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Intuition of Murder - 4

Rashmi and Anita come home after seeing the doctor. While everyone was sitting and talking at night, Anita talks to Rasikbhai and Vidyaben about all the conversations with the doctor.

Vidyaben is very happy to hear about going to the doctor's temple and doing yoga pranayama.

"Anita, you go to meet Krishnadev Maharaj tomorrow, you know and his ashram is just behind the temple, where he also teaches yoga pranayama in the morning"

Anita looks in front of Rashmi, slowly both of them smile. Because as soon as Anita left the doctor's office and told Rashmi that we would talk to Mommy and Daddy at home, Mommy would be very happy to hear this, as Vidyaben already wanted Rashmi to come in contact with Maharaj.

"Well, mom we're going to go to the temple early in the morning."

"Come on Rashmi, if you have to get up early in the morning, you have to go to bed early now and God forbid you don't have dreams today, otherwise your sleep will be disturbed and you will not be able to wake up early in the morning"

Rashmi comes into the room with Anita without saying anything and sleeps with her.


They get up early in the morning, get ready, and go to the temple. They first go to the temple for darshan. When entering the temple Rashmi feels different pleasure. They go to the back of the temple after visiting. The temple and the ashram were built in a large field.

In which there was a road behind the temple to go to the ashram. Rashmi and Anita enter the door of the ashram. There the followers of the maharaja draw their way, where many people were sitting in a large field doing yoga. Anita and Rashmi's minds are overwhelmed by the calm and pleasant atmosphere of the morning, and the sanctity of the temple and the ashram. Krishnadev Maharaj was also seen sitting in a yoga posture on a high seat in front of the meadow. Rashmi and Anita sit quietly in a corner and they too imitate Maharaj and start doing yoga. After about half an hour the maharaja takes a deep breath, utters the name of Om aloud, and continues chanting continuously till the breath comes out of the body. All the devotees sitting in the field imitate him. All the devotees were feeling the positive energy created in the atmosphere by the utterance of Om.

After completing the yoga work all the devotees slowly start coming out, Anita and Rashmi wait till all the devotees leave, after staying for a while they go to their seat to meet Maharaj. The maharaja sees them coming and welcomes them and requests them to sit beside him. Anita and Rashmi take Maharaj by the legs and sit with him.

"Maharaj, this is my friend Rashmi, she is studying with me. She has been here with us for a few days now as she is not feeling well."

"Yes son, yesterday Vidyabe told me all about Rashmi. However, it would be better if you talk to me once."

"Everything that Anita said in the doctor's office yesterday is being told to Maharaj again"

Listening to Anita's words, Maharaj falls into deeper thought, because Rashmi's mental state seemed different from what Vidyabah had told him and what Anita had said today.

After thinking for a while, Rashmi says, "Son, it is very natural for a man to have dreams. Dreams are a reflection of the thoughts in our distant minds. If a man cannot say something to someone, if he is living in his mind, if he is talking to himself, things are hidden in the distance mind. When something happens during the day that coincides with something in our distance, then we see it through dreams at night. But in your case, the same dream comes, again and again; it may mean that your intuition knows something that your conscious mind has forgotten. So your distance mind is trying to remind you through dreams. You just have to think deeply about your dream. Thinking deeply about each of your dreams will be a sign that your conscious mind needs to know. If you succeed in knowing that, your subconscious mind will calm down and you may stop dreaming. "

Rashmi and Anita were listening to Maharaj very carefully. After finishing Maharaj's talk, Rashmi looked in front of Anita and thought, and then both of them got on Maharaj's feet and left.


Both of them get out of the ashram and sit in the car and reach home. By the time they reach home, both of them remain quite calm.

As soon as she reaches home, Vidyaben asks Rashmi, "How did you feel, son?"

Rashmi felt good so she says to Aunty, "Auntie, feels very calm in her mind."

"you will Rashmi, you will get better soon in the company of Maharaj. Come, Anita, I had to make your favourite meal you.

Anita and Rashmi go to sit in the room.

"Anita, I was thinking about Maharaj's words. He says there should be a sign in my dreams. What do you think?"

