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The Golden Trident - 4

Chapter 4

Change alone is permanent

Believe it or not!

Whether it is a blessing or curse, when words come straight out from your heart of hearts with one hundred per cent confidence, it will become a reality!

Within a week, Vignesh’s wounds healed. Medical technology is at its peak today! Treatments with drugs of heavy dose for faster cure has become very common nowadays. He was discharged with a number of advices like “don’t bend”, “do not strain” etc., by the doctor.

After returning from the hospital, Vignesh got ready to go to the office. Noticing that, Parvathi was a little shocked and worried.

“No, Vicky, just relax and take rest for some days. You should not strain yourself for at least ten days.” she advised.

“No, mom. You will keep on advising me like this. I feel relaxed only if I go to the office. Also, it is not ethics to be absent from duty immediately after joining. Mom, you know well how difficult it is to get a good job these days. I will take care. You don’t worry…” he said and left for the office by an auto.

In the office, General Manager, Suresh was amazed to see Vignesh.

“What is this, Vignesh. Why you are in a hurry, you could have taken rest for some more days?”

“Not like that, sir. I can no longer lie in the hospital or remain idle in the house. I’m now quite alright sir.”

“Okay, take care, do not to get into some other problems again, be careful.”

“I will take care, sir! I was about to go and calculate the wind’s power in our project site. I will start my work today, sir.”

“Okay, take the office jeep. Driver Kuttan will drop you there.”

G.M gave the instructions to the driver. Vignesh took the level indicator, a digital camera, wind speed calculator, Hydrogen mini-cylinder, and all the necessary accessories. Shivani who came that way saw Vignesh and rushed to him.

“Hello, sir. How are you now?”

“I am alright Shivani. I’m going to the field.”

“Be careful...Who is accompanying you?”

“Driver Kuttan…”

“Okay. All the best!” she said.

He got into the jeep. Suddenly he called, “One second, Shivani…”

“Yes, sir.”

“So.. what about the trident? Have you removed it?”

Shivani laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Look for it on the way...You’ll come to know.”

“Right… What happened to that woman who stabbed me?”

“She was terminated. As per your mother's request, the management has not reported this to the police. The HR manager fired her out. But that lady comes and pleads here daily to hire her again."

"Oh, is it? Bye, Shivani. See you!" he said.

The jeep started and on the way, Vignesh saw the trident in the same place where it was earlier. He was astounded.

"What is this nonsense?" he said aloud.

"What is in this, sir… Our M.D is a Kali devotee. I heard he said not to mess up with the trident and let it remain as such…" the driver said.

Vignesh does not wanted to discuss this topic anymore. The wind was blowing very strong. He has got too many thoughts going on his mind, whether he could place the mini windmill on the jeep roof top for the test run and find whether it will work. But he couldn't concentrate much on this as in his mind, he was pondering about the trident. Also, he was very furious about the management's decision to support the workers in the trident matter which he strongly believed as a superstition. The jeep was on its way to the work site. After a long journey, the jeep entered a slope like a plain, between two mountains. Numerous companies had already installed their windmills there. Those giant windmills were also rotating with a gentle speed. When he got there, he forgot everything and began to concentrate on his task. Some places were fenced and was procured on lease by his company from the government. He got down from the jeep and inspected the entire area. On one corner of the site he found a half-constructed windmill. A supervisor was sitting in a small cabin near the generator room. He came running as he saw Vignesh and wished him.

"I'm Vignesh, the Project Engineer…"

"I'm the field supervisor, Jacob, sir."

"Okay, why is this project still incomplete. What is the problem?"

"When we try to run this windmill, it always led to some accidents. Till now, five people were bedridden because of this, sir… they say that this place is not good as per Vasthu."

Vignesh could not control his anger.

"Nonsense. A superstition here too… Okay, what did the management decide?"

"I don't know, sir."

"Right. I will complete and run this windmill. I'll come back after making the necessary arrangements." he said and after finishing his work he reached where the jeep was waiting for him.

