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The Mission of Chambal Ghati - 2

The Mission of Chambal Ghati 2

... There were two days left for the vote to fall. Being Patwari, Girraj had countless responsibilities on his forehead. The entire system of election staff coming to Lahā was to be handled yesterday, so he had left for his bus on foot from his village in the day.

On the motor stand, he saw his Balsakha Lalla Pandit.

When the bus arrived, there was a lot of confusion from the passengers.

Girraj and Lalla Pandit somehow entered and sat in the same seat. Lalla Pindat expressed his naive concern over the atmosphere of harmony in the villages getting worse day by day due to frequent elections, Girraj agreed with him.

The cheeky bus started descending from the dangerous slope of Mudkatta that came as a shock, people bowed in front of them, some one got hit. The driver applied the brakes rapidly. The people sitting in the front row started looking through the glass.

... Some heavy stones were deposited on the road in such a way that it was difficult to save them. The annoyed conductor stepped down quickly. He also called four-five riders down for help.

But they had reached near the stones that suddenly waving big jats, two gunmen appeared from behind the bushes and stood near those stones. All the people standing below, including the conductor, suddenly sniffed, this is it!

Girraj looked through the window, wearing khaki-colored clothes like police uniforms and looked dirty and dusted as if someone had bathed them with dust. Ajars abuses were bursting from their mouths. One of them came up with the voice, "Stop! Mother, don't remove the stone."

Girraj was silent. Fearing Lalla whispered - "The rebels came!"

Both of them started sitting in fear. Within, a thin, fearful snake of fear arose in his spine.

And then in the midst of the passengers sitting in the bus till now, a man sitting quietly wrapped blanket suddenly stood up by throwing a blanket, with a double-faced look in his hand. He was the real companion of the rebels, who were already monitoring the bus. Staring at each ride, he slid backward in the bus. Seeing him, the riders were tied like a bell.

The robber standing below caught the conductor's fall and a right-hand clang of his right hand was rooted in his cheek, the other hoisted a kick to his waist and said, "Bhancho Harami, shut up! Otherwise, the smoke from ...

Death was on the head. He broke down, and said, "Okay, Thakussab!" As you say. "

"Bhoshai's Thakur Hogo Teyo Bap!" That middle-aged bandit in a sarcastic tone lambasted the conductor - "Hum Thakur Nane, we are Kirparam Ghosi!" Think Turtle! Hearing the name Hamao, the good-for-good is left mole. Now hurry up. Say to the Deliver, Kai took off the motor ball and took it away in defeat. "

Everyone was trembled upon hearing Kriparam's name.

Girraj felt that the game was over now! Perhaps the above had written his life here only.

The conductor and the riders removed the stones and all again boarded the bus. The driver started him and at the behest of the rebel, he took the cut off the road and proceeded to the footpath, which was seen entering the forest.

When the bus was sinking in the rugged two kilometers, the rebel signaled to stop. Just stopped here and shouted Kuparam in a loud voice - "Get down, cig people".

The people of the bus were so scared that they were seen facing death under the bus, Giriraj remembered the female dacoit Phoolan Devi's murder of Behmai, ... his fear increased manifold.

At the forefront, the conductor landed under the bus, after daring, followed by courage and other men. Only women and children remained seated in the bus. There was a frightening silence outside. Kriparam was giving quick instructions - "Hurry you guys! Search everyone! Do not hesitate to shoot unabashedly. It seems late. "

The companion of Kriparam ripped the wrap around his neck and spread it in the bus to search the passengers. The sounds of abusive speech started coming from the bus. A woman was not doing the search, the rebel pulled a chain finger around her neck, then the woman slammed her hand. The wicked rebel gave the woman a slap. Then what was the woman pouncing on her like a cat .... So the robber started beating her mercilessly.

The male passengers of the bus started coming down one by one. On the sheet lying next to the door, they were going to keep money, money, jewelry, etc. Nobody helped the beaten woman, everyone had to die.

Girraj startled, the robber was coming down from the bus door, the woman who did not search was in his tightness - screaming in a mixed tone of crying and anger.

Girraj saw that the young woman of Bisec was wearing a lot of jewelery, her blond and healthy body was wearing in a Sinduri colored Banarasi sari, but she was in her form. She snarled and thrashed the robber, knowing what was happening. There was also a fifteen-sixteen-year-old teenage boy walking behind him, who was repeatedly begging the robber's feet.

The robber dragging him down the bus shouted, "The chief Zi Lugai showed more vigor."

"Dam dar two whole kha. Take it no matter what. Wake up, Sig josh thando hai in Do Dina. "Kriparam smiled in mustache.

The teenage boy with Chuvati was now touching Kriparam's feet, "Sorry, my sister is unintelligent, we are apologizing."

Suddenly the girl's arms and legs swelled up. Kriparam was adamant, "All of you are apologizing to Tan, now the decision is gone. Moving away, if new, you too will fall away !! "

People started mentioning their caste-fraternity and the name of the village. Girraj noticed that when the ride told his caste, Kriparam kept quiet after hearing Ghosi, Gadaria, Kori, Kadera, Narwaria and Rackwar. But if he found Vamana-Thakur or any other caste man, he used to say the same sentence, "You are sitting madar ...!"

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