"I was thinking the same thing; the Maharaja has given us a new direction to think. So let's do something. According to him, we should get links to the dreams that you have seen so far. Maybe you can get something out of this. You can also bring your picture book."

Both of them spend a lot of time looking at pictures, Rashmi once again tells Anita about her dreams.

"If Rashmi has done so far, we have got so much information.

The woman you see in your dreams is your mother.

The name of the house you see in your dreams is "MatruSadan".

Someone shot and killed your mom, just as our principal was murdered.

"Thinking about these entire incidents one by one, I also think that maybe your mom must have been murdered and the other important thing is that your mom was murdered, so where is your father So far no information about him. Not found.

"Listening to Anita, Rashmi also thinks that if her mother was killed, then her father would have been killed too. Who is he? Now I was anxious to know. "

"Anita, I don't even know where we should start, I don't even know where I come from, where is my village, which is my city, we just have a name, just a house" Mother House"

"You'll find Rashmi too; you have to be a little patient, now we'll just find out where your roots are. You relax now, I'm thinking of something."

Then Anita spends all day thinking but can't find any way. In the evening she goes out shopping with Rashmi. They are very tired when they come home after shopping. Vidyaben insists on eating but the two do not sit down to eat as they are having breakfast outside and go straight to their room.

"Anita was lost in thought when Rashmi came out of the bathroom.

"What you about to think Anita?"

"I have an idea of where should we start?"

"Hearing this, Rashmi runs and comes close to her and sits down. Tell me as soon as possible what the ball should do."

"If we have got all the information so far from dreams, then we should get the next information from dreams."

"Rashmi doesn't understand, what do you mean?"

"I mean, when you're with your mom in a dream, just ask her where we live, in which city is our home, who is your father? Who killed you?"

"But how can that be? I haven't talked to my mom yet in my dreams."

"If the Maharaja says in the morning that our dreams are a reflection of our mind, then whatever is in the mind can also come in dreams?"

"Listening to Anita, Rashmi thinks of something. You are right. I will try it. Now come up with a dream in which there is no killer and if mom and I are alone, we will have time to talk."

Well, let's go to sleep now, maybe that dream will come to you today.


When Rashmi opened her eyes, she had a strange kind of feeling. She was surprised that ever since Madame's murder and the series of dreams that followed, her life seemed to be moving in a new direction. From the day she woke up early in the morning, her head was heavy and she felt restless. People used to get very refreshed when they woke up, but when Rashmi woke up, she felt very tired and bored.

But today he did not feel anything like that. She is happy in his mind that, I have stopped dreaming now. And she looks in front of Anita's bed to wake her up to give her good news, to her surprise Anita's bed wasn't even there. He slowly looks around the room. There was an old fan on the ceiling, which was slowly turning, the colour on the walls had faded and crusts were falling from it. There was a table next to her bed with an ashtray on it. In which there were cigarette butts, she suddenly realizes that this is not her room. She could also smell cigarette smoke all over the room. If Anita and I never smoke cigarettes, then who smoked this cigarette? Where am I? Where is Anita? Whose house is this? Many such questions go through her mind like a hammer. She slowly gets up from the bed and takes a look at her clothes. She wore a beautiful dress, but she did not have one. She sees a closet lying in front of her. She gets up and goes in front of it and opens it. There were a lot of pictures in it. She looks at one or two pictures. The paintings were very well made. She was an artist herself so she could understand how meticulously those paintings were made. A full-size mirror was placed next to it. Standing in front of her, she felt as if she was looking at herself in the mirror for the first time, her hair looked more curly than it was now and it was long, a curly braid at the front was coming up to her cheeks, black circle under her eyes was not there either. And her face was glowing like never before. The off-white dress she was wearing had a very tight-fitting on her body. This enhanced the beauty of her limbs. Rashmi feel little embarrassed, she had never seen herself so intently in so many years. Suddenly the sound of someone's slow footsteps was heard on the stairs, the sound was slowly increasing, someone was coming up, and it was as if someone was knocking on the door after a while. Rashmi is scared in her mind, she knew that she was in a dream so there must be such a murderer in the dream but why mom is not visible, it is not that the murderer has killed her and now he is coming to kill herself, such evil in her mind Just as the thoughts were moving, she saw the door handle spin, her heart was pounding. She could also hear the sound of her heartbeat, sweat dripping from her forehead, she felt like the door would open now and she would shoot and suddenly, the door opened, and she closed her frightened eyes and immediately she hears a melodious sound.

