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The Golden Trident - 3

Chapter 3

Prayer is not a ritual

Believe it or not!

With the power of your mind you can even stop the rotation of the earth!


Vignesh was admitted in the I.C.U

Every officer in the company was waiting outside the ICU with tension, from the HR Manager to Shivani.

Dileep’s driver went to bring Parvathi to the hospital. She entered inside yelling, “Vicky…”

Dileep consoled her.

“Don’t worry, Mom. He will be alright. Now there is no danger to his life.”

“No… My son will not survive. I expected it. I warned him several times not to go near that Trident. He thought I was crazy. Oh,Bhagavathi, it happened as I expected...”

Parvathi’s groan provoked Shivani to say,

“What are you saying, Mom? What happened today is an accident. The woman who stabbed him with the trident says that she doesn’t know anything...”

“It doesn’t matter, if she has done it knowingly or unknowingly. My son will not survive… I now realize the power of that priest’s curse. Alas! Now I am going to lose my only son.”

Parvathi moaned and fainted. A minor operation was going on for Vignesh inside the operation theater. There is a cut in the stomach and the intestine was also slightly damaged. For that the operation was undergoing. The surgeon who operated came outside the ICU for some reason. Shivani asked him, “How is he, doctor? There's no danger to life, isn’t it?” He replied, “I can’t tell anything now…” Parvathi, who was half-conscious, heard that. It made her feel as if she got bad news. She got up and looked at Shivani,

“Where is that Trident?”

Shivani didn’t expect that question from her.

“Why are you asking that, Mom. Now, it is in the police station.”

“Where is that trident? Tell me the truth.”

“It’s in our company, in the same place near the tree. Since the matter has been informed to the police station, they may come anytime and take it as an evidence to the court. We informed the police to come in the afternoon as we were all busy with saving the life of Vignesh. The woman who stabbed him is now in our office room...”

“I want to see that trident and that woman. Please take me there.”


“You will not understand if I say. Please don’t penalize that woman. And don’t make this a police case. First, take me to your office…”

“What are you going to do Mom seeing that woman?”

“I have to touch her feet and crave for her mercy. My son will survive only if I do that. If not, there is no chance.”

“What is this, Mom? Why are you speaking like this?”

“Enough...I’m not in a position to explain anything to you now. Please, first take me to your company.”

Parvathi pleaded. Dileep silently moved away from that place. Shivani got stuck up there all alone.

“Mom. Doctors are doing at their best. Without being there, what is the meaning of pleading here with me to meet that woman who stabbed your son. Please, understand, Mom, your son is in a critical condition!”

Parvathi got angry hearing Shivani's words. She looked at her with anger, “There is no use talking to you. I will hire an auto and go. For every second, we waste here, my son's life will be in danger.”

Parvathi got up and Shivani doesn’t wanted to compel her anymore, “Come, Mom. I’ll take you in my car...”

Dileep stood there totally confused looking at them going at a distance.

The trident with blood stains all over it was laying under the Neem tree. In the ground also the blood stains were there. Two securities were guarding the place. In that situation, the car stopped there.

Shivani and Parvathi got out of the car.

Parvathi went running straight to the trident. Shivani tried to stop her in vain.

“No, Mom! Don’t touch that trident, it is an evidence for the police…”

“Just be silent, that woman didn’t stab my son. You don’t take this matter to the police.” Parvathi answered and took the trident in her hands.

Her body and hands were shivering.

Sweat dripped from her body, head to foot.

She bowed by leaning and touching her head to the three sharp end parts of the trident and then fixed it back in the old place.

Shivani was confused and was looking at Parvathi’s action as that of a totally uneducated village woman.

Parvathi bowed and prayed. “Bhagavathi! Please save my son. Please don’t take his soul. It is not right to take revenge up on him for the mistake of his forefathers. Maa, already three lives you have taken for one. Is that not enough? Don’t take my son’s life. Please save him.”

Parvathi continued her prayers earnestly chanting “Sree Lalitha Sahasranama”. A call came to Shivani.

“Shivani, where are you?”, Dileep asked.

“Inside the company campus, sir.”

“What are you doing there?”

“I am with Vignesh’s mother. She is now worshipping the trident.”

“What is this nonsense? Are you people mad? Vignesh’s operation is over and he’s safe now. He wants to see his mother.”

“Okay, no problem. We’ll be there within half an hour. Don’t worry.”

Shivani went near Parvathi, “Mom, please come, your son is safe now and he wants to meet you.”

“My son… oh Maa, Is he fine? Really?”

“Yes, Mom. Now only I got the call. Come. We have to go.”

“My prayers were not in vain. She too is a mother, right? She showed some mercy up on me.” Parvathi left the place with Shivani happily.


Vignesh has now regained his consciousness and was talking with Dileep casually.

“Your Mom, came here, Vignesh. I think she is mentally ill. She started talking something crazy when we informed her about the accident. She said immediately that she wants to see that trident and wanted to do some prayers. We have got no other option, so we sent her with Shivani to the company.”

When Dileep told about his mother, Vignesh was a little embarrassed.

“Is your Mom so sentimental?”

“Yes, sir. She’s sentimental on everything. But I’m, just opposite to her!”

When he said that, General manager Suresh entered. Vignesh tried to get up and sit as he came in.

“What, Vignesh. You’ve become a hero on the second day of joining itself?”

“Hero? Me? Sir, what heroism I did?”

“I heard about everything, our management should not have permitted for those superstitious beliefs, for our lethargic act you are suffering now.”

“Leave it, sir… That trident should not be there hereafter. After all these incidents, if someone worships that trident, then there's no meaning in working here. We can better convert our company into an ashram…” Vignesh said, at that time, Parvathi came in. Dileep and Suresh looked at her indifferently


“I am fine, Mom, why did you go to my company?”

“Why are you asking this now? If I wasn't there, would you be able to speak to me now?”

“Mom…How can I explain to you? Why are you like this…?”

“Enough! Don’t speak. At the same time, I warn you, always see that Trident with devotion and revere.” she said and looked at Suresh and Dileep, “Sir. Please, don’t make this a big issue and don’t report this to the police. It’s all the mistake of my son. So, please let it go as such… I plead you.”

Suresh and Dileep looked at each other.

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