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Karthikeya - Murugan

Karthikeya - Murugan

Rajnarayan Bohre

Karthikeya is the most popular deity of Indian Mythology!

Kartikeya means Murugan. Murugan is the deity who is said to be the son of the supreme deity Shankar in North India and he is worshiped equally in North India as well as in South India.

As such, worship of Vishnu is also done in South India like North India and Lakshmi is also worshiped in both places.

It is said that when all the Gods and Goddesses were troubled by the demon named Tarakasura and he was not allowing normal people to live life properly, then all the gods remembered Swami Kartikeya.

The wife of Sapta Rishi is said to have brought up Kartikeya by him, hence Mahadev's elder son was named Karthikeya and he was called Chachachanan because of six mouths.

Such Kartikeya is considered the commander of the gods. He killed Tarakasura here

There is a legend about Karthikeya that he was the elder son of Shiva. Shiva's younger son was Ganesh. Who became the first worshiper of the gods. There is also a story of becoming the first worshiper.

Once Narada brought a fruit which was very sweet and very healthy, there was a debate among the two sons of Shiva as to whom to take this fruit. So Shiva laughed and said that both of you come round the earth and who will return first after three rounds of the earth will be given this fruit.

On hearing this, Karthikeya called his peacock Peacock bird and sat on it and started to revolve around the earth at high speed. Here, unable to walk due to his fat stomach, Ganesh called his vehicle rat and whenever he thought of moving, he understood that he would never be able to revolve the earth before Kartikeya. Then they decided that for them the whole earth, the whole world, the whole heaven is their mother and father, I have to revolve around them and they started revolving around them.

When his mother Parvati asked why did you orbit us instead of earth, Ganesh said that for me you are the earth, you are the heaven, you are the whole abode.

Hearing this, Parvati gave the fruit to Ganesha with the consent of Shiva.

On the other hand, Kartikeya, who returned to revolve around the earth, saw that Ganesha, who had gone after him, has not moved from there and is eating the fruit sitting in his own place. So when he expressed his enthusiasm towards his mother, Parvati said that it showed intelligence and considered her parents to be the earth.

But Karthikeya said that Earth meant Earth, at that time you did not have any condition to revolve around the parents' orbit. In this way, you have pampered yourself in favor of your younger son and you have shown this different sentiment towards me. It is not right to discriminate between two sons.

Parvati tried to explain a lot but Kartikeya did not agree and sitting on his peacock, he left the Himalayas and headed towards the sea towards South India.

There were dense forests in South India at that time. Kartikeya reached the middle of the jungle and the birds descended from the peacock and started living among the very intelligent but very innocent Tamil people living nearby.

There, he cut a lot of forest and built a field, performed a lot of sacrifices. Waged many wars with anti-Tamil people. Karthikeya fought and defeated many wicked people who harassed the innocent Tamil people.

Known as Murugan Swami in South India, all his pictures resemble those of a teenage child and he always appears with a bow and arrow near a peacock.

In South India, it is believed that a person who worships Kartikeya, performs devotion, Ganesha, along with Shiva Parvati, are pleased by themselves.

Murugan worship has reached Singapore and Thailand as well as travelers from South India.

A huge temple of Murugan has been found in Thailand, where a huge hundred fit tall statue, made of gold circle, is placed near the caves there.


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