"Are you all right, dear?"

Rashmi sees an unexpected voice and opens her eyes and she is overjoyed. Her mom was standing in front of her, she ran and hugged her. She hugs her so hard that her mom starts choking; she pulls Rashmi away from her.

Rashmi looks at her mom as she separates from her mom.

"Are you out of your mind? When are you getting ready? I told you not to be late. We are going to Kankaria lack. Then we will go for dinner also in the evening and then his mother takes Rashmi by the hand and takes her out of the room.

And Rashmi's eyes open. As soon as she opens her eyes, Rashmi is overjoyed. When she is alone with her mother in her dreams, she is very happy. But in the second moment, she would fly away as if someone had shot her in this thought because in dreams she is not always alone and there is also a murderer.

Rashmi tries to wake up Anita, Anita hugs in bed.

Anita says, "Rashmi, are you ready to go to school? It's time to go to school."

Rashmi laughs a little; she climbs on top of Anita.

"Anita pushes Rashmi to sleep" Rashmi let me sleep.

"Anita, my disease has taken hold of you, are you also dreaming? Get up, we are also going to go there to learn yoga of Maharaj, it will be too late" Rashmi says.

Anita is overjoyed that she immediately jumps up like a spring, as Rashmi used to pick her up many times later.

"What's the matter, you woke up so early today, it seems like dreams have stopped coming," Anita says.

"Oh, no Anita, dreams come, until I find out about my mom and my dad, I don't think they will stop."

"So did any dream today?"

"Yes, it came today too, but it was not as ugly as every day, today was a very beautiful dream" and Rashmi recounts the whole dream to Anita.

As Rashmi's words come to an end, Anita gets up and starts jumping with great joy. Rashmi doesn't understand what happened to Anita all of a sudden.

"Are you crazy? Why are you jumping?"

"Hey Rashmi, our work is done"

"Rashmi still doesn't understand anything; she looks at Anita in confusion"

"Which work?"

I know where is your home, your mother's house in which city?"

"How did you know?"

"you only tell now, in a dream, you and mom are going to Kankaria lake, so you don't know where is Kankaria lack?"

"You are right, Anita, I did not pay attention to that, it means my home is in Ahmedabad, I am also from Ahmedabad like you."

"Both of them are very happy and start making fun of each other by taking pillows."

Hearing their laughter, Vidyaben also comes into the room.

It is heartwarming to see both of them having fun like this after so many days.

"Tell me, what makes you so happy?"

"Let's go with Dad first, I'll tell you both together" and the three of them go to Dad's room. In the room, Anita hugs her father happily. Rasikbhai is also happy. What could be happier for a father than for his daughter to be so happy in the morning and embrace himself? Only the daughter who is the father can understand happiness when the daughter is very happy and hugs the father.

"What happened, son? Why do you look so happy today?"

"Dad, we have found out, which is the city of Rashmi? Where is the mother's house that she sees in her dreams?"

Rasikbhai and Vidyaben are surprised that Vidyaben doesn't stay, she immediately asks.

"How did you know?"

Anita talks to them in detail, that they had prepared a list of issues based on how the Maharaja gave him a new direction to think and also talks about the dreams that Rashmi had last night.

Listening to her whole story, Rasikbhai laughs and says, "Wow, Rashmi, you are from our city!"

Anita gets serious and says to her father, "Now that we know about the city, how will we know if Rashmi's mother was killed?"

"I will think of it, you're ready to go to the temple. I'm thinking of something."

Vidyaben's happiness is unsurpassed, she was happy that the contact with the maharaja helped Rashmi.

Anita and Rashmi get ready and go to Maharaj's ashram where they learn yoga pranayama like yesterday. And after the study is over they go to the maharaja, talks to him about the dream event that happened at night and comes home with his blessings.


To be continued........

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