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The Golden Trident - 6

Chapter 6

Expected accident

Believe it or not!

Sow your seeds of desire in the right place and see them flourish before your own eyes!

Suddenly a commotion and confusion in the windmill office!

Vignesh noticed that the workers were standing in groups and discussing something quite seriously.

He called one worker and asked, “What is the matter?”

“Sir! We are having a problem, and our union leader is discussing it with the HR Manager; that’s why…”

It is a curse for the industries in India. There were no such problems in these sorts of industries; till the day. When he was thinking about calling Dileep, he came online.

“What is the problem, sir?”

“Nothing, Vignesh… The new union leader here is an immature person. The lunch costs five rupees in our office canteen. He demands that it should be for free of cost...”

“I see. What did you say?”

“The cost was fixed by the former union leader, years back. Now, one meal is worth about fifty rupees approximately. But, we have fixed it at five rupees only. He says that the workers will not agree to that…"

"What you are saying is correct… It costs more than fifty rupees in any hotel to eat a good meal, here we charge only five rupees, and it is not a big amount."

"The management is not ready to agree to this, Vignesh... Let us wait and see what is going to happen."

Dileep said boldly. Vignesh conveyed his support to the management and proceeded towards his office. Suddenly the power went off. At first, he thought it is just a random power shut down. Then only he came to know that the union leader's supporters have planned this.

Outside the main gate, the workers gathered in a group and were shouting.

"Zindabad… Zindabad… Labor union Zindabad…’’ Their voice is audible even inside the AC cabin of the G.M. He came out and looked. Hundreds of workers were there in that group!

A few were there before the G.M’s room and were shouting,

"Don't collect… Don't collect… Don't collect five rupees…"

"Free food… Free food… Free food for workers!"

Suresh asked Vignesh to come to his cabin immediately and wait for him.

All the higher officials in the company were present there inside the room. Vignesh also joined them. Suresh began to speak.

"Dear officers, There is no problem in offering the food free, but here the problem is that the Union Leader expects the management to agree to whatever he says. If we agree on this matter, then it may lead us to agree with whatever he says. So the management has decided not to compromise on this issue at any cost. "

Everyone applauded.

Suresh continued.

"I request each one of you to speak with the workers individually and make them understand that the union leader is doing this to gain popularity… It will be enough if each one of you can convince at least ten people. Then the union leader will not be able to do anything. What is your opinion, friends?”

"Don't worry, sir. We'll take care of this…“Everyone expressed their full support for the management and started implementing the G.M’s suggestion. But Vignesh alone thought differently.

Suresh noticed this.

"Vignesh, What are you thinking?"

"Nothing, sir. I don't have any workers under me in my department. That's why I'm thinking in a little different way to sort out this problem."

"Different way?"

"Yeah, a direct approach, meeting the workers face to face who are protesting near the main gate."

"A direct approach, how, Vignesh? I cannot understand."

"Presenting our side tactfully. That's it."

"No. It wouldn't be good if you go inside that crowd… You can speak out your opinion over a megaphone."

"Then, please arrange one, sir."

"Wait. What will you speak?"

"Very simple. I will ask, 'You spend twenty to thirty rupees a day on cigarettes and beedi. In that case, wouldn’t you give five rupees for a good meal?' "

"Good point. I asked them regarding the same thing, but they are saying that instead of collecting five rupees, why can't you provide it for free? How are you going to answer this?"

"Earning even five rupees is not that much simple, sir… Even for earning five paise, you have to work for it. Small drops of water make an ocean! You know the value of funds only if you spend. Also, they will not waste food. Eating for free; a man of honor will never accept.… No company wants to see its workers as a beggar, sir."

"Highly valid point. Go and speak. We can take help from the police if the situation is not under control. Speak carefully. Take Dileep with you as that union leader is very arrogant. He would say that he will not speak with you because you are a newcomer and that; he will only talk to the HR Manager. Suresh concluded.

Vignesh and Dileep walked towards the main gate.

The whole crowd of workers saw Dileep and Vignesh coming towards them amidst the noise, "Zindabad… Zindabad… Labor union Zindabad."

Dileep was quite confident and was not at all afraid to face them.

"Friends… speak from your heart of hearts… Is this a demand…? Who wants to eat for free here…? Normally the beggars and lazy only, right? Is this an ashram to give you food free of cost? More than half of you are having the habit of smoking; you eat betel nuts… you are spending more than fifty rupees for these things per day that are injurious to your health. Then, why are you fighting this much for just spending five rupees for a good meal?"

Dileep's speech aroused anger amid the crowd.

"Hey, who said that it’s the matter of five rupees here? It is not that matter. This company is like our home. Why do we need to pay for food at our home…?"

One of the people asked and continued …

"You make a profit in crores… Then, why do you want to collect these five rupees from us? Why man, why you are speaking this much for this small matter…?"

Another man raised his voice…

"Is this newcomer Vignesh, a seconder for you…?" At last, they started targeting Vignesh.

"Oh! Why should I not support him? In what way, speaking for the company which gives us a job and livelihood is wrong? You want me to fight against the company like you, without any gratitude…?"

The use of the word 'gratitude' by Vignesh made the mob of workers furious.

"Hey, Vignesh … Who is ungrateful...A newcomer, you are lecturing to us about gratitude..? Does this management know anything about gratitude? If they know, would they ask for money for our food...?"

As one person shouted, Dileep warned him.

"Speak with respect. If not, you will not work here. I will terminate you permanently…"

"Hey…you are threatening me! We are workers, pillars of this company. You cannot speak to us as you like with authority. First, learn to give respect and take respect…"

The next moment, Dileep looked at the security and said, "There is no use of talking to them. Close the gates...There is no use of compromising."

As he said this and was about to leave the place, a group of workers surrounded them and blocked their way. The workers began to shout.

"Don't close, don't close, don't close the gate…"

"Go back, Go back, Go back…"

"Apologize...apologize...apologize to each worker…"

They howled and tried to rush towards Dileep and Vignesh. Security guards tried to stop them.

At one point, the security guards had no other option than to use force to control the mob of workers. The workers did not like it and started throwing stones at the guards. Within a few seconds, the mob turned violent, and they started running here and there in confusion. Many fell, and many tramped on those who were lying.

One of the workers who were at the peak of the anger with bleeding heavily from his head; saw the trident fixed near the gate; without a second thought, he pulled it out and with rage, he threw it straight by aiming at Dileep, but it missed him and hit Vignesh.

That too very precisely in Vignesh’s abdomen.

When the news reached Shivani, who was sitting in the office, almost scared and worried, she got shocked. It just happened as Vignesh’s mother Parvathi has predicted. How unfortunate it was! Shivani realized the big mistake she has committed by ignoring the warnings of Parvathi. She went out of her office to find what is happening outside.

She saw the police jeep and an ambulance parked near the security gate. No crowd was there at present. Almost all workers had left the place when they saw the police jeep. No one guessed that the situation would turn out this much worse.

Shivani was standing like a statue. G.M Suresh was coming towards her.


"Yes, sir."

"I'm going to the hospital. Can you please go to Vignesh's house, inform his mother, and bring her to the hospital?"

"Okay, sir."

Shivani left the place with a heavy heart…!

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