When he got inside in the jeep he told the driver to stop near the neem tree and stared it angrily. After a minute, he said to take the jeep and go to the G. M’s office.

He rushed towards the GM’s room.

"Yes, Vignesh."

"Sir, I inspected our windmill farm. We can install five windmills immediately there. Now the wind flow is very good. We can gain the initial investment within a year. By the by, I observed that there is an incomplete project there remaining idle because of some Vasthu problem…"

"Yes, everybody who works there meet with an accident. What can we do?"

"Sir, accident is an unexpected event. What is the relation between this and Vasthu?"

"I expected this question from you. Okay, now what is your opinion?"

"This is my first project, sir. I will succeed in this proving that the Vasthu problem in this project is a mere superstition."

"No, Vignesh. Only now, you've come back safe from an accident. It would be wise not to involve too much in this."

"Sir. we are educated people. Superstations should not put a stop to our endeavors. We should have positive thinking, then only, we will have the positive vibrations to succeed in any difficult task. If we think negative, then we will have only negative vibrations around us and we ourselves will lead us to failures and when we fail we easily put the blame on Vasthu or some other superstitions."

Vignesh’s words impressed G.M Suresh.

"Right, Vignesh. You try to complete that project. Be careful, first study about why the accidents occurred there and take necessary precautions to avoid it in the future. I highly appreciate your sincerity and self-confidence." Suresh said.

Vignesh was sitting in his office room.

Shivani came well-dressed, wearing a cooling glass.

"Good morning, Vicky."

"Very good morning, Shi!"


"Yeah. When Vignesh can be called as Vicky, then why can't I call Shivani as Shi?"

"Oh. You are saying in that way. Okay. Leave it… What sir? You have committed a complicated project as soon as you have joined in this company, why you are taking this much risk?"

"You mean that Vasthu problem in the project, right?"


"Here this Trident and there that Vasthu. I am not going to leave them both."

"Careful, Mr. Vignesh."

"It looks like that you too have a fear in all these superstitions."

"I don't want to lie, either that trident or that vasthu, there's something in it!"

"Shame… shame… You look like a modern girl, but your thoughts are the same as my Mom.."

"Let's see. How you are going to achieve?"

"I will complete it."

As he said this to Shivani, he started walking towards the windfarm, he commenced the project with great focus. He removed the fences to make the way easier to access the propellers and wind blades. He finished the required works faster. The project was almost completed up to three fourth of the target fixed within fifteen days. Everyone from G.M Suresh to Dileep and Shivani came there and appreciated him.

Then, he completed the remaining project within the next fifteen days and made it run without any problem. So, he gained good name as a confident and very active engineer in the entire unit.

One day, when Vignesh was coming out of his office, near the security gate, the woman who stabbed him was sitting pathetically. She stopped his jeep.

"What do you want…?"

"Sir, I didn't do it purposely. Even I don't know what happened that day. Please forgive me and hire me again, sir."

She pleaded in a feeble voice.

"Okay. Will you do one thing?"

"Sure, sir. I can even polish your shoes. I'm struggling a lot without a job"

"I will recommend you to the HR, but you have to remove that trident from that place. Will you do it?" his question put her in a difficult position.

"Can you do it or not? Tell me fast."


"This is a company not an ashram. "

"Sir, I am afraid of that trident."

"Why do you fear?"

"No, Maa Kali will punish me, sir"

"Oh, shit! You are struggling now. Can your god help you now?"


"What are you thinking? It's getting late for me."

"Okay, sir. Can I take the trident from there and place it outside the company and near the gate and worship?"

"That's your wish. These stupid things need not be done inside the company premises, that's only important for me."

"Okay, sir. I will do some rituals and take it out tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? You can do it now. Hey, Security! Let her in. then he told the driver to turn the jeep back in to the company.

He stopped near the G. M’s office and went into the office with full of excitement to meet Suresh.

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