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The Golden Trident - 5

Chapter 5

Stories untold

Believe it or not !

You can become whatever you want to be. There is no one in this world to prevent you. But you should have full confidence in you.

G.M Suresh couldn't restrict Vignesh. It seemed to him Vignesh was moving in the right direction with a well-structured plan.

"I didn't go in search of that woman, sir. She came and pleaded to me. Then only I thought of this idea…"

"Right, Vignesh. Do as per your wish. I'll instruct Dileep to hire that woman again. It's correct to take the events happened like an accident." Suresh said and sent him.

Under the neem tree the woman who stabbed brought coconut, fruits, and other pooja materials and offered it to the trident worshipped and bowed to it about three to four times. Then she pulled out the trident with her hands and ran towards the security gate holding it suddenly there was a change in the climate, it started raining all of a sudden with a heavy storm, thunder and lightening.

As per Vignesh’s wish, she fixed it near the security gate on the roadside. She sat near the trident for a few minutes with frustration, Vignesh noticed that now everything became very calm and normal the rain stopped all of a sudden.

Vignesh watched it sitting in his jeep. He called her and said, "You can come to the company from tomorrow."

He got down at his house and sent the jeep back. When he entered the house, Parvathi was reciting ‘Sree Lalitha Sahasranama’ keeping a lighted diya facing north filled with ghee. As Vignesh has already plotted in his mind what he should tell his mother and what not he remained silent.

After a face wash he sat on the sofa. Parvathi got up to make a coffee for him. She came near him, "What, Vicky, is there so much work in the office for you today? You look very stressed?"

"Yeah, Mom, office means there would be a lot of work."

"Oh, Don't I know that?"

"No, Mom… I have taken up a challenging task. So, the work pressure is a little extra for me."

"You have undergone an operation. Keep it in mind."

"Why are you reminding me that now, Mom… I am not a small kid, right?"

"Somehow because of Bhagavathi’s blessings, I saved you. If I've not gone to worship that trident, I would have lost you. I was thinking to go with you and worship that trident, once you have become normal and healthy."

Parvathi's words astonished Vignesh.

"Alas, Mom! That is not a public temple to pray as per you wish. It is situated inside the company premises, Mom…"

"I know that… only once, if you would come with me, I would be happy." she said casually and went outside as she saw a vegetable vendor at the gate.

Vignesh got upset hearing that. Will she bear the news of that the trident is already shifted? Or will she continue to say some other crazy stories related to it?

Many questions raised inside him. For a minute, he was totally confused regarding whether to laugh or cry thinking of his current situation.

There is no one in this world without any problems. Bomb explosions… floods … earthquakes and what not is happening in this world. Many good hearts, think and worry a lot about it seeing in the television and other media but for him, he is worrying about a simple trident made of a mere metal piece.

Parvathi came inside with a basket full of snake gourd in her hand. That reminded him of the snake which he saw under the neem tree. He tried to avoid looking at it and left for his room in the upstairs.

The next morning!

When Vignesh was getting ready for the office, Parvathi came with a lunch carrier.

"Vicky… I've packed sambar rice and papad for you. Eat it fully. Don't buy and eat junk foods in the canteen. That is not good for your health. That girl who took me to your office that day...What is her name?"

"Who? Shivani?"

"What is this? Is Shivani a girl's name? That's some Sanskrit word, right?"

"Mom, what do you want? It's getting late for me."

"I want to talk with her. That's why I asked…"

"Why, mom?"

"She only took me to that trident. I didn't even thank her."

Parvathi again reminded him the incident which he wanted to forget forever.

"Mom, Please. Leave that matter. Please forget that tree, trident and everything… There's a lot of other things to speak. "

"Whatever it is, you should not forget God, Vicky. Most important is that you should never forget that trident. There's a big story behind it."

"That's only a story and not real, right? Leave it. I'll thank Shivani on behalf of you." as he said, he hurried to leave.

"Go, Vicky. I will call you once you reach your office.” Parvathi said.

