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Intuition of Murder - 10 - last part

Rashmi's mind was full of anger about her father. She was also very quiet in the car. Arriving home, the evening falls. Going home, Anita talks to Rasikbhai. Rasikbhai comforts Rashmi,

"Rashmi, don't worry, we are with you. And if you think the other way around, you used to think that you didn't have your parents since you were a child. So now thinking about the possibility which has not been proved yet, what is the use of anger, if we meet Arvindbhai once again tomorrow, Rashmi takes a deep breath.

Vidyaben giving milk to Anita and Rashmi, and says,

"You rest now, son."

Anita and Rashmi were walking towards their room after drinking milk when the phone rang and Rasikbhai, who was sitting next to the phone, picked up the phone.

"Hello, can I talk to Rasikbhai?" I am Anita and Rashmi's Santosh Sir from Anand Niketan School in Nainital.”

"Yes, yes, Santosh sir, speaking."

Rashmi and Anita's legs freeze as soon as they hear Santosh Sir's name. Why did Santosh get such a late call? The two look at each other, and immediately come to Rasikbhai's side and stand up.

"Sir, is everything all right?" Why did you have to call all night? ”

Like Anita and Rashmi, Rasikbhai is also surprised that Santosh Sir's phone call came so late at night. So he asks Santosh Sir the above question.

"Rasikbhai, everything is fine, first tell me that is Rashmi with you?, Rasikbhai immediately looks in front of Rashmi, and replies,

"Yes, sir, she is with us."

"You can do one thing, take it and come here to Nainital immediately, please."

"But is there a problem?"

"Rasikbhai, the talk is very long, it doesn't happen on the phone. I have a lot to tell you, and yes, how is Rashmi's health now? I mean how she is being treated?"

"Santosh sir, she is very good now, I also have a lot to tell you about Rashmi, what we have found out is nothing short of a miracle."

"Then bring Rashmi as soon as you can, let's talk face to face and Santosh sir puts down the phone."

Rashmi and Anita seemed to be going up and down to find out what was going on, it seemed from their faces. Anita hurriedly asks her father,

"What happened, Dad?" Why did Santosh Sir get a call? And what did he say about Rashmi? ”

"Santosh sir has told us to come to Nainital immediately. He has something important to say. I think it will be about Rashmi, that's why he has asked us to bring Rashmi with us."

"Didn't say anything, Uncle?"

"No Rashmi, he just told me that you need to bring Rashmi, and the talk is too long. I do one thing, let me inform Samir also, let's take him with us, because he has helped a lot in Rashmina's case. And if he is with us, Rashmi's health will not be a concern."

With that, he calls Samir and explains the whole thing, and hangs up.

"He is ready to come with us. Anita now, you and Rashmi relax. I am preparing to leave for tomorrow."

Anita and Rashmi come to their room. As they entered the room, Rashmi tells Anita,

"Anita, we had to go to Arvindbhai's house tomorrow, didn't we?"

"But Santosh sir has said so urgently right now, so we have to go. Maybe, as we have found out about your past, in the same way, he also has got some information, or maybe he has got some special information about Madam Gita's killer. We will know what will happen only after we go there, and even then we have been trying to meet Arvindbhai for the last several days, a few more days.”

"Anita, I don't know how many secrets are still hidden in my past. My life brings new secrets to me every day, how long will it go on like this? "

"Don't worry. I will always be with you. If there is any exam, we will pass it together."

And Anita hugs Rashmi, and they fall asleep.


Rashmi was sitting on the sofa playing with toys, and her mom was doing something in the kitchen. She sees the main door of the house opening. The door opens and a person enters, Rashmi immediately recognizes him, as he had visited her several times before. The oncoming person approaches her first and moves towards her following a very quiet pressing. And slowly pulls a gun out of his jacket pocket, and stands aiming at Rashmi. Rashmi is looking right in front of him, and the oncoming person is also looking in front of Rashmi, he took aim to shoot, but he could not shoot, and from there starts walking towards the kitchen, Rashmi sees him leaving. And as soon as he reaches the kitchen, there is a huge explosion. Rashmi starts crying when she hears the bang, and then she hears someone coming behind her, and the next moment she is hit in the head. And she faints, and immediately her eyes open.

Rashmi sits on the bed. Her sitting also disturbs Anita's sleep. She immediately realizes that Rashmi must have had a dream again, she immediately asks her,

"Are you all right, Rashmi? Have you had any dreams again?"

Rashmi's condition was not as bad as it used to be, but she was not as frightened as she had been in previous dreams.

Anita asks her, "Did anyone shoot your mom in the same room, in the same bed, again in a dream?"

"Anita, He shot the bullet again. But I was not in that room but on the sofa downstairs, and I was in the form of a little five-year-old girl, and this time I saw his face exactly, Anita, the same person who killed my mom. Then Rashmi tells the whole dream to Anita. Anita gives water to Rashmi and then puts her to bed.


