seemed as if they knew something.


Mehta sir leaves the three of them thinking and leaves his office.

Anita looks in front of the doctor and says.

"What shall we do now, sir?"

"What do you mean; we got to know what we wanted to know. The dreams that Rashmi has are not just dreams but a reality, her mother was murdered. Which Mr Mehta also proved with evidence? Her mother was murdered What she had was a collection in his subconscious mind that was coming to her through dreams and today she has come to know it.”

Rashmi looks at the doctor and speaks,

"But even though we know what we wanted to know, why does it seem incomplete? If it is true that my mother was killed, then where will my father be?" I don't even know if he is alive or not. And even in dreams, nothing is known about them. Anita holds Rashmi's hand and says,

"But Rashmi, what can we do about it?, you heard what Mr Mehta said, even police cant did not find your mother's murderer or your father, how can we find them? You don't put too much burden on your mind."

Doctor Sameer was listening intently to both of them.

Anita looks in front of him and gestures to explain to Rashmi,

"Did I say something wrong, sir?"

"Anita, There is a person who can tell us about Rashmi's father," says the doctor.

Suddenly there is a twinkle in Rashmi's eye; they both stare at the doctor in amazement,

"Who is that person, Doctor?"

Anita asks curiously,


Rashmi and Anita don't understand anything from the doctor's revelation.

"Madhuriben is Rashmi's late mother, but how can that be, how can a dead person give us information?"

"You forgot Anita! How you found out that Rashmi is from Ahmedabad?

Anita and Rashmi have a flash of lightning in their brains.

"I am not saying that it was a miracle. But Rashmi already knew which her city was. But for some reason, she forgot it, but somewhere in the depths of her subconscious mind, her past is stored. As I told you earlier it was said that if an event happens during the day which coincides with what is in your mind, it appears to you like a dream. You sat down together that day and made a list. Yes, Rashmi knew that it was just a coincidence and she found out."

"So what do you say that Rashmi knows her father? She also knows his name?"

"I'm just saying there's a possibility that if she knew, she would automatically know in a dream."

Rashmi was listening intently to both of them and then says

"I've never talked to my mom in a dream, I don't know if she'll talk to me, I don't know if she'll talk about my dad, and another important thing is to talk to her maybe." Time is needed. You are not the only one to stay in dreams for a long time. I wake up before I have time. It is not in my hands to stay in dreams as long as I want."

"But it is in my hands"

Doctor Sameer detonates the bomb. Rashmi and Anita look at him in amazement. The doctor stares at them for a moment.

"Tell me soon, sir, how it is possible for you?"

Rashmi asks hurriedly.

"I think you're ready for hypnosis now."

"What? Can this be made possible by hypnotism?" Anita says,

"Yes I can give a little more time to Rashmi with the help of hypnotism"

"But you were saying that it could endanger Rashmi, she could go into a coma, and it is harmful to her." Anita feels worried about Rashmi.

"It was true, but now Rashmi's mental state is not the same as before, now she knows about her mom, there is no confusion in her mind and she knows that now her mom is dead, she is not to be met. When in the beginning Rashmi's brain was confused I can't hypnotize at such a time."

"So Rashmi, you are ready, I can't hypnotize you without your permission."

.Rashmi takes one look at Anita and then tells the doctor with the utmost confidence.

"Yes, I'm ready."

Just do one thing; you Sleep comfortably on the divan lying.I'll be ready by then."

"Anita, don't make any noise during hypnosis, otherwise Rashmi will be in danger."

"Okay, I'll keep quiet."

The doctor also called and informed his assistant that there would be no disturbance, and put the receiver of the phone aside, and took a small table and sat down next to Rashmi.

"Rashmi, listen carefully my instructions now, when you are in a dream, try to remember what you see, and whatever you hear, speak to me orally, so that I too may know what situation you are in, and when I feel. That now you should wake up from your dreams, I will play a pinch and you will wake up as soon as you hear that."

"Now if you see that round board in front of you with black and white round lines are drawn on it, start looking at it carefully and try to keep your mind calm till it happens."

