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Intuition of Murder - 5

Rashmi comes home and spends the day drawing pictures of the dreams she had at night, and Anita helps her mom with the housework.

Today Rashmi was waiting for night to fall, she will have to meet her mom again in her dreams at night but she didn't know if she will have the same dream again or if she will have a murderous dream.


When Rashmi opens her eyes, she sees the same old fan on the ceiling, which was slowly turning, the same crusty walls. She immediately realizes that she is in a dream. But this time she was not alone in her dreams. There seemed to be someone sleeping next to her in her bed. She takes one look; her mom was sleeping next to her. Rashmi immediately grabs her hand. But holding her hand, her mother's hand felt hot as if she had a fever and she was fast asleep. She gets up from the bed, inspects the surroundings, the same old house stuff was lying, the cigarette butts lying in the ashtray on the table, the stench of cigarettes in the room, the closet in front of her was all the same. She remembers seeing pictures in the closet last time she wants to see more pictures. Just as she goes to the closet and tries to open the door, the sound of someone's footsteps is heard, a fear is produced in his mind, because she knew, if her mom was with her then who would be out. She immediately realizes he must be the killer. She is so frightened that she can't even move her legs as if they are stuck on the ground. Gradually, the sound of footsteps came closer and closer, as the sound of footsteps came closer, Rashmi's heartbeat increased drastically. She saw the shadow of someone standing outside from under the door, and the next moment there was a loud knock on the door. Opening up, a tall man in a black jacket and jeans appears in front of her. He was holding a gun in his hand but Rashmi could not see his face. This was the first time Rashmi had seen the killer, but she did not know who his face was. Rashmi sees him slowly moving towards her mom with a very strong step. His gun was pointing at her mom. Rashmi immediately realizes that he has come to kill his mom so she runs and stands between him and mom. Arriving between Rashmi, he can't hit the target, so he moves two coats to the side and fires. Rashmi also moves two steps forward in the same direction as she moves just before firing. So the bullet hits Rashmi, and she bounces and falls on top of mom. Feeling the wetness on her back she immediately turned around and looked in front of her mom, the bullet pierced Rashmi and hit her in the forehead. And blood was flowing from there. Mom's whole mouth was covered in blood. She turns her head and looks in front of the killer, as Rashmi was still conscious. She sees the killer running out the door, and slowly Rashmi's eyes close and he sits up in bed.

For three days in a row, the same series of dreams continue, Rashmi's life goes back to hell. She also stops going for a yoga practice at the ashram. She stays at home all day with Anita. This is how the week of meeting doctor Sameer is over.


Once again Anita and Rashmi were sitting in front of him in Doctor Sameer's office today.

"Yeah, so how are you Rashmi? Tried to practice yoga last week, any new dreams this week?"

Rashmi is completely silent; she can't even answer the doctor's question. So in the end, it is Anita who has to move on.

Anita recounts the whole chronology of last week to the doctor.

"Hmm" a heavy roar comes from the doctor's throat.

"The maharaja, whom you met, he said is also true to some extent from science. Our dreams show the reflection of thought of our subconscious mind. Anita, you both have done a good job that you sat down and explained the whole thing. In almost all such cases the patient himself As long as the mind is strong and there is someone to understand it, the patient's problem will be solved soon. "

"Sameer Sir Rashmi's dreams are getting worse now than before, and her health is getting worse than before"

"The doctor is silent for a while and looks at the list of points he has made and sits with his eyes closed as if he is lost in deep thought by moving his revolving chair to the side."

Anita and Rashmi sit quietly in front of each other and sit quietly, waiting for the doctor to say something. After a while, the doctor looks in front of Rashmi.

"Rashmi, tell me one thing with deep thinking, did you ever see the face of a murderer in the dreams you had last week and the dreams you had before?"

Rashmi listens to the doctor's question and falls into deep thought, trying to think in advance. Dreams do not come to mind so quickly, when you are in a dream it seems very real, but as you wake up and you try to remember it but do not remember it, there are very few dreams that you remember for a long time living. And another characteristic of dreams is that when you wake up from a dream and think about a dream, you do not remember where you came from in the dream, where it started.

"No sir, I saw the killer in my dreams only four days ago, before this I can feel his presence but I never saw his face before."

"If you saw him standing in front of you in a dream, couldn't you recognize him? Didn't he even see his face?"

"I remember her clothes, he was tall, he was wearing a jacket and jeans, and he had a gun in his right hand. Rashmi also described what the gun looked like in the pictures. It was a gun that could hold six bullets. It's the same with the cops, but, weirdly, his face wasn't visible. "

"Didn't you see the face? How did it happen? He just opened the door and came in and stood in front of you, didn't you see his face?"

The doctor asked Rashmi with a little surprise,

"Honestly, sir, I couldn't see his face, either it was dim, or I don't remember, I can't say much more. I just remember that he shot my mon, the bullet hit me, then hit my mom in the forehead. And I saw him go to the door. Then I saw mom and stayed for a while. My eyes closed and I woke up."