The next morning, Rasikbhai started preparing to go to Nainital. He told his ticket agent to get a plane ticket immediately. Rasikbhai had instructed him to get a ticket for an afternoon flight. It was eleven o'clock in the morning and Rasikbhai impatiently sitting next to the phone waiting for his phone. But his phone had not come yet. Vidyaben had left for the temple in the morning. As Rashmi and Anita get ready and come downstairs to the drawing-room, they see Vidyaben entering the house; they immediately offer prasad to Rashmi, and say,

"Son, I have come to meet Maharaj Krishnadev in the morning. He has sent blessings for you, now everything will be fine, don't worry. "

Rashmi looks in front of her and smiles lightly. Anita sits next to her father on the sofa and asks him,

"Dad, what happened? Did you arrange to go to Nainital?"

"No, son, I'm just sitting there telling the lying agent in the morning that we're in a hurry, but he hasn't called yet."

Rashmi and Vidyaben also sit on the sofa in front of him. And immediately the phone rings,

Rasikbhai immediately picks up the phone and starts asking questions without knowing whose phone it is.

"What happened Anilbhai did you get a ticket or not? I told you in the morning that we have to leave in the afternoon, and you have not confirmed the ticket yet?"

"Rasik, you are very annoyed, first listen, who is the real phone?"

"Oh Samir, you are, sorry, I have been trying to get a ticket since this morning, but I will call you immediately as it has not happened yet."

"Okay, that's what you owe, but I called to say that I have spoken to Inspector Mehta to meet Arvind Zaveri. And also talked about Rashmi's dreams and the possibilities we think of. he said, "Unless Rashmi's mother's cash is officially reopened, I can't take any official action, and I need proof to make the cash official open, That is why I will first need to meet Arvind Zaveri with you to investigate this unofficially, then if there is any doubt, I will talk to my superior, reopen the case and proceed with the proceedings.”

"Rasikbhi said, this is good, Mehta sir is ready to help us, let's go to Nainital and finished work. Okay, I'll call when the ticket arrives. “And Rasikbhai puts down the phone.

Rasikbhai was explaining to Anita and Rashmi about everything that Samir informs him, meanwhile, the phone rings again, and Rasikbhai picks up the phone and starts talking,

"Hello, Rasikbhai, it is not possible to get a ticket for Nainital today. There is no flight today, so I have booked a ticket for tomorrow morning."

"Anilbhai, it was urgent to us, Rasikbhai gets confused, and swallows the rest of the words."

"Okay, you send the ticket home tomorrow, and he hangs up the phone.

We have to leave for Nainital tomorrow morning. Nothing happened to the ticket today. The four of them sit on the sofa and discuss what happened to Doctor Sameer and Mehtaji, and the texture goes to work. Nowhere to go today, so Rashmi takes her drawing book and starts drawing the dreams she saw at night.


The next morning Anita, Rashmi, Rasikbhai and Doctor Sameer leave Nainital Airport at around eleven o'clock. And from there go straight to Anand Niketan School. In the car, Rashmina's mind was running with the same thing, who would have killed Madam Geeta in the end? What else will Santosh Sir have to do? Rashmi, lost in the thoughts of many such questions, realizes as soon as she hears the voices of the boys in the school that she has returned to her home school. They get out of the car and walk to Santosh's office. They greet everyone as soon as they open the door to Santosh sir's office.

Rasikbhai starts talking,

"Santosh Sir, this is doctor Samir, he has Rashmi's treatment going on. He has helped Rashmi a lot, so I thought it would be better if he came along."

Rasikbhai introduces Dr Sameer, so Santosh Sir says, "You did a good job. You brought him with you. After knowing the information we got, it may be that if Rashmi feels traumatized again, it would be better if the doctor is present at that time."

Everyone is surprised to hear Santosh Sir, Rasikbhai asks,

"Sir, what did you find out? What did you find out about Madame's killer?"

"Yes, Rasikbhai has found out that Madam Geeta's killer has been caught. I called you here just to give news about her."

Rashmi impatiently asks, "Who is the killer sir?"

"Along with the distinction of Madame's murder, some important things have also been found connected with the past of your life. We do one thing, go to Jawahar police station and talk to Inspector Guptaji, Rashmi also has to meet someone there.

Before Rashmi asks any other question impatiently, Santosh sir gets up and walks out of the office and everyone follows him.