Rashmi continues to see round board according to the doctor. At first, she could hear the doctor's voice, but then she gradually stopped hearing it as it went away, and her eyes slowly closed.

When Rashmi opened her eyes, she was in the same filthy room again, the same bed where her mother's body was lying last time. She immediately realizes that she is in a dream. But she didn't have her mom with her; she just sat on the bed and looked around. There was a curtain over the window of the room and the light was coming into the room from the shaking of the curtain, from which it was felt that the light of day was spreading outside. She hears a melodious sound again, coming down the stairs.

"Son, if you wake up, gets ready. But as if Rashmi wants to hear that voice again, she doesn't answer, so Madhuriben's voice comes up the stairs, Rashmi knew that this is a dream, even though Madhuriben doesn't exist in the real world. But she was feeling happy from inside. And in a few moments, Madhuriben is seen entering the room with a pile of clothes in her hand. A wave of happiness appears on Rashmi's face.

"If you awake, why don't you speak?"

As Madhuriben goes to open the closet, Rashmi hugs him from behind, Madhuriben looks in front of him with love and kisses her cheek, as she opens the closet so Rashmi sees the pictures lying in it, she immediately comes next to her mother and starts taking pictures. She looks at the pictures one by one, and as she looks, her eyes are fixed on one picture, in which two people are walking hand in hand and their eyes are looking at each other with love. They looked like a romantic couple from a movie. Rashmi recognizes the woman on the left, she was Madhuriben but could not recognize the man who was with her so she looks in front of her mother, Madhuriben was going to open the window curtain,

"Mommy, who is the other person with you in this photo?" Rashmi spoke to her mother for the first time. Hearing Rashmi's question, Madhuriben's hand stops opening the curtain. Facial expressions had changed; laughter on his face was replaced by anger. Rashmi felt that she had done something wrong by asking, now she had to know what was going to happen and even after being asked nothing could happen. So she was eagerly awaiting Madhuriben's reply.

"Rashmi, remember this is the first and last time you ask this question and I don't want to talk about that ugly person a second time."

"Okay mom, I made a mistake. I won't ask you again, but if you tell me once, who is the real person in the photo, the one you're holding hands with?" Rashmi says in a sad voice,

"His name is Arvind Zaveri, and he was a failed painter, he is your father but you don't need to remember him anymore, you don't even need to know where he is, whether he dies or lives, that's all you are my daughter Remember”

Madhuriben angrily approaches Rashmi and walks out of the room taking all the pictures from the closet. Rashmi watches her go away without saying anything and immediately she hears a voice. One-two-three and a pinch. Rashmi goes back to the doctor's office in the real world. But as soon as she wakes up, her head feels very heavy. She tells the doctor about it. The doctor tells him to go to sleep comfortably, and gives her two or three pills and puts him back to sleep.

Anita is a little worried so she looks at the doctor anxiously. The doctor looks at her and understands that she comes to her chair and explains to Anita, this is a normal reaction; there is no need to panic. After hypnotism, the brain begins to feel stressed; everything will be fine when she wakes up.

A doctor shows Anita the points he wrote that Rashmi spoke during hypnotism. Anita is happy to see,

"So, Rashmi's father was also a painter so Rashmi inherited the painting from her father."

"Yes, and there is another thing that Rashmi used to say that Madhuriben got angry as soon as she talked about her father and started talking about him as it was. This means that her parent's relationship was not good. That is why there was no information about her father at the time of Maduriben's murder. They may have been separated, living apart, and May Arvind Zaveri is still alive."

"Anita also thinks for a while"

"So what do you mean he's still alive?"

"I can't say for sure. This could be a possibility. Otherwise, we have to investigate. We have his name, and we also know that he is a painter. Based on that much information, we can investigate further."

Anita and the doctor sit in their office waiting for Rashmina to wake up; meanwhile, Anita called home and said that she would have to stay at the doctor's office at night as Rashmi was still asleep.

Hearing this, Rasikbhai is worried about Rashmi, so he arrives at his office late at night. Even when he arrives, Rashmi was in a deep sleep as if she was sleeping for years.


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