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Stay neighbor all time


 Stay neighbor All time

Rajnarayan Bohre


We had seen forty spring of our lives. Though neither celebrating birthday nor spring seemed to be coming to us, we used to get information from the newspapers that spring has come on earth. Neither spring looks nor autumn So where did Hey Spring enter? It was going on that we were forty years old when we were forty years old, but the biggest thing was that we could never buy a newspaper in our life! To buy is not intended that newspaper is a rare thing, but when something is found without spending money, then why spend any cash?

 God bless our neighbors! They are all fond of celebrating the newspaper, I am writing only to order because they read the newspaper or not, I have no eye-sighting evidence. Actually their newspaper stays with us throughout the day, we return at night. So he read in deep darkness and silence, so God knows! Otherwise we say that the neighbor is fond of asking for the newspaper, we have to study!

Sometimes it also happens that the news we need is not in the right neighbor's newspaper, so we disturb the left neighbor and bring him a newspaper demand. It is just an idiom to disturb, because neither do we believe that we are bothering our neighbors by asking for newspapers, nor do they believe themselves.

My neighbors are really neighbors, whether we have to cut an advertisement for a prize competition, or cut any news, there is no wrinkle on the neighbor's face. With full love, we hand over the entire page of the newspaper in our hands. Now this thing is different, they take their mind. But it is so sure that every Diwali, when the junker comes, then the newspaper junk comes out of us more than the newspapers of our two neighbors and as I told that we do not ask for any newspaper.

The matter is not limited to the newspaper, if there is no vegetable in our house for ten days, then there would be trouble, children sometimes bring brinjal, tomato, cabbage from Yadav uncle, sometimes Dubey uncle and sometimes from Chaubey uncle. We bring the flour from the grocery person after months, because it often comes from these people. Now things like flour and vegetables are not so precious, gold and silver, that they should be accounted for, how much they had come from them to return.

If there are any guests in our non-attendance, then we are not worried about their settlement. It is a different matter that we do not recognize their guests, so till date none of their guests could enter our house. How to let the unfamiliar come? I do not know why it is unfortunate that no one stays in our neighborhood for more than two months, quickly evacuates the house. Khali also does so that if he meets in the market later, he also does not accept the greeting. I consider such people to be grateful that as long as they stayed nearby, kept saying hello, kept coming, they kept getting separated when we arrived, now they have gone away, work has gone, they don't know. That is why I often pray that, O God, no one of my neighbors should leave the house. So that the landlord around me does not have to wander in search of a new tenant. The neighbors who live around me are not the landlords themselves, but the tenants of the landlords. If the tenants come to stay then they don't know why they leave early.

I am telling the truth, I have no hand in driving them away. It is said in the scriptures that an important gentleman is to be found in the world's happiness. It is said that the sixth happiness is gentleman's dice.

Now it is a blessing of nature that all the neighbors living near me are gentlemen. That is why I ask God to keep my neighbors safe! Call him a saint more than a gentleman, I have a craving for the association of these saints.

 If a stranger comes looking for them, then I find this excuse, I go to his house with the stranger. Whenever such an incident happens, be it on the first day of the new year, be it Diwali, Holi, whatever happens. Start going to them, I reach, I do not wait to come to my house. That is why sweets come to my house, too salty, biscuits and milk to make tea. Hey reader Vrind! I only pray to God, you should also pray that my neighbors be safe. Their business, their mind keeps on growing, and the people mama sing together - cum sailor!



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