Within minutes all arrive at the Jawahar police station. First Santosh Sir and behind him Rasikbhai and Doctor Sameer and finally Anita and Rashmi enter the station. As soon as Santosh sir enters the station, Sir Moves to Guptaji's table on the right and everyone is following him. While following the others Rashmi observing the police station and she found someone Appearing seated behind the bars, he was leaning his head against the bar of the closet, so he did not notice that anyone was looking at him very carefully, but Rashmi recognized him as soon as she saw him, her facial expressions changed as soon as she saw him, she angrily Seems to be reddening. She gently steps up close to the tidal closet and looks in front of him with an angry look in her eyes. Standing close to Rashmi's closet, the person's attention is drawn to Rashmi. He turns and looks up and down, and as he looks at Rashmi's face, the colour of her face fades, he stares straight at Rashmi, he immediately recognizes Rashmi, Rashmi was also looking at him angrily, And when the volcano of Rashmi's brain erupts, she shouts and grabs his collar from outside the rod and says,

"What are you doing here, you bloody killer?"

Everyone looks at Rashmi as soon as they hear her loud voice, a look of surprise appears on everyone's face, everyone has the same question in their mind that how does Rashmi recognize him? So-min times Anita runs to her immediately, "What happened? Why are you shouting? Keep clam."

"How to calm down, Anita, when my mother's killer is right in front of my eyes!"

Since Rashmi's revelation, everyone, including Inspector Gupta, has come running towards her.

"Inspector Gupta immediately asks Rashmi," How do you know this person, Rashmi? And on what basis do you say that he is the one who killed your mother? "

Inspector Gupta knew that Rashmi was an orphan, but he was unaware of the changes taking place in Rashmi's life over the last few days.

While Inspector Gupta was asking Rashmi a question, Anita also takes one look at the person inside the closet, and she immediately understands everything.

And instead of Rashmi, Anita replies to Inspector Gupta,

"Mr Gupta, what Rashmi says is true, this person has murdered Rashmi's mother."

"You also know him, Anita?"

"We don't recognize him by name but by face."

"His name is Arvind Zaveri," Inspector Gupta tells Anita.

As soon as they hear the name of Arvind Zaveri, Dr Sameer says to Rashmi and Anita,

"But how do you two recognize his face, we haven't met him yet."

At Doctor Sameer's request, Rashmi takes out his drawing book from his bag and shows him the last drawn picture and as soon as he sees the picture, Doctor Sameer understands everything.

"When did this dream come to you?"

"It came two days ago, Doctor, so I hadn't talked to you about it."

"Hmm" Doctor Samir takes a deep breath.

In the meantime, Inspector Gupta is a little upset as nothing is understood and says,

"Can someone explain to me what's going on?"

Come on Inspector Gupta; let's sit at the table and talk. I will explain everything to you. My name is Doctor Sameer I am a psychiatrist. I am treating Rashmi. "

Doctor Sameer and Guptaji sit at the table, and Doctor Sameer tells them in detail all the past about Rashmi that he has known so far.

"So we suspected that it was Arvind Zaveri who killed Rashmini's mother. We have been trying to meet him for the last week but he has not met us," the doctor told the inspector.

Talking to Dr Sameer, Inspector Guptaji understands everything and tells Dr Sameer that,

"One thing is certain from your talk that it is Arvind Zaveri who killed Rashmi's mother Madhuriben and we have the pictures drawn by Rashmi as proof.

But seeing that there was still confusion on Dr Sameer's face, Inspector Gupta asks him,"

"What's the matter, Doctor? Still any trouble?"

"Guptaji, I still don't understand how Arvind Zaveri, whom we have been waiting to meet in Ahmedabad for a week, reached you here in Nainital."

Guptaji laughs a little when he hears the doctor talking,

"Doctor, he had killed not once but twice. Rashmi, Anita and Doctor are all shocked to hear about Guptaji.

"Who else has committed murder, sir?" Rashmi asks.

"That's what killed your principal, Madam Gitaben."

"Madam's murder is committed by him? Why?"

"All your questions have to be answered. Inspector Gupta yells at Nathuram and says,

"Bring Nathu the bastard here against us"

Nathuram brings handcuffed Arvind Zaveri out of the closet and stands in front of Inspector Gupta.

As soon as he came in front, Inspector Gupta stood up and slapped him on the cheek and said,

"Let's continue your story."

And he starts crying, talking.

