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The Golden Trident - 8

Chapter 8

The devil’s mind

Believe it or not!

If your mind is powerful and apparent, you need nothing more in this world!

Eleven o'clock!

The committee meeting started in front of the Puthiyakavu Bhagavathi temple.

Paramu was wearing a red color dhoti and a white shirt. The Secretary, treasurer, and other committee members were also present there. The offerings box was opened and accounted for first. Then the committee decided on the consecration date and the date for other programs.

They decided to construct a separate mandapam for Navagraha’s and suggested that Paramu should sponsor it. For the value of that day, it would cost about two and a half lakhs to buy the Navagraha statues, deck, roof, etc., and to construct the platform and a half wall around it …

To tell the fact, Paramu didn't have that much money with him but being the president of the committee; he has got no other option but to agree with the decision of the committee. "I was about to sponsor for the whole consecration ceremony expenses… but you people are not allowing me to do so," he said with pride. Everybody could understand; he was saying that only to show his pride and not for doing it.

Meanwhile, Sankaran, alias the Dubai guy, came in a Benz car, carrying a long silver metal box, and joined the committee meeting.

Some of the members stood up and wished him.

Paramu didn't like this. He murmured, "If money is there, people are even ready to lick anyone’s slippers..."

Sankaran wished everyone and took his seat. He kept the box in front of them and opened it. He took an attractive gold trident from that box. Everyone was amazed.

It was four feet long with beautiful artwork; diamonds and gemstones embedded in it!

"Wow… It's simply marvelous!"

"Oh, my Bhagavathi, we could not simply believe our eyes! Sir, like your heart, this trident looks and glows so beautifully."

"Sir...we thought you were just saying this for fun…but you've made it a reality…"

"Sankaran is not that kind of a person. If he says, he will do it…"

The committee members expressed their appreciation unanimously.

"The total weight of this trident is about three and a half kilograms. It is of high-quality Dubai graded twenty-four-carat gold. One gram gold costs about four thousand rupees, also five-carat diamonds and gems are embedded in this! So this trident costs about…” a person tried to highlight the value of the trident. Sankaran intervened and said, "Friends, It may cost many lakhs, but I request you all not to discuss the cost matter now… it is Maa Kali who protects our village… I prayed to her earnestly and left for Dubai… I succeeded there in all my ventures. That’s why from my earnings, I spent a small part to make this rident for the Bhagavathi. It is just the beginning. I plan is to do many more things for our temple!"

In Sankaran's speech, humility, love for his village, and many other emotions glistened. Everyone looked at him with admiration. Paramu couldn't bear that.

"With his money, he is trying to gain popularity in this village. He might even purchase the post of the Panchayat President with his money if we leave him like this." Paramu murmured...

They placed the trident beside the Bhagavathi idol immediately.

"It is beautiful and apt for the Bhagavathi’s height…” The secretary expressed his view.

"Sir, you've offered this Golden trident for our temple. We request you to offer a gold kalasam for our temple." someone from the group said.

"Don’t worry, that’s my next plan…" as he said, everyone looked at him with pride.

After returning home, Paramu sat down on the sofa in the front hall with a broken heart as he could not bear the committee member’s words of praise for Sankaran in the meeting.

Neelakandan, with his wife, Parvathi, came in an auto.

"Where have you been?"

"We went to the town, dad. There is one good news for you…"


"Parvathi is pregnant, dad."

"Is it…? so I am soon going to become a grandfather… Good!"

Parvathi smiled and entered the house. Paramu called his son and told him to sit beside him. He stared at him and sighed.

"What, dad…?"

"Nothing… I was thinking of how nice it would be if you have come in a Benz car. But you're coming in an auto…"

"What is this, dad? There is a time for everything; I am sure that one day, your dream will come true…"

"Time will not come in search of us, Neela. We have to work for it …"

"What are you saying, dad? Your face looks very dull."

"I am quite worried about your future…"


"Yeah… I do agriculture because as there's no other way for me. But why you …?"

"Why? What is wrong with agriculture, dad…? It's going on good only, right?"

"Good? It's not a stable business… one year, it gives a good yield; another year, it collapses… Also, we have to depend on the monsoon for the water…"

"No, dad… you have something else in your mind that's why you're speaking like this…"

"Nothing like that, my son, now only I have realized the mistakes I have committed in my life…"

When Paramu was speaking, Manikandan came on a cycle. He came and stopped it in front of the house.

"Okay, dad. You take rest for some time. We will talk afterward."

"What rest …? There is no rest for me, hereafter. I have to see both of you in a good position. Then only I can sleep peacefully."

"What bro, what happened to dad…?"

Manikandan asked.

"Nothing, dad fears that his authority and influence in this village will go out of his hand because of the arrival of that Dubai guy, so he is expressing himself indirectly; that is what I feel…"

"I too heard that many people want to make that Dubai guy, Sankaran as our village panchayat president as well as the temple's president."

"Who told you this, Mani? I will not allow anyone to occupy the temple’s president position as long as I am alive. Do they think I am a fool?” Paramu howled and got up from the sofa.

"Oh, dad, first of all, control yourself, don't get angry, please sit… many gossips will be there …be calm… Mani, you go and check this month’s accounts." Neelakandan told his brother, Manikandan, indirectly to move away from that place.

Parvathi was watching them from the kitchen. Neelakandan went to the kitchen.

"What, Parvathi? Don’t you think that dad looks quite worried and tired today, right?"

"Yeah, dear. But what I feel is, this worry is quite meaningless…"

"Not like that, Parvathi. He spent his days living very prestigiously; now, if someone tries to snatch it away from him, how can he tolerate that …"

"What is this, dear…? Respect should come without any force from the heart of the people who love us; we shouldn’t ask for that. We can't even hold any positions for long if the divine decides that it will not remain with us."

Neelakandan closed her mouth softly with his hand, "Enough dear, now prepare me a black coffee and stop your preaching."

Paramu’s mind started framing some irrevocable decisions after listening to their conversation.

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