As his mobile rang by this time, he didn't even listen to what she said and left for the office.


Shivani was checking her mails in the laptop on her table. At times unknowingly her hands adjusted her hair. When she was about to open her Gmail, a call came for her.

"Yes! Shivani here…"

"Shivani, I'm Vicky's mother speaking."

"Oh… Wait a second, aunty…" as she said, she closed her laptop and said, "Tell me, aunty."

"Did Vicky thank you?"

"Thank me? Why, aunty…?"

"Why? You only took me at the right time to that temple inside your company."

"Thanking me for that?"

"Yeah… If I have not been there, I would have lost my Vicky by now."


"Yes...I have prayed that we will come and do some pooja there to that trident… If you are free, could you please come with me."

"What are you saying,aunty? Now, there's no temple or anything there… Didn't Vicky tell you?"

"What are you saying?" Parvathi was stunned when she heard her words..

"Yeah… Your son was the only person responsible for it. Our M.D too doesn't like it..."

"Oh my god! Vicky didn't tell me anything. He had committed a great sin …"

"What is this, aunty? Nothing like that… I think I only blabbered in a hurry… Be bold. Nothing will happen. This is a petty matter…"

"A petty matter? I'll tell you now, note it. Vignesh is again and again committing mistakes which is definitely going to lead him to another problem. I don't know what I'm going to do..."

Parvathi began to lament.

"Aunty, please. You are a well-educated woman. Please think and speak. Is God's only work is to punish Vignesh? Please understand. Vignesh didn't commit any crime."

"Shivani! You're a woman of this modern era. You can talk like this, but you didn't know some incidents which has …"

"Whatever it may be, I'll come to your house when I am free,aunty. We'll discuss it there in detail. Now, please be calm."

"How can I be? That trident will not leave my son. It will punish him for sure. My family is at its mercy."

"Okay, aunty. I'll call you after some time. I have got some important work now”. she said and disconnected the call.

Her face turned pale.

At this time, Vignesh came to her. She didn't expect this.

"May I come in?"

"Please, Vignesh."

He came and took a seat in front of her. Seeing her worried face, he asked, "What, Shivani? Any problem?"

"Problem… means… Yes. Vignesh. It's a sort of problem. A peculiar problem."

"Yes, tell me. I too want to talk about my Mom with you."

"Your Mom?"

"Yeah, Why?"

"Vignesh, your mother called and talked with me…"

"My goodness… she has called you this early? Okay, what did she tell, Shivani? Nothing complicated, right...?"

"Sure, it’s a problem. Sorry, Vignesh… I casually told the trident matter to your mother, but she took it very seriously and said that the trident won't leave you and it will definitely punish you… I don't know how to solve this, Vignesh. Your mother is so emotional and superstitious."

Shivani said and rubbed her forehead.

"Yes, Shivani. I can't change my Mom. The only way to forget this topic is not to discuss about this. "

"Sorry, Vignesh. I have blabbered about this without knowing anything about your Mom. I'm very sorry."

"It's okay. I'll take care of that. In fact, we should not discuss this hereafter. If we speak, it may turn out to be a problem between us. This is a silly topic. There's nothing more to speak about this. Okay, Bye"

"One minute… Are all your projects running successfully?"

"Almost...Why are you asking?"

"You are going super-fast. Our M.D has mailed me… In the mail, he had appreciated you a lot… It seems like that he is going to fix a target of a thousand windmills for you alone…"


"Yeah… from land procurement to final settlement, everything will be under your control for the commissioning of about thousand windmills. If one windmill generates an average of one thousand-kilowatt power, just imagine the output that will be generated by one thousand windmills. Then there will not be any power cuts in Kerala!"

"Exactly. That's my ambition and vision. I see electricity as the heartbeats of this world. If a failure occurs in this, this society will not leave any single tree untouched. All trees will be destroyed slowly by using them as firewood …"

Vignesh feared that it may happen one day. The fear reflected in his eyes. Shivani liked his views. How responsible he is!

She wondered!

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