"This goes back to eighteen years ago today. When I was studying at the College of Fine Arts and Madhuri was studying at the Commerce College next to mine. I knew that like all the other boys, I liked her at first sight, but the other boys liked her beauty, while I liked her beauty as well as her money. She chose me. I was lucky. Gradually, as we got closer to each other, I found out that his father had a diamond mining business in South Africa. So I had decided after Madhuri's father I will take it in my hand. So I trapped Madhuri in my love trap and prepared her to marry me. She lived alone in Matrusadan in Ahmedabad as she was one of her father's only daughters. Her father sometimes visited Ahmedabad but mostly he lived in South Africa. Mostly, we met at her house and one day Madhuri told me that she was expecting a baby. Hearing that, my senses were blown away. I was not ready for parenting at that time I want to leave the world at the moment, I just had to take over her father's business, and then once the business came in hand, I had to leave Madhuri, but Madhuri did not listen to me, persuaded him to be ready to be in himself. And without my knowledge, he also called his father to Ahmedabad and persuaded us to get married. Now I had no choice but to get married immediately, so I had to get married to Madhuri, a few days after I got married, her father stayed with us for a few days, in the meantime, I tried my best to impress her father. Can make him happy and him takes me along to join him in his business, but his father was a man of the times. Doubting my destiny, he left us and walked back, about seven months after receiving the news that he had died. A volcano of happiness erupted in my mind; I felt that finally, I will get the fruit of my hard work. But my happiness turned to water when I met his manager and discussed who will run the business now. I found out that his father had given all his will in the name of his daughter, and after that, my daughter Rashmi will get. If Madhuri does not live before the age of eighteen of Rashmi, her father will be able to run the business until she is eighteen. But for that, he has to show the will made by Madhuriben's father in the company and then he will get his right. While I was discussing this with the manager, Madhuri listens to us, so she never trusted me after that day, and never let me stay home with her, but I had no choice but to explain it to her. I would come home many times to explain but she would not talk to me and finally one day I got bored and decided to take her out of my way and I went to her house. I entered the house and saw Rashmi playing on the sofa. First I went in front of her to kill her but who knows, seeing her face, my hands did not go to shoot her, so I went to the kitchen and shot Madhuri and killed her. Rashmi started crying at the sound of the shot, I was scared so I immediately came behind her and hit the butt of the gun on her head as hard as I could, I felt that it would not kill her but it would make her unconscious. I was afraid that the neighbours would come after hearing her voice, so I didn't even get a chance to find the will, and I ran away and hide until the police investigation calmed down, but in the meantime, I found out that Rashmi had died along with Madhuri that day. And the building was also sealed off by police. So the swallow in my hand kept going. And now I just had my drawing, through which my life could run. So I started paying attention to it. And gradually I made progress.

A few months ago, when I was walking out of the Ahmedabad airport, I saw Rashmi with Anita. I recognized her as soon as I saw her, as she grew up and Rashmi started to look almost like Madhuri. I can make a will in my name because Rashmi was young when Madhuri died, so now that she knows that her father is alive after so many years, she is ready to believe everything I say. Thinking this, I went to meet Geeta Ben at school and convinced him that he is Rashmi's father, so she was happy that Rashmi is not an orphan. She also handed over his grandfather's will. I also found out how Inspector Gohil was Rashmi brought here. So she told me to come in the evening. But when I went in the evening, she refused to hand over Rashmi to me. So when I got angry, I took a gun and scared him at night and went to get his will and Rashmi's right from her. But it was not valid even then so I had to kill her too. I searched for her house but I did not find the will anywhere so I had to come back empty-handed.

I was still thinking of what to do next, meanwhile, Dr Sameer took Rashmi to my house to meet me, I had not received my will yet and until then I did not want to see Rashmi, I was scared that maybe Rashmi recognizes me, my vessel will explode. I try to think that when I first met Madam she was ready and then why not? And then I got the idea that she must have read the will and accordingly Rashmi's life may be in danger, so she should have refused to hand me over to Rashmi. But I checked at his house, I didn't find anything so I doubted that the will paper should be somewhere in her office in school. So the last time I tried desperately to get it and when I went to steal from school I was caught in the hands of Santosh Sir.

After listening to Arvindbhai, everyone is silent for a while, and after a while, Rashmi starts slapping his father one by one,

"You are not my father, you are the executioner, and you killed my two mothers, one who gave birth to me and the other who raised me."

Anita hugs Rashmi to calm her down. Rasikbhai also consoles her, "Son, don't be sad, we are your family."

As the atmosphere gets a little heavier, Inspector Gupta jokes, "Looks like I have to go on Rashmi's permanent duty now."

"Rasikbhai doesn't understand anything"

"Why sir, what's the matter with my daughter yet? Now the killer has been caught."

"Now he will spend his life in jail.

Rashmi has become a big man, she is the granddaughter of Diamond King, and big men have to be protected."

Everyone laughs when they hear Inspector Gupta.

Doctor Sameer tells Guptaji to inform Inspector Mehta at the Ahmedabad police station that his cash has also run out.

And then everyone gets out of there and comes to school.

Everyone was sitting in Santosh Sir's office talking to, so Santosh sir asks Rashmi, "Now you have to go back or stay here, Rashmi."

"The doctor says in his reply, 'I don't think Rashmi needs me anymore and he looks at Rashmi and laughs.'

And Rashmi and Anita stay at the school there and Rasikbhai and Sameer leave to go back.

Anita and Rashmi come back to their hostel room and start joking.

The End

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