"It's a natural process from our body. For example, our eyes close when we sneeze, our heart stops beating for a moment when we sneeze, just like when we die in a dream. We go, and then we wake up. ”

Rashmi looks in front of Anita, they both knew that Rashmi's problem was not so normal, as the doctor explained to them instinctively; Rashmi was so frightened that when she woke up her pyjamas got wet, but out of shame she did not tell the doctor.

The doctor once again looks at his written point and asks Rashmi.

"Do you remember when dream end and you wok up? When the shot is fired you woke up, or after that, you are still in the dream."

Rashmi thinks again. In the last three days, this dream has come to her many times, sometimes a murderer would break down the door and come in, sometimes he would open the door by turning the handle, sometimes he would shoot and break the lock of the door, and similarly, sometimes the bullet would hit Rashmi in the stomach, sometimes in the chest. But every time the bullet hit her mother in the middle of the forehead and Rashmi would turn towards her and look at her mouth and also see the killer coming out of the door.

Rashmi was in deep thoughts Anita and the doctor was waiting for her answer.

"No doctor, I can say for sure that I was still there after I was shot and I saw the killer running out the door."

"Hmm" again the same deep heavy roar emanating from the doctor's throat.

"It means you were present in the dream as long as the dream allowed you to be present there. Exactly until the very end, you see it going out."

"Rashmi and Anita's faces look confused; they didn't understand the doctor yet."

"Anita asks" We understand that but what difference does it make?"

"It makes a difference Anita, Rashmi's conscious mind does not want to dream but, her subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind so she wants to live in these dreams"

"That's ok, you just hypnotize her and make her ok like earlier."

"No, don't be in such a hurry, at least not on the current stage; don't be in a hurry in the work of the brain. Hypnotism is not a game, I can't control Rashmi's mind as right now her mind is in confusion stage, if I can't control her she will stay in the dream forever."

"Hearing this, Anita goes silent."

Listening to the doctor, Rashmi has an idea in her mind that if she stays in a dream, she can stay with her mother, her father can also get it, but at the second moment, this idea seems very childish to her.

"Meanwhile, the doctors were looking at their written points and ticking them one by one."

"Okay let's go ahead now," the doctor told to Rashmi,

"Did you say that there was an ashtray on the table in the room with cigarette butts in it?"

"Yes, that's true"

"Now give me the perfect answer to what I'm asking, in all honesty. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?"

"They are both very surprised to hear this question."

"Rashmi has just spoken. What are you talking about, sir? I have never smoked."

Anita calms Rashmi "Rashmi, you calm down, Doctor is doing his job, he asks the question as required in treatment"

"No Doctor, I have known Rashmi since childhood. She never smoked."

"Okay and you can smell that cigarette smoke in the room, right?"

Rashmi gets a little confused, why the doctor keeps asking the same question over and over again.

"Yeah, I can identify the smell of cigarette, so what if I don't smoke cigarettes."

"Listening to Rashmi's words, a look of surprise appears on the doctor's face. He pretends to be talking to himself." How is this possible? "

Anita sees the doctor talking to herself and asks him. "What is the problem? Doctor"

"Anita, in my experience of so many years, I have never seen a man experience smell in dreaming."

"Why doctor, we can't smell in the dream?"

"We cannot smell in the dream, we can laugh, we can cry, even we can die, but the smell can feel. This is not psychologically true."

"When Rashmi insists that she smells, even of cigarettes, even though she doesn't smoke herself."

"So what's next? What could be the reason? Rashmi asks the doctor."

The doctor gets up from his chair and walks in the office.

"Anita do one thing you make coffee for us from the machine, I'll think of something until then,

Anita gets up and brings coffee for the three of them, the doctor seems to be brainwashed after drinking hot coffee, he brings a book from his closet and puts it on the table, turns a few pages in it, then looks in front of Anita and Rashmi.

"Rashmi, in your case, there is probably a possibility. The maharaja you met also talked about such a possibility. I think that the dreams that Rashmi has are dreams, but dreams born from her memory. It is stored somewhere in the depths. The subconscious mind is pointing towards something and these dreams cannot be stopped until Rashmi knows it. "

Hearing this, Anita asks the doctor, "I mean, just like Rashmi finds out in her dreams that she is from Ahmedabad. Her mother's house is also in Ahmedabad, so if we can get to the truth of this, we can also know that Rashmi's mother's murder too? Where is her father? We can also know”

"Yes Anita, it is possible that if we find the answer to any of the questions you had asked so far in the real world with evidence, it proves that there must be some sign hidden in Rashmi's dreams and we should find it."

"So you will help us too?"

"Yes, yes, why not! This will be a new achievement for science as well."

Anita and Rashmi are happy to hear the doctor help them, and say, "Doctor, let's start the journey from our dreams to reality."


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